Friday, November 13, 2009

Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding...

Okay, I give up. After browsing the kinks on FetLife (and having to look many of them up) I thought I'd seen, heard, read about or watched it all--either online or at the dungeon where we regularly play. Over the weekend at the FMS party I heard from a beautiful lady about "figging." I must admit--and I'm not embarrassed to do so, hell, I'm pretty much an open book--I had no idea what she was talking about. Not less than 48 hours later the subject came up again, 2500 miles away from Tampa. Figging? So a very good friend gave me a thorough explanation.

"Did 'figging' ever involve figs at one time?" I asked my educated friend. "I don't think so," was her reply.

So why the hell not call it "gingering"?

I'll admit to this as well: all the machinations and details of the spanko world are not within my realm of expertise yet. I come from the BDSM world, where I'm still learning (like the whole saline-in-the-scrotum scene we witnessed a number of weeks back--eek!). But figging. Okay, I actually get it. Makes sense. Punishment, torture, pain. But I was surprised I'd never heard of it before or had anyone reference it in the past.

So...anyone want to admit to a good, solid figging? Care to share with this unilluminated top what it's all about, why you like it and how it can be screwed up? Anyone have any opinions to the contrary about doing it?

And can we all just agree to call it "gingering"?


  1. Ok, I'll bite. Well, nibble a little.

    I have purchased two gorgeous looking fresh pieces of ginger root from Albertsons. I stood there for quite a long time studying, and pondering over each.

    I remember the day of fondling cucumbers. Let's call it "cucumbering" or "carroting" or ... "You've lost your friggin' mind, stop THAT and eat the da-um things!"

    Anyway, one root I gave to a friend. The other I whittled and sculpted into a four inch phallus with a knob-type handle on the end.

    I heard back from my friend who said he loved the sensation. I didn't ~self-serve~ so unfortunately my root suffered the consequences of all fresh produce before I could. No, I'm not chicken-shit! I just ... was busy!

    I've only heard good things from the use of ginger root ... and now that you mention it, Craig ... hrmmmm. Kinda makes me wanna go shopping.


  2. Ohhh oohhh ... another thing. This is sucky because I don't really KNOW, haven't experienced it but I heard that you can whittle a coin-like piece. That way, if penetration is uncomfortably and/or invasive then placing a piece on-top the bulls-eye may give the effect that is desired.

    I would love to hear more ideas. I'll pass on the saline-infusions, and go for the ginger root ANY DAY.


  3. And can we all agree that ginger belongs on sushi, and not shoved up someone's arse? EEEK indeed.

    Sorry, kids. This girl wouldn't let anyone come within ten feet of her with a piece of ginger root. I'd like to know who that individual was -- you know, the very first person who looked at a knobby old hunk of ginger root and thought, "Hmmmm... hey, maybe if I cut this up, whittle it down and stick it in someone's butt, it will burn and sting and feel absolutely wretched." I think that individual should have to go through eternity with ginger root permanently inserted. Not just a piece of it either. The whole freaking root.

    Craig, darling, welcome to the scene. Every time you think you've heard/seen it all, there's something else that will knock you sideways. :-D -- Erica

  4. Good luck with that, Connie. Your bum should smell nice, at least.

  5. "Welcome to the scene?" How long after being in the scene can I continue to be welcomed, Erica?

    I have no doubt "gingering" isn't for everyone, far from it. Thanks for your opinion. There's no surprise you have one.

  6. Well, Wikipedia at least gives us the origin of the term figging. It is a bastardization of the word feauging, which to quote the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue is “to put ginger up a horse's make him lively and carry his tail well.” And yes, they also call it gingering.

    It appears that it was first introduced into human use during the Victorian Era with the supposed intent being to discourage a canee from clenching the buttocks, or maybe they just wanted the poor unfortunate soul to be more miserable...because they were sadistic pervs:)

  7. LOL... Craig, the "welcome to the scene" was tongue in cheek. I was merely stating that no matter how much you've seen, there will always be something else coming along that you haven't (case in point: our friend, the aforementioned Mr. Balloon Balls). -- Erica

  8. Jada:

    Fantastic! Wikipedia! Who knew???

    And they call it "gingering"? EXCELLENT! Everyone! Gingering!!!!


  9. Erica:

    Wait. You were joking? Gosh, I had no idea!


  10. funny, someone threatened me with that last weekend as a punishment for clenching-to which I politely told him if he stopped hurting me, I would have no need to clench...

  11. I've tried figging (I can't call it gingering, no matter how much you like the term)...and I love it. As much as I love it, I'm not willing to engage in that particular activity with just anyone.

    Why I like it? It's the burning sensation of something like a peppermint oil (or more) combined with the sensation of an anal plug (which I also tend to enjoy) I like it. Okay, I love it. It is one of the few things that actually gets my attention (puts me in subspace quickly, whatever you want to say) - I can't explain why, though.

    The easiest way to screw it up is to use ordinary lube - coats the ginger and kills the sensation. You have to use plain water, which also means you need a smaller piece than you might think. I haven't really experienced any "bad" figging experiences, so I can't tell you what else you might do wrong.

    Well - I will say that it can be messy, if you're caning the person at the time (which tends to the the "traditional" method). Because if you hit the ginger, which happens, pieces fly EVERYWHERE. So you might be well advised to be prepared for a small mess.

    Caning with figging puts the bottom in a catch-22 position (there's a BDSM term for this, but I can't remember it just now). If you clench, the cane hurts less but the ginger hurts more. In my personal experience, a double scene is the worst for that...because I can't help but clench when someone else gets caned - try and explain that one! But if it's just me, I feel like I have a tiny bit of a choice.

  12. G.S.

    There was a lot of discussion about figging going around last weekend...which is how I first leared of it!


  13. Thanks for the lengthy and thoughtful post, Anonymous.