Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to Dark Musing.

On a semi-regular basis this blog will focus on opinions, thoughts, anecdotes, activities and other stories relating to the BDSM and spanking communities and my personal involvement within them.

Hi. I'm Craig. Scene name: Showman 451, which is complicated, I know. I'm a Top. Not a Dom. A Top.

I hope this will be light, fun, funny, complicated, opinionated and occasionally annoying. You can say what you will. Agree, disagree, complain, rant, rave. That's fine. If I say something that offends you, go somewhere else. If you agree with me or find my musings interesting, that's cool too.


  1. Your first post's gotta have a comment so here it is!

    Could you please explain what you perceive as the difference between being a Top (which you are)and being a Dom (whic hyou aren't)?


  2. Hermione:

    I believe you have picked my next blog topic!