Thursday, November 5, 2009

On our way to FMS

The bags are being packed, the floggers carefully lain in their duffel, falls gently extended, along with canes, whips, sharp and poky things, paddles, gloves and more. Clothing is carefully being picked for maximum effect and greatest appropriateness (hey, it's easy for a girl to pick a short, plaid skirt for a schoolgirl outfit, it's harder for a top to choose something "collegiate" without looking too tweedy/nerdy) and put into garment bags. My wife and I are on our way for Florida Moonshine's autumn party in Tampa.

Arriving in the evening, we'll go to the hotel, freshen up and head off to the first event--vendor fair and scavenger hunt, a great ice breaker. Before long, certainly someone will be over my lap getting what-for. My dance card is filling quickly. I'm playing with four of my favorite girls, some of the banter/communication/conversation/"negotiation" having gone on for more than a month now. One of my "favorites" I've only played with briefly in a private party, but I'm eager to get more intense with her. I'm certain my assumption will prove out to be correct.

This should be fun. Smaller group than the FMS Beach Party, but between the organized events and the private play and parties, it's going to be 60 hours of nonstop fun. I'm ready for my hand to be red, throbbing and sore--which is a good thing!

I'll keep notes and post a full report upon my return next week. In the mean time, happy smackin'!



  1. it will be good to see you...

  2. It'll be good to be seen...and see you...and play...

  3. Have a wonderful, fabulous time! I will be there in spirit, and look forward to your reports. :-) -- Erica

  4. Dear Craig,

    Remember this...

    If the right hand gives out, use the left. If the left hand gives out, giv'em the ole leather loafer sideways swift kick, and IF they're still tickin' ... just throw'em in the pool.

    ...and for heaven sakes, don't let your tie get stuck in anyone's a$$crack!

    I had more advice but I lost my glasses.

    I wish I could be there sipping lemonade.

    Have a gawd-daaaaaaaa-um good time, and bring back notes. Lotsa notes!


  5. Wish you could be there in PERSON, Erica!

  6. Connie:

    Don't you worry! I'll have a full on journal when I"m back.

    Thanks for the good words (I think!).


  7. Have a wonderful, joyous time!!!! I'm there in spirit, and I can't wait to hear about it. The beach party this year was an absolute blast. :-)

  8. Thanks, Keagen! Great to have you comment. Hope you're well. We're having a blast.