Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Wishes

Regardless of your kink, predilection, interest, weirdness, desire or whatever--here's to a new year much better than the one you just are finishing now. Regardless of how great 2010 may have been for you, I'm certain there's room for 2011 to be better.

I know I haven't been all that great with blogging these last few months, so my New Year's Resolution is to try to deliver the kind of stuff you've come to expect (or at least I hope you've come to expect) from me: insights from a top, stories of kinky fiction and tales of my adventures with wonderful women and party experiences.

Happy 2011 people!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Kinky Christmas!

Happy fucked-up Holidays, friends!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Parcel Panic

In the past I've told funny/scary tales of "dodging a bullet" with regard to accidentally coming out to friends, family or co-workers. You can read the accounts here and here, for example. This is one of those accounts.

In rearranging some of my implements with switch wife Gia recently, one of my fave short slapper crops ended up being absconded by her into her stash, so I needed a new one. Before it slipped my mind, I went onto the JT Stockroom site and ordered a new one over the weekend once I got back from London.

Jump ahead a few days...

My eldest daughter is home from college and wanting to help out with Christmas offered to wrap gifts. As I was out of the country for the first two weeks of December I did a lot of my shopping online and boxes have been slowly trickling in from Amazon, Zappos, ThinkGeek and Threadless. So when my daughter texted me to say another box arrived in the mail, I told her to just go ahead and open it, it wouldn't be anything for her so she couldn't spoil the surprise.

Thinking nothing further about it, I went about my business...

I got home, walking into my bedroom, and saw wrapping paper, scissors, gift boxes and shopping bags everywhere. Clearly my daughter was hard at work helping wrap gifts. There, on the floor, was a brown cardboard box, unopened. I went over to it and curiously picked it up, looking at the label. To: Craig. From: JTS. JTS? Who's that? Suddenly, in a sickening wave, it came to me: JT Stockroom! It's the slapper crop! Holy shit! My daughter was about to open the box to helpfully wrap the contents!

Quickly I secreted the box in my closet amongst other "hidden" items, sweating the fact I'd once again narrowly dodged a bullet.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Amazing Night

(NOTE: I logged on to write this blog and was astonished to see I hadn't posted a blog entry in 11 days. Of course, I was in the UK on business for two week, utterly buried, and just got back last Thursday. But still...)

I was lucky enough to play with Beth again last night at the Lair. It was raining, so I knew everyone who normally would be out by the fire would be inside and it would be tough to find a place to play, so when we ended up in the garage I wasn't surprised. It wasn't great. The room leaks with the rain, it's cold and the selection of furniture to play on isn't all that good.

In fact, the scene would have been perfect would it not have been for the "creature comforts." Beth was cold the entire time. I had her on a padded saw horse, but it was a bigger one, and she couldn't get her knees and hands on the lower benches so all her weight was on her torso and she was uncomfortable pretty much the entire time. This was really tough for me because I'm keen on making the person I play with comfortable. I don't want her to think about worldly things--I want them to be thinking about the scene, getting into it and not being distracted. So I was a little frustrated throughout.

After the saw horse didn't work, I put Beth over a chair and it was lower than normal, so I was bent over to play and my back was really hurting from it.

But to start at the top, Beth was beautiful. She was dressed amazingly in a sequined cocktail dress, amazing heels and a coat that looked like Chanel. I felt bad to take her to the garage. It just didn't seem appropriate. But it was what it was.

We'd talked a lot in advance of the scene. Beth wanted to be pushed, to go beyond her comfort zone. Certainly our first scene had done that--going beyond the comfort zone--but this time it was about pushing...and hard. The scene was fun at times with the two of us laughing. Beth would throw out a bratty comment every now and then which was a hoot. At times we'd take a break to warm her skin up or to just get a moment of respite.

In the end, we played about three hours. I used paddles, straps, vampire gloves, knives, crops, canes (including my affectionately named "canemore"--a one-inch diameter bamboo cane), Wartenberg wheels, razor straps, and so much more. Beth was very brave. She wanted to be pushed, as I said, and she told me at one point she had tears in her eyes. She doesn't cry. Won't cry. So this was a big deal for her. (Perhaps next time?) She weathered the cold, the shitty room conditions, the inadequate furniture, a couple of misfires from yours truly (ugh!) and an odd lookie-loo or two. But she took it all in stride.

Afterward, I warmed her in a furry blanket until she no longer had goosebumps and as we sat there, both of us were falling asleep! I am still jet lagged from two weeks in London on business and still not caught up on a restful night's sleep, Beth had been up all night a few nights previously and had been working crazy busy hours. Rather than fall asleep in the garage, we decided to pack it in and head out.

I had asked Beth to call me in the car after she got to her hotel so I knew she made it in safely as I drove through the pouring rain (and past a few horrendous accidents in the middle of the night!) to get home about 3 am. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Beth: I am humbled by you making a trip all the way to L.A. just so we could play. I greatly appreciate your trust and I'm pleased our scenes have such a great energy and dynamic. I look forward to playing with you again soon.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some More Fun Images from the UK

You know, nothing could be finer than to come across some awesome signage in the UK. Who doesn't love a stand called "Well Hung & Tender"? Or how's "Mr. Humbug: Suck it and see?" We're not in Japan. We're in the home of Engrish. WTF???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Emotional Armor

Some people, in their vanilla lives or in the lifestyle--it doesn't matter, come at life wearing emotional armor. Whether with friends or in play they approach these people and experiences with a standoffish approach. Perhaps they had a rug pulled out from under them at some point. Likely they did, otherwise why take this untrusting approach?

Some people play for the sake of play. Don't get me wrong, that's fun. But I look for an emotional connection of some kind. I think it adds to the dynamic, the energy of the scene. Further, I work my ass off on the job and focus on my family, so to be perfectly honest, I don't really have any friends outside of work--I just don't have time!--so the bonus of being in the lifestyle I've discovered (and talked about in the past) is that I've made some wonderful friends and established some great relationships.

But there are those who believe that the only way to play is to be impartial, detached, removed. (My hunch is these folks are more in the BDSM scene than the spanko, but my observations could very well be incorrect on that point.) They feel that to "protect themselves" from putting themselves in a position of emotional vulnerability they need to wear this armor to avoid those connections.

To each their own. But to me, no armor. Bring on the connections, the dynamic. I amemotionally vulnerable. Eyes wide open. I'm aware it can could put me in a position of beingtoo open. But I prefer it to a stoic and unemotional detachment.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Off Topic Thanksgiving Rant

Last year for Thanksgiving I posted this pic of a truly trussed-up turkey.

This year, I've got a rant I've just gotta get off my chest. As most of you know, I travel a lot for my business (and some for pleasure once in a while). I've been in and out of airports no less than eight times in the last four weeks. Each time I go through security, whether here or abroad, and deal with all manner of bag checks, searches, security equipment and personnel. I've been patted down, gone through scanners, have done full body scans, been sniffed by electronic sniffing equipment that blows high pressure air at you then burns dried skin cells to see if you have traces of explosives on you (for real). All of it. I've even been strip-searched once.

And I don't complain.

Why? Because I don't want to fucking die in a terrorist-related plane crash!

I do not understand people complaining about an "invasion of privacy" with full body scanners or pat downs. Who the fuck cares??? If all this is paranoid, have at it! If a terrorist puts liquid explosives in 3 oz. bottles and we have to check all our toiletries or buy them upon landing in the future, so be it! Listen to me: I do not want to die in a terrorist-related plane crash!

I fully expect I'm going to die in some kind of plane malfunction. I fly a lot. I'm planning on it. That way, when it doesn't happen, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

So when people get all up in arms about full body scanners and pat downs I wish they would just shut their fucking mouths. You don't hear anyone outside of the U.S. complaining? In countries where the U.S. airport security machine is prevalent (any country that flies into the U.S. from abroad) people are kissing the feet of those making their flights safer. Only here in America where we are so coddled, protected and treated like veal do we go out of our way to whine about being kept safe!

A commentator on MSNBC the other day said something to the effect of this: There should be two lines at the airport--those that are willing to go through security measures and those that are not. That includes pilots and crew (some of them are complaining about their "civil liberties" too!). The rest go onto an unsecured plane. Let's see what happens then.

Everyone wants it easy: "No invasion of privacy! But fucking keep me safe!" And if a plane blew up in the air, guess who would be first in line to sue the government for malfeasance? The same families that are at the airport today not agreeing to full body scans as an "act of protest."

People: shut the fuck up, submit whatever security measures the wags at TSA want and pray you make it to your destination. Isn't it bad enough we have to be subjected to all of this in the first place? Terrorism is about disrupting our lives, our peace and our psychological wellbeing. They've already won. Why the fuck do we have to make it worse???

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Great Lair Scene with Beth

I started getting texts from Beth during the day Saturday. To be a bit understated, she was nervous. Running behind schedule. To be fair, Beth was a spanko, in the scene for a while, out of it, and only recently back in again. She had never been to a dungeon, never played with BDSM implements.

Beth and I met via my blog. She’d left some sassy comments, then, out of the blue, emailed me to say sorry for being a bit too sassy. I said no worries. I’m not one to take things like that seriously, to say the least. Because we both are on gmail, suddenly I could “see” her on my IM. So I IM’d her.

Eventually, we met up at Shadow Lane in Vegas in September (in my blog entry I refer to her as "B"). She said she’d be easy to spot, she would be the only Asian girl there. I corrected her. I told her Carolyn was Asian and she would be there, too. We were to spot one another at the vendor event Friday night, but I never saw her. Plus, I was pacing for my takedown scene with Lizzie, so I was a bit distracted. Eventually, we got to play at SL. Beth was nervous then, too. I don’t think I realized it at the time, but it was the first time she’d played in five years. She didn’t quite say it this way, but I think she wasn’t confident it would be like riding a bicycle.

After Vegas we chatted a few times online and came to the conclusion we both would like to play again—and Beth was interested in exploring more than just OTK. She was curious to experiment with other implements, experiencing things beyond the bottom and discovering new things like sensation play. She was coming to L.A. and we agreed to meet at the Lair.

Saturday night came quickly and Beth was running behind schedule, which I told her was going to earn her some trouble. I’d been keeping a tally of her “infractions” since Vegas and with running late she’d accumulated 17. Which she vehemently argued. Finally I got a text: “I’m here.” I walked across the street to escort her in. First of all, the neighborhood around the dungeon is a bit sketch, but also because she’d never been to a dungeon I wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible, under the circumstances.

I gave her a tour of the place, showing her each of the rooms so she could get a feel for each space to see which one she might want to play in. Still nervous, I sat her down in the main room. It was early and there was only one real scene going on, which she tuned out as I calmed her nerves and talked quietly.

The night wound on. It was time to play. We walked into the next room and I hugged her, telling her it was going to be fine—I would never do anything she didn’t like and we would be in constant contact throughout. We walked around the place again, settling on the room off the kitchen, the same room I always played with Erica. Beth liked it because it was somewhat quiet without a lot of traffic. A scene or two were going on in there, but we found a padded table to play on. I set up my implements and showed them to Beth. “Those are for me?” she asked, alarm in her voice. “Yes,” I said. “And I’ll use them all.”

Soon, Beth was across my lap and I was spanking her bottom, switching for a thin leather paddle and a thuddy glove. I could sense her relaxing and beginning to get into it. I ramped it up a bit and we continued, a few spectators coming in to watch as other scenes ebbed and flowed around us.

I stood her up and had her put her elbows on the table and got out my dragon’s tongue, which cracked like a signal tail over and over on her bottom. The sound was terrifying and the sting was surprising to her. I moved to a cane, a crop and moved off her bottom and onto her legs, back and shoulders.

To be honest, I was nervous before the scene. I hadn’t played at the Lair since Erica and I last played back in April. I hadn’t played with Beth before and I didn’t know what to expect. This was an experiment. What if she didn’t like something I used? What if her tolerance was low? What if I accidently hurt her—for real? But once we were into it, all that melted away and the scene was my total focus.

Eventually, I laid her down on the table, my fur blanket there for her to relax on. I caned her further, all over, then moved to sensation play. My finger claws really took her over the edge, as did the vampire gloves and my strangely unique “bottle brush” Wartenberg wheel combo. She liked it all. She screamed, moaned, whimpered. It was delicious.

I was able to really wallop on her with her urging via sassy comments using a few particular implements, most notably a leather strap, a leather strip and my antique razor strop.

I sensed she was nearing her max, and so I really ramped up to a few final implements—a wood paddle and my customary scene-ender, my thick leather paddle that looks like it was cut from a hunk of plywood. Beth was panting, absorbing the pain. I took pauses to let her take it in, comforting her and whispering words of comfort.

Finally, it was time to deliver her 17 swats. It took a long time. Each blow yielded near-screams and she would put her hands back on her bottom to rub the spot. I’d yank her hands away, scold her, and continue. We finally reached 17 and we were done.

I held her as she came back. “I lost track of time and everyone around me but you, Craig,” she said. “What was that?” I smiled at her. “I think you’re first time in subspace, Beth.” We marveled at the scene. I was impressed at her willingness to test herself and explore new sensations. I had cropped and caned her arms, shoulders, back, legs and it went fine. She was pleased she was able to try things without shutting down or stopping and that I’d pushed her to go beyond her usual comfort zone, pain-wise. “I never stopped trusting you,” she said later in a text as we reconnected Sunday to check in and see how she was doing. That was very rewarding to hear.

Beth: thanks for that trust. I’ll play with you again anytime and I look forward to trying new things that we can explore together.

Back to the Top

A few months ago I was in London on business and saw a pizza to-go place called "Tops Pizza" which just cracked me up. So I posted it. Well, today I'm in the UK again, walking to a favorite Indian restaurant nearby, and happened past Tops Pizza again, so this time I had a colleague take a picture of me in front of the sign, just for shits and grins.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Flash Fucktion: The End of the Tropics

I should have seen it coming. After a good spanking, all Jennifer and Marcus wanted was a good fucking. Thanks to all of you who voted. Burying the Baby Leg was the clear winner. But...this isn't a porn blog or just a fuck fiction story site. The for Flash Fucktion was twofold: 1.) Create an interactive storytelling device easily consumed in bite-sized chunks, and b.) Create some filler (to be honest) when I couldn't think of anything else to say.

So we did that.

And it's done.

I'm happy to do another Flash Fucktion. I liked writing it, but the scene just sort of petered out (no pun intended) and again, to be honest, I took too damn long. The energy was lost. The continuity from chapter to chapter dissipated. Not you. Me.

On another note, I'm playing tomorrow night. At the Lair. It's been a while since I've had a play date there. Normally Gia goes in on Saturday nights. Her schedule, as a switch, is utterly booked with suitors and suitees (is that right??) so she's golden. I've blogged in the past about wanting to be supportive of Gia, but also hating just sitting around at the dungeon knowing full well I wasn't going to play and really disliking it. So I haven't gone much. And I don't spend an ounce of energy trying to cultivate new play partners from scratch via or FL. I don't have time and without seeing the person to understand them or their intent or interest, it's hard to imagine showing up at the dungeon, shaking hands and running off to beat the woman. I guess that's just not my thing.

Fortunately, two ladies I like--one I've known for literally as long as my wife and I have been publicly playing and one I met via this very blog and later at ShadowLane in September--are interested in playing occasionally outside of the parties. Both are relatively geographically convenient and thus--back to to the Lair!

I'm thrilled. It's great to get to play again. I've got that itchy feeling. I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow night and, with the permission of the young lady I'm playing with, I'll be certain to blog about it soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Kinky Halloween

Spanking her would be so much fun...

Alright. I admit it. I'm a geek. This could be the greatest Halloween costume ever.

Most wrong Halloween costume ever!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Inspirational Poster

A vanilla friend of mine sent this to me today. Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jim Never Has A Second Cup At Home...

For my regular readers, you know how much I like to post silly pictures and things I find on my travels that work great for double-entendres and the like--particularly when they are nasty or fetish related. You may recall the billboard I saw in Beirut featuring a man about to get whipped by two lovely women. Or this one from London. And another, this one also in the UK.

So it should come as no surprise that on this trip I once again discovered something rather amusing. I'm in South America at the moment, waaaay down near the Equator and a group of us were enjoying cappuccinos at a cafe that featured "cappuccino art"--you know, those designs they make in the crema at the top of the cup? Well, the young man at the espresso machine made a lovely flower. I asked my female colleague to turn the cup so I could have the logo in the photo. But when I snapped the pic, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a foamy dick and balls! You don't think the barista did it on purpose, do you???

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!

Today is Love Our Lurkers Day!

Thanks to Bonnie, who started it, today is the fifth annual day in which we blogauthors, posters of porn, opiners of opinion, floggers of philosophies say THANK YOU! to all the folks too shy, too publicity concerned, too typographically challenged to leave a comment. You know--lurkers!

So...lurkers: thank you so much for continuing to read my blog. I know DARK MUSING is spotty at times. I know I go for days upon days without posting (mostly due to crazy work schedules or international travel). Sometimes I simply have nothing to say. I try to keep up with my Flash Fucktion--unique "interactive" Choose-Your-Adventure-style spanking chapter stories that can be read in a minute or two. So if you're still a regular reader...lurker or no...thanks for sticking with me. And if you're someone to shy to post: thank you truly for continuing to stick with me and read.

If you're too shy to post (or don't want any sort of limelight) you can always, always, always email me at: to make comments. I'll gladly paraphrase and mention the comment on the blog to keep you truly anonymous, or if you'd just like to share your thoughts with me and no one else, that's cool too.

Again, THANK YOU! I'm not writing this to simply practice my typing skills. Hopefully I'm lending a unique voice in the BDSM/spanking world to lend a top's perspective on how we see scenes and play, hopefully entertain you a bit and give me a soapbox to air my frustrations, loves, strange things I see around the world and just, you know, talking about kinky fetish shit.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flash Fucktion - Tropical Torment: Part 5

(Okay, honestly? I didn't realize it had been since August 26 since I'd put in a chapter to this Flash Fucktion. I'm a little cheesed at myself it's been this long, but I gotta you friends that I have just been crazy busy with stuff at work, stuff at home, business travel... It's been a little nuts and leaves me very little time to think about other stuff, let alone write some wanko spanko fiction. If you want to catch up, we left off on Part 4, Marcus was starting to paddle Jennifer's bottom with an iced metal paddle.

Also, if you haven't been following along, I've made the story interactive, polling you friends to vote on what happens next, a bit like those old "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" stories--only with spanking and figging and things. I don't seem to remember that happening in those Dungeons & Dragons choose-your-own-adventure paperbacks I used to have as a kid. The winning vote for this chapter? "Strap her firm bottom" edged out "Get out the Ben Gay.")

Marcus paddled her bottom with the long aluminum paddle, lined with holes. He'd kept the paddle in an ice bucket all afternoon as he (and it) waited for Jennifer to arrive to the beachside bungalow. Pulling the paddle from the ice bucket the metal had grown so cold that shards of ice clung to it. Marcus imagined the metal would react this way to the cold and he had envisioned not cleaning off the ice, so when he grabbed the paddle and saw it this way it made him smile sadistically. Without wiping it off, he went to the bed, swung the paddle through the air and struck Jennifer soundly on the bottom. It connected hard. Chips of ice flew off the paddle and skittered off Jennifer's naked body. Between the connection of the paddle and the icy hot nature of the metal, her bottom felt like it was burning, the pieces of ice feeling like pinpricks on her warm skin. Ice tick-tick-ticked on the walls, some dropping onto the bed to melt unnoticed in the tropical air. Marcus held he paddle there for a moment, allowing the cold to sear into her skin.

"Oh my GOD!" Jennifer screamed.

"Shhhh," Marcus said, pulling the paddle away and looking at the long red mark across both her cheeks. He did not rub it out. He didn't want to warm her skin. "Only nine more."

"NINE?!" Jennifer spun to look at him, her eyes full of alarm.

"Yes. Relax. It's only frozen water."

Before she could react or respond, he smacked her again, full-on. The paddle made an odd hum sound with each blow, a sort of kinky tuning fork. Bits of ice clung to her bottom, melting slowly, dripping down each leg. One bit clung between in her crack, the icy water dripping down to her anus where it mingled with the remnants of the ginger, creating even more sensation.

He swung again. And again. Slowly, the paddle warmed up as Jennifer's buttocks became more acclimated to the cold. Marcus varied the intensity a bit, but it was harsh. Very harsh. Droplets of water splattered onto Jennifer's body as the paddle warmed. "Ten!" Marcus announced.

"That was nine," Jennifer corrected, her voice barely a whisper.


"That was only nine, Marcus."

"Fuck! I was done!"

"I was counting--in case you asked."

"You don't get a tenth one, girl. This was going to be the last bit before I took care of you, but now you've really pissed me off." She looked up at him, eyes searching his face. She caught the curl of a sly grin on the edge of his mouth.

He untied her arms, helping up into a doggie-style position. "Present!" Marcus ordered, and Jennifer arched her back and raised her bottom into the air. Marcus ripped his belt off and Jennifer got a shiver when she heard the leather flack, flack, flack, flack of his belt as it pulled through the belt loops. He looped the belt in his hand and without pause or warning proceeded to strap her bottom with great, wide arcs of his arm, landing almost in the exact same spot every time, right across the red marks from the icy metal paddle.

Jennifer began to squirm as the pain increased, but Marcus didn't let up. She got to the breaking point and he stopped mid-stroke, dropping the belt suddenly to the floor and finishing his swing with his hand, his palm smacking her flesh in a quick switch-up that surprised Jennifer. He then leaned in and gently rubbed, warming her skin.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's with the LA Spanking Scene?

Every major metropolitan city (well, I know that's an overstatement but who cares?) has an active spanking scene. Except LA. You'd think being on the "left coast" with our granola-crunching, filling-the-jacuzzi-with-Perrier-and-bobbing-for-Ecstacy selves so open to new things and all kinds of seemingly rational weirdness that there would be an active spanking scene here. But there really isn't.

There's been pockets of a spanking scene: a small bedroom group in the O.C., another home-based group in Hollywood--now defunct. What gives? I have a hunch if some organized person (like those who run SSNY, SL, others) rose up in Los Angeles and said, "I'm a spanko and I'm looking to see who else wants to join me!" there'd be a loud shout on FL and elsewhere saying, "I'm interested in a group like that. I want to participate!"

In the meantime, I remain perplexed...

Monday, October 11, 2010

I've got nothin...

I'm sorry folks. I've got nothin'. I'm sooo busy at work, traveling, barely keeping my head above water. So, needless to say, I've got nothin'. I don't know why. No philosophy. No funny comments. No double-entendre photos. Nothin'. I'm going to work on the next chapter of the Flash Fucktion, but by now you must be ready to give up. I don't blame you. I only hope you don't. I'll have something to say...eventually.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kinky, Kinky HBO

I have HBO but I haven't seen Bored to Death, Ted Danson's new comedy on the cable network. Looks like their upcoming ep is going to be very interesting.

I was flying from Nashville recently and Mr. Danson was in first class, attempting to figure out where to plug the headphones into his brand spanking new iPad. "They go in there," I said, pointing as I walked back to my seats next to the shitter.

Oh, on a side note, if you have HBO, check out Eastbound & Down, one of the funniest shows on television today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Science of Spanking

While Erica Scott and others wax on about the extended spanking sequence on last week's "The Office" on NBC, I was trolling the pages of Esquire magazine and discovered in the monthly sex column a piece on spanking.

The piece is rather well written and speaks for itself. (Click on the image to go straight to the article.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Porn Shop or Sausage Purveyors?

Taken in the subway whilst in London last week...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Various Funny Bits

A month or so ago I told you all about a book on Amazon called "The Art of Spanking." In that blog I mentioned an artist in my company told me about it. As I was passing through the design studio the other day the artist calls from across the room, "Hey, Craig! I brought in 'The Art of Spanking' if you want to see it!" A few heads popped up from their drawing boards and computers to look at me with an odd expression. Between the errant text to my business partner I reported in my blog before Shadow Lane and this, I feel somehow the erosion of my vanilla cover bit by bit. Argh.

On a similar note, I was at the gym tonight on the incline trainer and a woman comes in across from me wearing the shirt in the photo (obviously the man in the photo isn't her, but that's what Google image search is for, isn't it?). The saying isn't new, it just caught me off guard.

Oh, by the way, the Flash Fucktion hasn't been forgotten. It's coming back soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SL Report Clarifications

I got into it a bit on FL with some random guy who called me out for posting my report and using names and describing events that he felt should be private. I asked him who the hell he thought he was and reported I seek clearance from all involved, if hadn't received a prior or tacit approval from someone. I was pleasantly surprised when a bunch of the wonderful women I play with (and wrote about) jumped in to my defense. That was very thoughtful and I very much appreciated the support. To be randomly attacked (and "attacked" is a bit overdramatic if I do say so myself) seemed so strange.

So just to clarify, I don't just write shit about people without their prior approval. Period. If I've ever fucked that up, someone has told me and I fixed it.

On another note, on my Sunday SL Report I said the following:

"Ended up in Russ and Missy's suite with Gia (I think--it's all fuzzy) and Missy and I decided to go play. We had a wonderful, fun, hilarious, enriching scene in M & D's bedroom. I got in her head and she, in a funny way, got into mine. She really was pissing me off. She would move and wiggle in such a way that it lessened my swats on her bottom. If she thought I was aiming for her sweet spot, she'd turn to that side so her bottom went down, reducing the impact. I was impressed and irritated that she had figured out the physics of the scene and was working--almost like from an engineering perspective--on reducing the blows. I threatened her. I moved around to try to reduce her ability to move. In the end, it was a combination of the two, plus some serious swats to the legs in punishment, that got her to hold still. I finished with five bitter swats on her sweet spot, hitting so hard (after she had requested a "medium" scene) that it brought up two small but vicious red welts there."

I think what I wrote could have been misread, and I want to clarify. I did come off a bit like I had done whatever I felt like, regardless of the communication of what Missy had told me she was looking for at the start of our scene (a "medium" scene). It may have read like I was coming off as boastful that I had ignored her request and had done whatever I wanted. That is not the case. I pushed her, yes, but I also checked in continuously throughout the scene to make sure what was happening was meeting with her approval and satisfaction. I would never arbitrarily go beyond what both players in the scene want, and when I have my mistake, accident or overzealousness, I've always gone out of my way to rectify the situation either at the time or after the fact. I certainly feel I've earned the trust of those I play with, and I'm under the impression that does not come from me just idly playing at my whim, ignoring those I scene with.

I respect everyone I play with and want to ensure that each experience is giving her what she needs. Always.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Amusing Photo

You know when I travel I like to grab photos of funny stuff that pertains to our particular brand of lifestyle. Check out this pizza place that is absolutely, positively not for the masochistic.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 5 - Monday

We got up Monday morning, Gia quickly changing to head out to play as I got ready to go down to say goodbye to Jada who was heading out to the airport before noon. It was hard to say goodbye to my good friend. She's off on a 14 month tour, traveling for her business and missing many potential parties that may come along. I realized it was the last time I'd see her for some time, so saying goodbye was tough.

Once she left Lizzie and I had a quick final scene of OTK and once again I realized I was saying goodbye to a dear friend I wouldn't see for some time. The next weekend party isn't for more than seven months (SSNY's AC party in April) and I had a hard time imagining not seeing and playing with two ladies that I have such a special bond with. Ugh.

I went back to our suite and Gia and I finished packing, Russ & Missy stopping by to pick up a few implements left behind for them. We talked for a bit (that's when I learned Missy knew of my iPhone texting transgression the night before!), enjoying an opportunity to bond and chat.

Gia and I were in the taxi on the way to the airport, our phones buzzing and ringing with texts coming from friends we were already missing, sending messages to play partners, friends and new friends we'd just met over the weekend.

Arriving home from a party is always bittersweet. It's always wonderful to get home and back to our own bed and our own lives, but at the same time, it signifies the end of all that build-up, anticipation, planning, energy and activity.

To all my new friends: great to meet you and get to know you all (Danny, Iggy, Ann, B, Missy, Russ, others) and to all my favorite friends, comrades and play partners (Michael & Kate, Erica, J, Dave & Stacy, Brad, M & D, Jada, Lizzie, Katy-Lynn, Carolyn, John, Phineous and so many others) -- great to see you and I miss you all already.

Until next time...

SL Party Report: Day 4 - Sunday

We went to breakfast at the Cafe Sienna in the casino lobby, sitting next to Danny and Sophie, Mir and Erica and J at the next table. Somehow, they all got situated after we did, yet got served first. We waited 90 minutes for breakfast and the servers were incredibly rude. I asked at one point where our food was and the server actually put her hand up to me and dismissed me. Poor Jada didn't get her food for about 15 minutes after the 90 minutes and was the last one served! So when we finally left, some two hours and 15 minutes later, I tore a dollar bill in half and left it on the table. (I didn't want her to think I was just cheap!)

Soon, it was time for CP Court. If you haven't seen or been, Strict Dave comes in judges robes and takes accusations all party for trial cases, hears both sides of the story (to much humor and entertainment, typically) and then gives his sentencing (typically swats for the bottom there on the spot and "personal service" if the top is found guilty). I was a little late and missed that Gia had brought me up on charges (sheesh! ;-) ) but Strict Dave was "polite" enough to move it on the docket. When I arrived, I got called as a witness as Kate had brought Carolyn up on charges for missing our fire scene. It was a fun one and Carolyn was found guilty and got swatted.

Next, D brought me up on charges for not living up to my promises. She says I had told her that since she was curious in my arsenal of BDSM implements I would try them all on her, but when we had played briefly, had only used one. She misrepresented the situation, however. That scene was just a quick, playful one. I was planning on using the implements on her later. I played it all up for yuks, but in the end I was "punished" with 15 minutes of personal service and a requirement to use at least six implements on her. (In the end, we played for over 45 minutes and I used almost three dozen implements, I believe.)

Gia's charges came up and she informed the packed "court" that I had caused trauma when I texted my business partner accidentally that I would be spanking him in 24 hours. You can read about my embarrassment here. She also mentioned I had been texting while driving and had been texting Lizzie during my 26th anniversary dinner (she failed to mention she had also been texting Russ!). When the judge turned to me and asked me my side of story I pleaded the fifth. There was nothing I could do or say. I was caught dead to rights. Plus, I'd already blogged about the thing. I was found guilty and ordered personal service (again!). (I look forward to doing my personal service, BTW!)

Afterward, it was time for my scene with Jada. There was some serious mind-fuckery prior. After the figging with Lizzie I had left an uncarved hunk of ginger on the hotel room table in the room she and Jada shared, so Jada could see it and ponder for a day or two. She had. By the time our scene began she was in a very nervous place. I moved her to the bed, swatting her bottom some more. Finally, we finished off with the ginger--her first time--and I was rather ruthless, but she did great. The scene finished fantastically. It was quite rewarding actually, her stoic nature turning into a really cathartic scene. During aftercare we chatted and just enjoyed one another's company for a bit.

Before too long, it was about time for M & D to leave for the airport, and a group of us went to the Mexican restaurant to see them off. Russ, Missy, Erica, J, Danny, Sophie, Gia, M & D, Jada and Lizzie were all there, along with Ann and a few others if I recall. We had a fun meal, with Gia and D bonding before bidding one another a tough farewell. They are truly soul sisters and parting at the end of a party is always hard for the two. I always feel so poorly for them. It was fun getting some time to know Danny just a little bit better, too.

At the SSNY Atlantic City party Lizzie and I discovered a cool new spanking position: standing. I know, I know--you all probably know this, but it was a new revelation to us. So we ended up in her room doing our "tradition" of a standing spanking, which was fun.

We ended up at one of the suite parties again and I saw Erica there, so I took her to the master bedroom to play, but the bed was completely full, when someone said we could go off to the bathroom. Shrugging, we went in to discover a huge marble bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows. There was something hot about spanking Erica with the bathroom lights on and the twinkling lights of Vegas in the background, thinking that maybe people could see us from below. After a great OTK on the corner of the sunken bathtub we did aftercare and chatted for a bit. It was a really pleasant scene in an odd place.

Wandering around as the party was sort of petering out early, I went "scouting" for a new party to play at and was surprised to see that things were winding down early all over. It had been sort of a sedate Shadowlane, and Sunday was more so. Ended up in Russ and Missy's suite with Gia (I think--it's all fuzzy) and Missy and I decided to go play. We had a wonderful, fun, hilarious, enriching scene in M & D's bedroom. I got in her head and she, in a funny way, got into mine. She really was pissing me off. She would move and wiggle in such a way that it lessened my swats on her bottom. If she thought I was aiming for her sweet spot, she'd turn to that side so her bottom went down, reducing the impact. I was impressed and irritated that she had figured out the physics of the scene and was working--almost like from an engineering perspective--on reducing the blows. I threatened her. I moved around to try to reduce her ability to move. In the end, it was a combination of the two, plus some serious swats to the legs in punishment, that got her to hold still. I finished with five bitter swats on her sweet spot, hitting so hard (after she had requested a "medium" scene) that it brought up two small but vicious red welts there.

What a fantastic girl. Great first scene. I loved she got in my head and I got into hers. I'd play with her again any day, any time, any way.

But I've got a somewhat embarrassing story here. Gia and I planned to have a little impromptu party in the suite for around midnight. I thought Missy and I had plenty of time when we started around 11:15, but we talked for some time, getting to know each other, and during aftercare it was getting very close to midnight. I carried a wooden paddle from Kitty in one pants pocket and my iPhone in the other, and I took them both out to not dig into Missy's side during OTK. But as it got closer to midnight I kept feeling the phone right at my side on the bed. I knew it was friends wanting to know when the party was starting, and I didn't want to interrupt the conversation with Missy over my lap during aftercare, so I surreptitiously picked up the phone to quickly text everyone to be at the room after 12:15.

Unbeknownst to me, sharp-eyed Missy had seen me texting in the reflection of the painting over the bed and called me on it the next day. UGH! I was so embarrassed! I didn't want her to think our scene didn't matter to me, but I felt I needed to let everyone know what was going on and the party start time was running late. I felt like a schmuck.

The party began and Erica, J, Phineous, Dave & Stacy, Kate & Michael, Gia, John (of Bon Jovi-style fame), Brad, Lizzie, Jada, Aurora and a few others ended up in our suite. We chatted, swatted, while Phineous and Gia did florentine flogging in the next room, turning Kate into Jell-O. (Phineous had already flogged Erica and turned her to mush in J's arms, ending her weekend on a relaxing note.) Brad had had a terrible day and he and Gia went off to play at one point and I'm certain Gia lifted his spirits, as did Lizzie (and I think Jada, too, but I'm not certain about that).

It was fun hanging with friends, chatting, playing a bit. By around 3 am everyone was spent and went off to bed. The weekend was rapidly coming to an end.

Friday, September 10, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 3 - Saturday Part 2

Continuing my Saturday description from yesterday...

Gia and I headed down to the dinner dance, her in a beautiful chiffon lace number that was part kink and part retro, the perfect dress for SL's Mad Men theme. I wore a black thin lapel suit with thin black leather tie I borrowed at Gia's urging, a white linen pocket square and black slacks. We dined with friends including Michael & Kate, and soon the music was blaring. I chatted briefly with Lizzie and Jada. Lizzie wasn't having the best of nights and I was worried about her. She looked absolutely enticing in a light yellow dress that worked so perfectly with her alabaster skin. Jada was also quite stunning in a retro dress and headband. Somehow she magically reworked her hair to somehow end up looking like Michael J. Fox's young hot version of his mom in Back to the Future. Erica came in with J wearing this thin horizontal stripe dress that looked like it was painted on.

Gia and I danced to her favorite song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. A slow number came on and I took Lizzie onto the dance floor. It was a wonderful dance, with a lot of long eye gazes and me making dastardly threats in her ear. Jada and I danced, too, a sweet number. Erica and I also danced a slow dance, catching up, talking about our party experiences like two old warriors reliving great battles. Gia and I danced again, laughing and spinning and having a great time.

Before we knew it, it was well after 10 pm and we quickly got ready to go, but before we did Russ took Gia over his knee and spanked her, while Soul Patch showed up again (ugh!) asking Russ if he could join in and spank her too. I couldn't hear what he said, but I saw him shake his head vehemently. After, Gia and I went back to our suite to change and head out to play.

On the way to play we ran into Carolyn who proudly presented to me my own giant rice paddle. If any of you remember last year's SL Party Report, in which I spanked Carolyn, Gia and others for Carolyn's birthday with a 36" long rice paddle she'd picked up at a Chinese kitchen supply store for $4.99. It was hilarious, so I was flabbergasted when she showed up--one year later--with another of the rice paddles, just for me!

At Tom's suite party I grabbed Erica and took her into a bedroom to play, with Miss Chris doing a cane scene on the bed next to us. Erica was kicking and thrashing and practically tripped Miss Chris! I hollered at erica, smacking her for nearly tripping Miss Chris (or so I said) and Miss jumped in with a few appropriate words of her own. Fun! Of course, she didn't let me get that rice paddle anywhere near her!

Soon thereafter Danny brought D into to play with her and she wanted for some reason for Erica and I to follow. We went in, and when Danny flipped up D's skirt he cracked up when he saw her panties read, "I'm not Erica!!!" Erica and I laughed and laughed, too!

Lizzie didn't show up at the suite party and I went down the hall to check up on her. We chatted a bit and finally I instructed her to go to bed--she seemed very tired. She got ready for bed and climbed in, me quickly tucking her in turning out the lights. Going back down the hall to the suite party I discovered Jada fading fast (they both had gotten up early to catch up with one another) and so I was back in Lizzie's room in no time, tucking Jada in and kissing her on the forehead. Lizzie wasn't asleep, so I went around to her side of the bed and scolded her severely--a brief but fun verbal scene, if I do say so myself.

Having finished with those two I went back to the party. Iggy was there, calling me "scary top" again, and I teased her a bit. I found Carolyn there and grabbed her to spank her, but when we went into the other bedroom we found a man lying on the bed, relaxing. We asked him to move, but stated he didn't care to. Frustrated, Carolyn chose then to lie sideways across him so I could spank her. Odd, to be certain. How annoying is that? There's no room to play and this guy doesn't even bother to get up! Every time I spanked her, she sort of dug her elbows into the dude's back, hoping he'd get the hint. Eventually he gave, getting up and relinquishing the bed to us, where I finished her off with her own rice paddle gift!

Though it was late at this point I was restless, wanting to play, but the parties were winding down. Just then I got a text from B. Was I interested in playing again? I knew she didn't play publicly, so I was off to her room and once again she was an utterly nervous nelly, fidgeting and yakking up a storm. Again, I wasn't sure why I was there, but I plopped down on the bed and ordered her across my lap. Eventually she obliged. She was soooo nervous and kept saying, "I don't know why I'm like this! I'm normally nothing like this! You must think I'm a complete nutcase!" I didn't, but wasn't sure why she was at SL if she wasn't intending on playing. I was patient, but thought it was interesting that she brought out this odd new side to me, something akin to a Spock sort of seriousness combined with my usual utter frankness and honestly. She found this completely toppy in a way that worked perfectly for her. How did I know this? I have no clue. I just sort of sussed it on the spot, a chemical reaction?

Over my lap I spanked her bare bottom and was really getting into it, even though she said, "medium" in terms of how hard I would spank her. She started kicking and I told her I wasn't going to put up with that and would slap the back of her legs if she did it again. Well, she did. Again and again and again. And each time, I'd smack both legs, hard, then go back to spanking her bottom. A short time later, we were done and I hugged her goodnight and headed on my way. (It wasn't until a few days later that I learned the back of her legs were bruised. Well, can't say I didn't warn her!)

Ran into Erica in the hallway heading off to bed, a loopy, headspacy kind of drunk (no alcohol involved). Before much longer I was pouring myself into bed, the official end of Shadow Lane behind us all. Fortunately for us, we weren't to head out of town until Monday, a full extra day of fun and play ahead of us.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 3 - Saturday Part 1

Like the last Harry Potter book being turned into a two-part movie, Saturday had so much happen I'm turning this blog entry into a two-parter as well...

After going to bed at 4 am I got up at 10, only to find Gia and D still up and talking in the living room of our suite! They'd watched the sun rise and decided to stay up. Went to breakfast and then headed up to the SSNY suite for their afternoon party. There I took Iggy(as opposed to Lizzie) aside and gave her a fun spanking there. She'd been grumbling about how scary I was, based on Erica's blog. Scary? Me? So to prove I was on okay guy I decided to give her some OTK to prove I wasn't so bad. DId it work? I don't think so. She called me "that scary top" all weekend and is now my moniker with her.

Before my scheduled fire scene with Carolyn I managed to squeeze in a caning with Lizzie in my suite. I pushed her against the window, pressing her breasts into the glass. I had her hands on a dining room chair, OTK and back on the chair. It was cane only and was fast but intense.

Soon, it was time for my fire play sessions. I had asked Erica and J to bring my fire and wax kit, since Gia and I were flying we couldn't bring the flammable materials (and potential "weapons" with us). Since last year's party I'd been talking to Carolyn about a fire scene at this year's SL party, so there was a lot of build-up. It got to be time for our "appointment" and I had decided to use the dining room table in our suite as the appropriate height platform to perform my scene, bringing a yoga mat to make it comfortable. I'd put down a huge disposable plastic tarp to collect the wax drippings and splatters and had tested the open flame to ensure I wasn't going to set off the fire alarm in the room. Imagine explaining that when security shows up with a nude woman on the dining room table! Ha!

Carolyn was running late, and Kate (of Michael & Kate) really wanted to try fireplay, so we did. With a small audience in the suite, Kate took off her clothes and laid face down on the tarp. I warned her not to move. Your fight-or-flight instinct kicks in when you're lit on fire and it takes everything in your being not to let your caveman instincts kick in the first time, but moving is, well, bad. So I laid down the alcohol on her spine and lit it. And she jumped and squirmed. Michael shouted in his best bear voice, "Hold STILL!" and I was trying to pat out the flame but she jerked around and I couldn't.

The process is quite simple. Swab on the alcohol, light a baton, touch the baton to the wet alcohol on the skin with one hand and swipe across the flame with the other hand, putting it out quickly. Repeat. You develop a rhythm. But that jerking burned Kate, just the tiniest of bits. But I'm a perfectionist to begin with and knowing I'd potentially hurt Kate was terrible. I get into a shitty headspace when I wrap, so you might imagine what I'd do with a burn. And I respect Michael and his skill so much, having him sit there watching is nerve-wracking enough, then burning his lovely bride...ugh!

I applied some antiseptic and shook it off, continuing to apply fire to her entire back, one small section at a time. When I was done with that, I continued with the wax, holding it high and dripping it on her lower back. A good wax scene alone can take over an hour to do a whole back and bottom and there just wasn't enough time. And since Kate was trying it out, I kept the area to a minimum and peeled it all way.

I looked at the minor burn and felt terrible, but sent her to relax with Michael on the sofa. Carolyn arrived, but I soon found she had skin lotion on (no perfume or lotion of any kind as it might be alcohol-based, which could be flammable). I told her she needed to shower first and she left. I guess I didn't hear her say never mind, because I waited and she didn't come back, so I texted Jada because I knew she wanted fire play. We'd talked about it almost as long as Carolyn and I had been talking about it and she showered and showed up with wet hair, which is smart, because it makes it less dangerous around flame. She remembered all my coaching about the scene! From nearly a year ago! I was very, very impressed.

Having found my rhythm and shook my nerves my fire & wax scene with Jada went a lot better. Jada undressed and climbed onto the dining room table and I lit her up and covered her lower back and upper bottom with wax. As I dripped the wax I heard her suck in her breath, really trying to handle the pain from the heat. I just kept saying to her, "Take it, you take it all in" as I dripped candle after candle of wax on her. She sucked it up. I was very proud of her.

Afterward, everyone was hanging out in the suite--Michael, Kate, John, Erica, Lizzie and Jada and M & D (Gia had gone to bed to get some much-needed rest after staying up all night with D). I had had the cane out from earlier and I was just standing around with nervous energy fidgeting with the cane. Lizzie was slouched on the sofa and I playfully smacked the top of her legs. Fully clothed in shoes, jeans and t-shirt, that one impromptu smack turned into one of the hottest scenes I've ever had. With everyone talking and sitting around I caned her upper legs as she sat there, caned her belly and breasts. I used the tip to hold her chin up to look at me. "Tell me you're a little exhibitionist," I ordered. She demurred. "No." I smacked her with the thick cane on her legs. "Tell me!" I ordered and she refused. This kept up for some time, with smacks on her arms, chest, abdomen and legs. I would repeatedly pull her chin up to look at me with the cane. Finally, exasperated, I launched into a very hard set of cane hits on the upper legs and ordered her, "Tell me you're a fucking exhibitionist!" She looked at me. Paused. "I'm a fucking exhibitionist." Damn.

Everyone left not long after and Gia was up. We all got ready for dinner