Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boardwalk Badness Report: Day 1 Continued

I forgot to add two quick comments from my Day 1 report.

  1. I was texting Jada and Lizzie to let them know our progress from the airport. As we got close, they told me they were waiting in the lobby. Brad's minivan pulls up to the hotel and we begin unloading our bags and bags of implements. I look through the huge lobby window and there they are, waving and smiling. What a pleasant welcome!
  2. We go to see our room and Jada and Lizzie excitedly tell Gia and I they are on the same floor as us! It ends up, they're next connecting rooms! We swung the doors open between our rooms and Gia and I would scoot next door, plop on a chair or bed to chat, catch up, make plans, talk about our experiences. What a fun way to enjoy the party.