Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Behind the Scenes of a Scene - Part II

Our upcoming scene grows closer. We're only four days away from when Erica and I play next. As always, the tension and anticipation begin to build. Before I left town a few days ago I gave Erica an assignment: really think about what you need from this scene. Sometimes she tells me she really doesn't need anything in particular, that the scene is free to be whatever it is or whereever I need or want to take it. Other times, albeit infrequently, she has specified certain specific needs--things she's wanted or needed because of a state of mind or an issue she's had. Other times, I've had some things for her that needed addressing, typically intense emotional and corporeal punishment based on certain behaviors. (I realize that previous sentance sounds particularly protocol-y. It's not. I knew in that particular case that she needed an intense emotional and corporeal scene but hadn't asked for it. In order to get in her head there had been a misunderstanding between us that had resulted in some hurt feelings. I knew that if I used that in the scene it would get to her. Believe it or not, I didn't just use it. I checked in with her in advance and gained her approval of my intent prior to the scene.)

So this time I had asked Erica to think about her needs a few days prior to our upcoming scene at the Lair. Today, I caught her on IM. I asked her if she had thought about what she needed Saturday night.

Erica: I need you at your most intense...your most strict, your your your everything.
Me: I'll use that as my guide?
Erica: Yes...just go with it. Show me your feelings. Show me your power.
Me: Hmmm.
Erica: I'm all over the place these days... I need centering, I think.
Me: Do you really want me to be the most intense? The most strict? Are you sure you're up for that?
Erica: I don't know. Perhaps I should be careful what I ask for. But my mood of late says yes.
Me: Then that is what you shall receive.
Erica: OK
Me: I'm thinking you may not enjoy yourself too much. I can make this intensely personal or just intense. I'm not sure you're in the mind for "intensely personal."
Erica: I don't know what you have in mind and I don't think I want to know. I want to wonder.
Me: Then wonder away. It will be what it will be and you'll just have to deal with it and I'll have to deal with the aftermath.

That settled, the wheels have been put in motion for me to begin planning the scene. I know what she needs. I know what she craves. Next, prior to our play, I'll tell you a bit about what I'm thinking about the scene (hopefully Erica won't read it beforehand!).


  1. He said/she said: I see your blog, and I raise you my own. :-) (just posted one)

    I don't know how you know what I need and crave so well, but you do. You know just when to push and when to back up a bit. I can truly let go and fall backwards.

    Tick... tick... tick...

  2. I appreciate and respect your trust, my dear.

  3. i hope ya have a fabulous time

  4. This conversation is, um, making me kinda horny. "It will be what it will be and you'll just have to deal with it and I'll have to deal with the aftermath."
    Craig really knows how to sweet-talk a woman...

  5. Spankingprincesscrystal2009: Oh, we will. We will.

  6. Sandy:

    I can't tell. Are you being sarcastic or do you like my toppy banter?