Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boardwalk Badness Report: Day 2

Got up, went downstairs and had breakfast at the upscale diner on the ground floor with our friends. Decided to go for a run on the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. Ran to one end, then up to the other and back again. I thought that was pretty great.

In the afternoon it was time for happy hour and everyone met on the 5th floor lounge. Jules and Miranda were dressed up as retro waitresses (looking uncannily like the cover of Supertramp's Breakfast in America album cover), serving Philly soft pretzels while everyone grabbed drinks, played pool and chatted each other up and caught up with old friendships.

At 7, we went to the ballroom for the spanking party. There were all sorts of appetizers available (though I got there late and they were gone, gone, gone!). Some of the most beautiful women in the scene did a fetish apparel fashion show with my own Gia in a sexy baby doll that made her look splendid.

Right next door was a large room divided into little cubicles where people could go for a little semi-private OTK. Before getting there I thought this would be unnecessary and silly, but it was so convenient and a great way to break the ice without "committing" to go upstairs to someone's room. Safe and convenient. I ended up playing a few lovely ladies before arriving at the time to play with someone I'd been wanting to play with for a very long time. She and I went up to her room and we had a light, fun and good scene together. By the time we were done, the party downstairs was over and people were moving up to the suite parties, so we went to the penthouse to experience the fun there.

Arriving late (again!), the hoagies were already picked over. Argh! I'm hungry! Had fun with a few public scene at the party, playing with Lizzie, Jada and others. What a great evening. Rolled into bed after 2...


  1. OMG! Gia! Now I've put two and two together. I'm slow that way. I'm awful with faces/names. Had so much fun with her and the other girls doing the fashion show.

  2. --> *makes mental note to have a sandwich ready and waiting for Craig should he be so inclined to partake of my shenanigans - hopefully as the last "call to arms" of the day.. when he's good and tired, and thankful someone remembered to bring him food..*

    --> *Makes one more mental note to also not bring anything sugar related that might boost his energy levels.* haha!*

    Sounds like a great time was had by all!


  3. The solution seems rather simple to me -- stop arriving late! :-Þ

  4. Keep those notes handy, Zelle!


  5. Put that fucking tongue away! Perhaps I wouldn't be late if I didn't have needy, wanting bottoms to satisfy!


  6. Tsk. Such language. And poor dear, how you suffer with such burdens. :-D

  7. hahahaha! ... folds paper and tucks notes away in her secret garden..

    I'll be sure and have something "deliciously twisted" waiting and ready to consume...

    ---> like a French Cruller! haha!

  8. Har-dee-har-har.

    Now when you say you tuck a note away into your "secret garden" my mind paints a totally different picture than the one you probably wanted...