Monday, March 8, 2010

Boardwalks and Bottoms

A friend of mine can't help but remind me whenever she can how long it is until SSNY's Atlantic City party. Talk about eager. For the record, as I write this, it's 42 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes and 43...42...41 seconds. How do I know? Her Boardwalk Badness Weekend Countdown is active on her blog. I think she started counting down at 177 days. Something like that, anyway.

So with plane tickets in hand, hotel reservations confirmed and in a little under a month and a half away, it's time to start thinking about another fun and exciting upcoming party. Who will be there? What will the vibe be? And how on Earth will I have time to play with that incredibly full itinerary of activities planned by the organizers?

It's great to get back together with friends my wife and I have made in the lifestyle, seeing once again our favorite play partners is like rediscovering a beloved toy hidden in the back of your closet for so long--you can't wait to get your hands on 'em! Of course, making new friends is equally enjoyable.

So for all of you I already know: hope to see you in Atlantic City--and not on the boardwalk. And for those of you I don't know, can't wait to say hi and throw you over my lap for good spanking...the girls, I mean.


  1. (deeply envious, wistful sigh) I wish we could go! But at least we're making two out of the three biggies this year, so I can't complain. Will be eager to hear all the reports! -- Erica

  2. I wouldn't know who on earth you could possibly be talking about in this post. :) And what's life without a little excitement anyway, eh?

  3. Erica:

    Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get a full play-by-play!


  4. heheh, make that two friends, Thanks for the countdown Jada!!! awesome!

    39days 4hours 55mins and 7 6 5....

    hehe, love it!!


  5. We'll be there! I agree Craig, with all of the scheduled activities, I'm kinda wondering when the spankings are going to take place! I hope I'm on your "list"!

    sass (and HL)

  6. Sass:

    As we get closer to party, let's start talking. A public play session at a party or a private scene?

    Say "hi" to HL for me!


  7. Talking will be good - I'm ok with private or public. HL says hi back...