Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spanking in China

I just got back from almost a week in China on business. I started in Shanghai, went on to a smaller city, then returned to Shanghai again. In the van ride back to Shanghai I got to thinking about living in this place, a place where people are "disappeared" all the time for political dissidence. My mind wandered to thoughts of spanking. Soon, spanking and China combined in my mind I wondered about spanking in China. Does it even happen? If so, how deep, deep, deep does it have to be? About a year ago I saw the design for China's "killing vans," these Winnebagos that roll up to riots or "criminal's" homes and then they can just drag these dissidents into the van for a quick euthanasia on the spot. Saves time. Quick. Economical. What would happen if the government ran into a spanking party. How quickly would the killing van roll up to the Holiday Inn and start dragging our asses (no pun intended) on in? Think I'm overdoing it? I don't think so. I could log onto the internet from my hotel room, but I couldn't get on Facebook, check out Erica's latest post on MySpace and certainly couldn't get to the bratty emails from Carolyn on FetLife. Why? Censored content.

Heavy stuff before the Holidays, I know. But thank God we live in America where the only thing we have to worry about is being considered freaks. Whee! I'm happy to be home. Happy to be with family, happy to be with friends, happy to be able to log onto whatever the hell creepy, kinky, sick, dark, dirty, funny, weird, extremist website I want.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my weird, twisted friends!


  1. That must have been quite unnerving. Censorship is alive and well here in Canada, but only in the workplace, thank goodness. Youtube and Facebook are out of bounds for us, but MySpace is not. Most blogs are okay too, but it's not advisable to visit them and let Big Brother know what you read.


  2. yes, welcome home! Censorship has always been one thing i am very out spoken public anyway, haha. And thanks for the holiday wishes, from one of your fellow freaks!


  3. It's nice to have you back on THIS side of the world! :-) And I would go nuts with censorship. What kind of life is that? -- Erica

  4. Hermione:

    It is annoying for us visitors. Imagine what it's like for the enlightened citizens who live there! Hell, we ALL face "censorship" in the workplace, not just Canadians!


  5. You told me everything as comfortable as I was in China, makes you think you're there!

  6. Craig, you are 100% right on this, There are many countries that censor porn, and only in the good old USA, can we at least for now be free. Look what recently happened in merry old England, that gave us the so called English Vice, (SPANKINGS) By the way, I have visited China, along with 150 different other countries, on five continents. All are unique, and all are enjoyable to visit as a tourist in my opinion.