Friday, July 3, 2009

Age Perception

Allow me to go on a bit of a diatribe about age perception for a moment...

Perhaps it's because I know Erica Scott and play with her regularly. Perhaps it's because we're friends. Perhaps it's because I see more than the surface, but I have to say that she looks better in the more recently produced ShadowLane DVD spanking title "When Danny Met Erica" than "Spank Thy Neighbor," an older title. Looking at these as objectively as possible, and I have to think it's pretty objective because I'm utterly and completely not used to seeing her within the confines of a television screen (or, thanks ShadowLane!, my laptop display), I see a person capable of holding her own in a spanking video even (shock of shocks!) at her age.

Spanking videos seem, in general, to be less about the "beautiful people" of Vivid Video fame (boob jobs and six packs with Fake-n-Bake tans) and more about real folks, albeit highly attractive ones, getting down to the discipline at hand (pun intended).

Watching "When Danny Met Erica" I was struck by the notion that she looked ageless. I saw very little difference between the years of "Spank Thy Neighbor" and the self-produced spankfest in "When Danny...". What I did notice was a person alight with glee over the opportunity to play with someone she enjoyed and had real chemistry with. Far better than the stiffness of "Spank Thy Neighbor."

I would like to believe that since most of the audience for spanking videos is women that the men would need to be hunky and attractive and the woman could be more like them, though more perfect versions of real people (we all like to project, after all). So I would imagine, as long as a performer wasn't sagging all over the place, a perfectly tight bod, regardless of age, should get as much attention as some 21 year old holding a lollipop. To me, the spanking genre actually gets weird when the girls are younger.

Okay, back to my point: I don't want Vivid Video girls getting their butts swatted. It would seem so...artificial. Porn is about hot bodies doing things that look so very much better than anything that could happen in your own darkened bedroom. After all, isn't that the purpose of it to begin with? Spanking is about seeing what you wish but can't have, seeing what you have but wish you had more of, and seeing others get what you love. Age, dick size, boob job accuracy, collagen--none of these truly matter. What matters is a good, old fashioned OTK. And baby, as far as OTK goes, she's still got it.


  1. :-) Wow. I'm the star of the (almost) premier entry. Thank you, sweetheart.

    I had great fun filming "Neighbor," but you know how very special "WDME" was to me. I guess it showed.

    Thing is, for the most part, the audience for spanking videos is primarily men, not women. Some companies like Shadow Lane attempt to balance that, by providing eye candy for the female viewers as well as the males. But for many other companies, the formula is tried and true -- the women are young and gorgeous, while the men can be any Joe Six-Pack. Why? Because the men watching can fantasize and see themselves in the actor's position. The thought process is, "Well, if HE could spank that adorable 20-year-old, then I could too."

    I made "WDME" because I wanted to buck the trend. I wanted to show an older woman with a younger man. I wanted to show that a 50-year-old can still be naked on screen and hold her own with the young 'uns. I don't expect the industry to change. But I did my part to thumb my nose at it. :-)

  2. Thanks for being my first commenter! And first follower! It's synergy, baby!

  3. Craig,

    Erica has always had it. Smart, sexy, and strong work at any age, and in her case, they make time irrelevant.

    Welcome to the blogging world! I hope you enjoy this medium as much as I do. If I can help, you need only ask.


  4. Thanks, Bonnie! Your offer is quite generous. Any promotion and link-age would be greatly appreciated and I'd be delighted to reciprocate any way I can.


  5. sighs- i am so tired of the age thing- geez Erica, as i have said so very many times-is just amazing period. And me too hehehe and I am older than she... And my top is way younger and doesn't seem to mind a bit. Ah, its so good being a MILF- or in my case a grand- MILF- with, I might add, an amazingly gorgeous grandson, who loves it when I sing to him- Dontcha wish your grandma was hot like me, dontcha- lol (its Susan again)

  6. Oh, Susan! Shame on you! Don't you know they'll call Child Protective Services for that? ;-)