Monday, July 13, 2009

A Perfect Night

Last night my wife Cindy and I went to play with Erica and J. Since C and J are both switches, it was her turn to top him. Oh, the fun those two have. I need a playbook to keep track of who's going to be toppy each night. C had many exotic and dastardly things planned and was looking forward to an intense scene.

Erica and I had done our pre-scene discussion a few days earlier about we were looking for in our scene. "I just want to keep it light," Erica had said. Fine by me. Two scenes ago was a very dark, very intense corporeal punishment scene involving a lot of psychological aspects that took Erica into a very deep emotional state. Our last scene had been lighter, but heavy on the intensity of the strokes and implement usage. This time, I wanted the scene to be light, but also have arcs of intensity.

I liken a scene to a symphony. You have quiet passages, moments of abrupt staccato rhythm, surprisingly loud sections followed by a single solo. I think scenes should have an arc, highs and lows. When I plan my scenes I think them through this way. Last night was no exception.

After getting situated finally with no distractions, our scene began. As always, I kept Erica guessing. What implement would I use? I would have a paddle in my hand, then between strokes switch surprisingly to my hand and back again, always keeping her wondering what was happening and what was going to happen next.

We had fun, with light banter at first and Erica bratting in a special way she reserves just for me since she knows how I dislike typical schoolgirl bratting. (So contrived! That's a subject for a future blog post, however.) But slowly she quieted down, hunkering down to take what I delivered. I attacked her with a riding crop, flicking the tip across her back, shoulders, rear and legs. She hates that thing and yelped frequently. There's this leather tube-shaped thing with a handle (clearly I have no idea what it's called) that you crack like a wet towel in a gym. It makes the loudest, mind-fuckiest sound of all but doesn't hurt all that much. I love that implement. Then my two dastardly canes I consider "twins". They're both black and the same narrow diameter, but one is almost rubber-like and extremely flexible and whippy and the other is made of unyielding carbon fibre. Erica just despises the carbon fibre one.

I had pulled a thicker leather, braided cane out of my bag and had given her one whack with it. "Ugh. Thuddy," was her reply from beneath me. I tossed it aside. Thought it might be. But I was frustrated. So often, new implements I try are poo-pooed by Erica and dismissed. It got me angry. I pulled out a common variety wood cane and asked her how many letters were in the word Thuddy. "Six," she rasped. "You said "thuddy" three times. What's three times six?" I asked. She replied 18. And like that, I took my frustration out on her rear with 18 dramatic, stinging strokes.

I could sense the end of scene approaching. Erica's sniffles and crying resulting in my pulling out not one but two tissues for her. I knew she couldn't take much more. We had another punishment to deal with, and so I pulled out the thick, almost wood-like, leather paddle I had admired at March's SL party that Lizzie had showed me. I had liked it so much I had one made of my own (thanks, Lizzie!). I doubt Erica thanks her very much. Eight blows, almost as hard as I could muster, followed. Erica counted, screaming out the numbers after each smack of the paddle.

After, I cradled her and stroked her hair while she "came down" and returned, as I like to say, to the land of the living. She was spent. I was a sweaty heap. Together, another wonderful, intense, chemistry-laden scene in which I pushed Erica to new places she normally wouldn't go and also one in which Erica taught me again the importance of compassion and communication in a scene.

Rarely do I get the opportunity to experience that chemistry in a playmate. Erica is one wonderul play partner. It was, indeed, a perfect night.


  1. Craig, that was a wonderful description of a delicious evening for both of you. It's nice to hear your side of the story at last.

    What I like about your blog is hearing about spanking from a top's point of view. As a bottom, I know what a spankee gets out of it, but I have often wondered what's in it for the spanker.


  2. Thanks, Hermione.

    I debated whether to write about it at all, since most of you have joined my blog from Erica's and, as you know, she always writes about our scenes. I decided to give it a go anyway and see how it would turn out. Glad you like.

    Perhaps I'll make a topic out of what I get out of it...

  3. Wow. I agree with Hermione; it's lovely to read your side of the event.

    Thank you soooo much, Craig. You really do take me to incredible places, with great compassion tempering the severity. It means a lot to me. :-) After all, it takes two to make a wonderful scene.

  4. It does indeed. Our scene Saturday night in particular required two people to fully appreciate. It wouldn't've been nearly as much fun to have done all those things by yourself! ;-)

  5. (stares with eyes wide open and gasps) i really love hearing Your side of the whole thing. I, of course, love my Erica's as well but I have so often wondered what it feels like for the TOP... What needs it serves in you? I love both of your descriptions of the "places Y/you went" and especially the aftercare which is so very important to me. And as one who will be 60 at the end of this year... I never felt younger or more cared for in my life.... thanks Susan

  6. As others have commented, I enjoyed reading this from your perspective Craig. I also liked your comparison to that of a symphony. I do have just one question though, have your ears recovered yet from those "surprisingly loud sections?" :)

  7. Susan:

    If you or others have any specific requests for "what it feels like for the Top" please let me know. I'll be happy to oblige. I'm a writer as part of my career, so I hope I can lend voice to my feelings, sensations, wants and goals.

    I do think I have a topic for a new post. Thanks for your comments!

  8. Jujubees1:

    Ha! "Surprisingly loud sections" aren't from Erica talking, they're from Erica SCREAMING.


  9. I, too, wonder what Tops think and feel, so that is definitely a topic for a future post. I love knowing what goes through your mind, being male and a Top. It's fascinating and your description of the scene dovetailed with Erica's in a most fulfilling way. Keep it up. I love the symphony analogy, because symphonies contain movements and you took her (through movements both real and metaphorical) to that special place that's reserved mostly for music. (Not sure if that makes sense.)

    Keep up the great work! I love hearing about your adventures!

  10. Trust me, if there were any movements, I would've smelt 'em!

    (Ugh, I can't believe I just wrote that.)

    Thanks, Colleen. I'll do my best.

  11. Like the others said, I also like reading the top's point of view. my husband's blog covers that ( but it's good to get multiple perspectives. It was certainly interesting to read Erica's description of the scene and then yours...

    If you're ever so inclined, why not some thoughts about why you like to cause pain?

  12. That's a short, easy one: I'm a textbook sadist: someone who derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on others.