Sunday, August 16, 2009

Behind the Scenes of a Scene - A Postscript

As I was on a long run today, my mind lost in thought (my own sort of subspace, I suppose), I wandered onto a memory from my scene with Erica last Saturday night, and I was surprised I'd forgotten all about it.

During the counting phase of our scene I told Erica to count as I bounced a cane rhythmically on her sweet spot (this, before the clothespins). When I stopped, she proudly said the correct number of hits. "Oh, when I said to count, I meant beats per minute," I said. "WHAT???!!!" Erica screamed, causing the room to laugh again. "Yes," I responded. "What was the BPM?" "How the hell should I know!" she nearly cried in frustration. Some wag behind me said something like, "I think it was about 120 BPM" trying to either be helpful or sarcastic (guess!).

I told her that since she hadn't figured out the BPM, the next set of counting was going to be worse, which led into the 25 that led to the five penalty whacks and so on.

Not much, but I thought it was diabolically fun. More than anything, I was surprised as I ran nine miles today in the blazing sun how that simple fact had been completely lost to me when I blogged about it, and how it popped back up so unexpectedly in my mind today. I do reach my own kind of subspace when I run, just as I do in a way when I'm scening--my excuse for not remembering every aspect of my scenes!


  1. Wouldn't your particular brand of space be "topspace," not "subspace"? :-) Just sayin'...

  2. You know, I've never thought of of that before. That's a great word! Did you make it up or have you heard it before?