Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year?

I don't typically post things of a personal nature here, I try to stick to things on-topic. But today I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport, stuck overnight on my way home from a holiday vacation with my family. Our flight delayed out of a banana republic yesterday, we missed our connection and found ourselves stuck in Atlanta. With temperatures in the ReelFeel® range of 12 degrees, and each of us in t-shirts, shorts and sandals, our simple journey to the airport hotel was a physical challenge in and of itself. We'll arrive back in Los Angeles more than 24 hours after we were supposed to, missing a day to reaclimate ourselves back to Pacific Standard Time, relax, unpack, get the house back in order, perhaps even take down some Xmas decor.

But that won't happen. My son goes back to school, my wife on deadline for her book, and I have a plane out on business Monday morning, some 16 hours after landing.

I hope this isn't a precursor to the remainder of the year...


  1. Um, 2010, take 2?

    Hope the rest of your year is happier.

  2. :-( And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don't travel. I'm so sorry, Craig. I too hope this isn't a precursor, but rather a case of getting all the aggravating crap over with right away! Welcome home, regardless... -- Erica

  3. I've never heard of RealFeel, but up here we have wind chill, as in "the temperature is minus 5, but with the wind chill factor, it feels like minus 35". We don't bother with it when temps are above freezing. 12 is positively balmy here, but then that would be Celsius.


  4. It's the same thing. "ReelFeel" is just a brand name put on by Accuweather or the Weather Channel (I can't remember which) for a combination of wind chill and/or humidity with temperature.

    12 is balmy? Brrr!