Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boardwalk Badness Report: Day 3

So far, you've had a chance to read what went on the first two days of SSNY's Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City. Here's my report on Day 3:

Saturday began with a complimentary breakfast. I have no idea what happened there, because this guy slept in after a night of fun and spanking. I did make it to the Tanner Reformatory. A group of schoolgirls were marched into this "Scared Straight" presentation, then a group of about eight "inmates" were brought in, each wearing Tanner Reformatory grey, shapeless dresses, each appearing very contrite.

The inmates were brought up on charges, some of which included multimedia surprises (video of Jules smoking "pot" in a reformatory broom closet, talking shit about staff, a hilarious JibJab video of the guys created by inmates Lizzie & Jada. Hilarious. Each were brought up, read the charges and punished, a gauntlet of four people each delivering a different type of punishment, ending in Miranda, in a cop uniform, delivering the strap on a bench to each criminal.

The scenario ended with a twist, Miranda being one of the "criminals" herself and Miss Criss coming in to punish Miranda herself. It was all quite fun.

There was a lunch in the lounge, but dry meat sandwiches on white bread just wasn't my thing. Further, I was in a bad headspace that day. Nothing the party had done to me, something unrelated. BUt I was out of sorts, not really feeling like engaging. I'd already told two of my private play "appointments" that I was likely out of the game for a while, so I went for a walk down the Boardwalk in search of a different lunch option.

I love frozen custard, something you simply cannot find away from the East Coast, and there, outside one of the casinos, was a frozen custard stand. Not really lunch, but I grabbed a tiny cup of chocolate and savored the umame.

Back at the hotel, lots of other things were going on. SSNY were offering professional video shoots to players. There was a male bottom spanking session. Both I took a pass on, so the afternoon was free.

Saturday night was another spanking party, this one with dinner and entertainment. Dinner was a "Taste of the Boardwalk" with clam chowder and soft pretzels, hoagies, seafood salad sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza and more. The entertainment consisted of karaoke, and yours truly signed up to sing. I did alright, doing my rendition of "Human" by The Killers, one of my favorite bands. I thought it was hilarious that one of the lyrics is " hands are cold." It was Spanking American Idol (or something like that) so they had three judges, each playing one of the famous judges from the show. Richard Windsor was Simon, Pixie was Paula (doing a hilarious impression of the "nice judge") and Miss Chris saying "Dawg, dawg" every time like Randy.

Each singer had to bring a spankee on stage. If the singer got thumbs down by the judges, the spankee got the spanking machine. I hauled Jada up on stage and she looked a bit distressed. "Don't worry," I said. "You should be okay." They judges game me the seal of approval and Jada was off the hook. In the end, there were plenty more talented than I, plus, I think I didn't really pick a crowd favorite. My song was rather obscure for the demographic, so who knows if I did it justice or not? Still, I had fun.

During the evening I took a few beautiful ladies into the next room for a good spanking. After a glass of wine I was feeling a bit more my old self again, so I thought I'd start with a few casual encounters.

Later, we were up in the suites, hanging out with HL & Sass and others. I had scheduled a private play session with Lizzie and now that I was feeling up to it, I whisked her away and we had a fun, light and great scene. I went back upstairs to the penthouse suites and hung out a bit longer, doing some fun spankings in the bedrooms off the suite living rooms.

A bit of a roller coaster of a day, but in the end, I was back in a good mindset and had fun.

Coming soon...Day 4.


  1. The Tanner Reformatory sounded like somethine I just read in a spanko-porn novel. Imagine actually seeing lit live!

    Sounds like you ended up having a great day after all.


    PS The word verification was "flograma". There are no accidents!

  2. Craig- Sorry that your Saturday didn't go so well. I could tell you are a bit out of it when you passed on lunch with... ME! But I was glad to see you back in action that evening. Poor Lizzie having to deal with all your pent up need for spanking.


  3. Hermione:

    You should come! Then you'd see a spanko-porn novel come to life! It was great to watch. Sexy, corporeal, naughty...the works.


  4. Ty:

    I went easy on Lizzie. I think it worked out for the best. ;-)


  5. First..."sleep IS good".

    Second..."I'm not big on dry meat either" (heehee)

    Third..."Frozen custard rocks!"

    Fourth.."I love soft pretzels.. reminds me of Philly.. not that I'm from Philly.. I just love pretzels.. Pretzel sticks mostly.. dipped in that sweet rough all natural "Herlocher's Mustard" from PA.

    Lastly..."The song you chose.. (which I loved when I heard it for the first time.. and I'll check out the rest of what they have to offer).. but .. that song just sounds to me.. like you chose it because it pretty much spoke to you.. and the moment you were in at that time."

    YOU ARE NOT some machine.
    You ARE human.

    I can't quite see you "on my knees looking for the answer".. though. (winks!)

    I can truly see a Top of your caliber.. being pulled from all directions.. and it's definitely not easy being "ON" all the time.

    I can see how someone might feel like a puppet on a string at times.. or like you are just a robot (not human).. but you have been wound up and set to 'dance' and so.. that's what you do.. YOU DANCE... to whatever song is put on for you..

    Of course that is all very metaphorical.. and probably way off the mark.. but I'm sure you can read between the lines here.. and see how I associated the song with the temporary mood you were in.

    I'm so glad that glass of wine helped adjust your frame of mind.. for you.. and for all those that so appreciate your talents. (smiles)

    (And now Erica will accuse me of writing a longer comment than the blog du jour. LOL)

    ((hugs and kisses))
    (ps.. love that song!)

  6. (giggling at Zelle)

    What?? You passed on watching the male bottom spanking session? Dammit -- I wanted to hear ALL about that! ;-)

  7. Zelle:

    I hate to say it, but waaaay off mark. I chose that song two weeks in advance of the party and emailed it to the organizers, per their request (along with Killer Queen by Queen and Papa Loves Mama by Garth Brooks).

    I don't feel like a machine, or a puppet. Certainly not at a party. Generally, I revel in the attention and the desire of the experience and the opportunity to share in the camaraderie we all experience when we're together.


  8. Erica:

    Yeah. Well...

    (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)


  9. Well.. and that's why I said (in a no pun intended, but a 'CYA" way) .. "I'm probably way off the mark.." -- (smiles)

    So much for waxing poetic.. lol .. back to food, and the rejuvenation effects of frozen custard.. ;-)


  10. Mmmmm!

    No worries, Zelle! I didn't take it personally!


  11. Okay! Great! (whewh!)