Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boardwalk Badness Report: Day 4 (Better Late Than Never)

(Note: It's been a really busy week at work, with a lot of activities after-hours. My excuse for not getting this fourth and last day of the Boardwalk Badness Report complete, but I feel better late than ever, eh?)

With rain drizzling outside, the last day of Boardwalk Badness ended with a bang: Strict Dave's Court. People could submit court cases to the judge to put on the docket and then Dave would call up the plaintiff and defendant and have them argue the case. No "hung jury" here. Dave doesn't rule as though every case will end with corporeal punishment. He's oddly fair and insists on both logic and reason. Each case on the docket came up and stated their reason for being there. Dave runs a tight ship, evenly handing out justice that just as frequently ended up with a top performing "personal services" for a specific amount of time to the bottom as a bottom getting a spanking or strapping on stage.

With that, BBW was over. Everyone meandered downstairs to the diner (ugh! that limited menu! the only restaurant in the hotel! no more waffles!!!) for brunch/lunch. Soon, some folks were packed up and heading out of Atlantic City. Others (like us) were leaving Monday, so we hung out, relaxed and enjoyed the cool, rainy day.

Before long, people were heading up to private play. Eventually, the rain let up and I decided to go for an afternoon run down the Boardwalk, my last chance before leaving the next day. Not a quarter mile down the planks it started to drizzle again, and by the time I reached the end of the Boardwalk I was soaked, worried my iPhone would get wet all along the way. As I returned to The Chelsea, it started to get dark, and started to get colder and colder. By the time I finished my run, I was freezing, wet and likely borderline hypothermic.

The phone rang. It was a friend wanting to know how the weekend went. As I explained, pacing outside the hotel so I wouldn't lose my signal, soaked and cold, I saw Miss Chris and Sarah Gregory. They waved, I waved. I tried to explain--outside the plate glass window--who I was talking to with stupid hand signs and trying to write backwards on the window. Later, as I was warming up in the shower, I realized I must've looked like a lunatic--dripping wet in running shorts and short sleeve shirt, talking on the phone, waving my arms. Sheesh. Think, Craig. Think.

That night, we went up to HL & Sass' suite to see what was going on and the SSNY folks were kind enough to open up one of their suites, even though the party was officially over. Had fun with Lizzie and then gave Sass her birthday spanking (it was her birthday that day!). I laid her down on the bed and asked her how many spankings I should give her (too gentlemanly to ask her her age). She said "21." I got to 21 strokes and said, based on my simple judgement, that I would give her an additional eight just to "even things up." We laughed about all that through some really wicked spanks and then she asked for a few more! Ha!

I'd wandered up with a thick bamboo rod at my side, the length of a cane but about one inch or more thick. Jada calls it the "flag pole." She hates it. That's why I use it. It's not for everyone and it's certainly not something to just start whacking girls with willy-nilly. I had brought it for a purpose (unfortunately, a purpose that didn't quite work out), but when Sass saw it she cooed, "Oooooh! Thuddy!" and insisted I use it on her. Damn, that girl really took a whacking with that "flag pole." Thanks, Sass! Nothing more satisfying for me than to really cut loose with that wicked hunk of wood.

The party continued on, quiety, with people sipping wine. I was pretty much shot by Sunday night and soon was off to bed. Trying to sleep, I woke up a few hours later and realized I had been counting in my sleep. Why the hell am I counting, I wondered? Oh, damn. Now I wished I didn't have connecting rooms with Jada and Lizzie, because through the no-insulation doors connecting our rooms I could hear a bedtime spanking going on. Through the wall I could hear the smacks and I was counting them, like sheep, in my sleep. I am fairly OCD with my scenes. Every stroke met with an equal counterstroke. Everything evenly numbered and paced. In my sleep, I think I realized the person in the other room was spanking off-numbers. One cluster of spankings ended at 47. The next, 64. The one after, 23. WTF??? Who can spank like that? I wondered. It's not even. It's not 50, 65 or 25. I got more and more frustrated because the spanker wasn't counting strokes, because the spanking wasn't letting me sleep and because, worse of all, I was counting the goddam things in my head and it was annoying me. Sheesh! Stop alphabetizing the book collection by chronological release date you Virgo and go to sleep! Stop naming all the freeway exits--in order--from your house to work (a 38 mile drive, I must add) and go to sleep! Shit!

The next morning Gia and I packed up, headed off to Philly International and before we knew it, we were back home, in the Real World again, another fantastic party experience complete.


  1. Right. Sorry again about that.

  2. No worries, Cutie! Seriously, not a problem at all. :-)


  3. OMG.. Craig!
    I'm about as OCD anal retentive as they come about that numbers game! I'd have been a little off kilter myself I think! I can't even walk up steps without counting them.. Every single time.. even if I've been traversing those steps all my life.. I still count em!

    Where I grew up in PA in an old farmhouse, there are 17 steps to the 2nd floor. When I visit my Mom.. I still count them all. Such a feeling of satisfaction too when you reach the top and have counted that last step. LOL -- Then again, it could be that it's a psychological thing.. cause when ya hear "Young Lady! Go to your room, I'll be up in a minute".. ruh-roh! I remember counting the steps as Dad bounded his way to the 2nd floor. (omg!) Well those steps became the walk of doom.. So I guess I was counting them out of a nervous tension .. who knows.. maybe one day a step might be missing! LOL

    Everything has to have some kind of logical balance for me .. there are reasons we have patterns too.. LOL.. it's kinda like stacking up a deck of cards.. there's a way to do it so they don't fall over.

    I do come by this OCD compulsiveness honestly though, as my dad was a Virgo.. but when he played his little numbers game with me.. that wasn't so much FUN! (grins)

    Oh.. and 'other than my bad knee'.. you just solidified for me that running IS detrimental to your health! LOL.. It's a wonder you didn't catch pneumonia or something!

    Home sweet home.. it's nice to climb in your own bed at the end of a trip.. especially when you can't bring along your favorite feather pillow, because that means an extra suitcase going on the plane that you have to pay for.. LOL

    Thanks for finding time to write.. :-)

  4. Well, just to be clear, Zelle, I'm really NOT OCD. I don't count steps or relock doors or check the oven ten times to see if it's on before going out. With spanking, I feel that symmetry and order is key. Just my weird fucking brain, that's all. The idea of "random" swats is almost unfathomable to me.

    (Unless I'm making the bottom count, in which case, my goal is for her to get it wrong, so I'll do just about anything to screw up that count!)


  5. So by symmetry and order .. you mean, if you have two swats go to the right cheek, then you're gonna be placing two on the left?

    I will say that I don't face any anxiety with my counting steps.. or if I'm sitting at a table, counting the horizontal stripes on the shirt of the person across from me - LOL - but I do face some anxiety when I go off a count with spanking! LOL.. God I hate counting during a spanking! Totally throws off my mojo! LOL


  6. The birthday spanking was hilarious and the "flag pole" was awesome! When I'm warmed us and then have had a good spanking, something thuddy like that thick bamboo just sends me into floaty subbie space. Oh yum!!! Thank you Craig! Now about that long session we're going to have??? raincheck right?

    Counting...ugh. I count lots of things. I always count spanks in my head and you seriously messed with me by making some so fast that I couldn't keep track. I've been known to tell HL after a long spanking with various items that he gave me 200 with hand, 48 with the softer strap and then 60 with the harder strap. I'm making up numbers here but you get the idea. And yes, I'll catch myself counting spanks when someone else is getting spanked. It's very annoying! I totally "get" you not being able to sleep listening to the spanking next door! It's not considered OCD in the way most people think of it but it has elements of OCD. I want balance in many things and become edgy when things aren't. Part of what makes you such a great spanker is the careful attention that you give to what you deliver. All us have our "things"...which is what makes life so interesting. See you in June?


  7. "Every stroke met with an equal counterstroke. Everything evenly numbered and paced." That's so much like me. I count everything, everywhere, all the time, and it always has to come out in even fours. Luckily my husband is very anal too (no mystery there) so his spankings are always even and well-rounded.

    Loved the end of the weekend story.


  8. Oh, Sass. Dear me oh my! Stop throwing yourself at me, will ya? It's not becoming of a lady! ;-) Of COURSE we're going to have a longer session in June. Email me and we'll schedule it, alright? I can't wait! We're going to have an s-load of fun, I'm confident.

    Now get off my back, dammit!

  9. hmmmmm.....throwing myself? maybe I'll be busy in June. sheesh!