Monday, November 9, 2009

FMS Report: Day 2, Saturday

Got up and went to breakfast at the hotel, free with the room. Make-your-own Belgian waffles and cold cereal. Not great. And strangely, the waffles were chewy in a weird way, not crunchy like they should be. On the way I noticed the smell of a gas leak near the Fitness Center and I let maintenance know. They didn’t seem surprised. That’s kinda the way the hotel was run. (Follow up report: they never did anything about it. As of Monday it still smelled like gas.)

Michael and Diane held a nice reception to celebrate their wedding, complete with cake, hor’s deuvres, mimosas and, of course, spankings in the next room. It was a fun daytime play party—a nice rarity. I gave Diane her wedding gift, a pleasant spanking. She decided to get rough and wrestle away from me and before long the two of us were sweaty and fighting like tigers on the bed. Fun! Sass got a great spanking, as well as Jada and others.

Getting on into the afternoon, Jada and I decided to go to lunch while Cindy and Lizzie played. We came back just in time for the Grammar Test, a hilarious and “proper British” affair, complete with tons of bratting, lots of spankings, ruler slaps and much comedy. Paper airplanes were flying. Gum was being chewed. Diane got on her hands and knees and crawled away, hiding under a skirted catering table. I could only imagine the fun and mayhem that would occur if Erica were there…

The afternoon was quickly taken up with a scene with Stacey (of Strict Dave & Stacey), which was hard and intense. It was a great scene. She is so expressive! I went back to the room, changed clothes and went to the Fitness Center for an hour’s cardio. I got back and showered/changed to get ready for the evening’s festivities, trying my best for an “academic/collegiate” look, accomplished rather convincingly (I felt) with a striped college-style tie that also was in autumn colors.

Arrived at the dinner and Tony announced that, by tradition, “Headmasters and Faculty” would get their dinner first. I figured out quickly that meant tops, so I went in, found a table and got my food. (Actually, I felt kinda bad that the women were left out in the hallway. It didn’t seem altogether gentlemanly.)

The dinner was decent (stuffing-filled chicken breast and roast beef—yum!) and immediately following the games began. Started off with a musical chairs game with tops on the chair and bottoms walking around. Music was Strict Dave smacking a bottom in rhythm. When the smacking stopped, the women were to dive into a lap. Judges determined if there was a “lap tie” which bottom got there first. Fun and furious. The next game was “Newlyred Game.” It was made up of HL and Sass (who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary), Diane and Michael (true newlyweds) and Ian, Stella and Kay (just for shits and grins?). It was fun, but it was hard to hear Strict Dave.

The evening pretty much wrapped up immediately thereafter. Everyone went off to their rooms to change clothes out of their fancy duds and off to Strict Dave/Stacey and HL/Sass’s suite to play. Played with Aurora, who paid me a great compliment. She said, “Your hand may be stronger than Ian’s.” I glowed. Sarah and her husband showed up. This was their first party and she had communicated with me via MySpace thanks to a recommendation from Erica. They arrived in Dave’s suite and before long I had Sarah over my lap, kicking and wiggly.

Soon, it was time to go off to Jada and Lizzie’s room for a private play appointment with Lizzie. We had a great scene going on, pretty intense and loud with lots of crop slaps, hand smacks and more, when—muffled through the wall—we hear a man shout, “Would you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to sleep!” My. First of all, why the hell would the hotel put a vanilla next door to our group, anyway? Secondly, it was almost a scene kill. It was very much like a needle scratching across a record, experientially. I had to rethink the rest of our scene. Cut down on the loud implements. Switch to more sensation play, canes. But I turned the TV on nonetheless and put the volume up. There you go, jackass. No slapping sounds, but you’ll have to put up with swearing and gunfire from the Quintin Tarantino film!

Our scene ended eventually and I packed up my bag of toys and took them back to the room. Scurried up to Strict Dave’s and found a room packed to the ceiling with folks. HL and Sass always cater such a great suite party: great gourmet cheese, crackers, fine wine (a fantastic Spanish Rioja that’s one of my favorites!), cookies, nuts, candy. (Thanks guys for your wonderful hospitality!) I’m not claustrophobic but I don’t like stuffy, hot rooms, and the room was most certainly hot and stuffy. I went out into the hall for a bit, but decided I wanted a nightcap and borrowed Jada’s room key to go make us up a batch of Dark & Stormy’s, given my spanking night was over and was ready for a dollop of alcohol.

When I got back, Cindy was over Strict Dave’s bench getting a rather humongous flogging/srapping and between the time of night and the alcohol I was ready to turn in. I said my goodnights to everyone and turned in, my hand throbbing with three tiny blisters forming…


  1. Kicking and wiggly? Well you were disrupting my conversation with Aurora...and I was just trying to COMMUNICATE to you that I have more butt that tne one spot you had had been spanking the last 100 smacks...

    *giggles...Thank you again for a wonderful time!


  2. you forgot the blow-up, I can just hear Erica's comments now:-)
    Gen. Sass

  3. For the record Gen. Sass, that is not MY blow-up doll! It was just traveling in my company.

  4. Sarah:

    Don't you know not to talk during a scene? It's rude!!! And when has one spot ever stopped me?

    Thank YOU! It was great meeting you two and getting to know you and your style of play better.


  5. I can certainly attest to the fact that your hand has gotten much, much harder. Ouch!

    And I thought you looked very scholastic at dinner Saturday night, especially with the added touch of the charcoal sweater and striped autumn tie.

  6. Jada:

    You made me smile. Thank you so much! YOu know I sincerely appreciate the time we had together.


  7. I thought it was all about communication? Aurora and I were simply communicating about spanking! AND might I say, one spot stopped you quite a few times while you were "welcoming" me to the group! LOL

    I can't wait until June, maybe even sooner, I'm sure I'll be more at ease at my next party and more readable!

    I agree with Jada...very collegiate!


  8. Thank you for the compliments.

    Looking forward to a lengthier, more intense session with you in June...


  9. Hmm, thought I posted to this last night but it isn't I'll try again. My spanking from you following Diane's wedding spanking was so much fun and for a quick, party spanking rather "hot"! I'd love a longer, more intense scene in the future if you're interested. Please?

    HL and I do enjoy hosting the suite parties with Dave and Stacy. With Dave's spanking bench, wine, cheese and a collection of like minded people, the party just seems to happen! It was hot in that room - ugh! Did you see me sitting ON the A/C toward the end of the night? *grin* Sorry about your sore hand....NOT!


  10. And Sass? You know what? I'd love to give you one. You don't even have to say please. I hope you guys are going to Atlantic City. We'll play there and then...

    I did not see you sitting on the AC unit! Ha! As for my hand, do you think I expect any sort of compassion from you lot?