Sunday, November 15, 2009

BONUS POST!!! Bizarre Bazaar

Once a year, Threshold (a local BDSM group/club in L.A.) holds their Bizarre Bazaar, a flea-market/kink mall/sale-o-thon. This year it was at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. My wife and I spent two and a half hours (and much, much more money than I care to admit) buying some whips, crops, leather pants, straps, floggers...Oh! It was like Kinky Christmas!

We ran into many friends and acquaintances from the Lair. It was a very productive shopping spree! We can't wait to try our newfound toys out on our deserving bottoms...


  1. giggles...I wanna see the leather pants!!!

    Don't tell Nick there is a street fair for spanking toys...he might shed a tear for having missed it lol...


  2. ooh, maybe I'll see (or feel) some of those toys in action soon.

  3. The leather pants weren't for ME! I already have my own!

    Come to L.A. and you can experience it yourself next year, Sarah! You guys are welcome!


  4. Deliciously intimidating:) Is it wrong that I can't wait to become acquainted with some of your new toys?