Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Brief Intermission

We interrupt this blog for a few funny bits:

I'm flying on business this weekend and came across the top photo, an ad in the airport in Minneapolis. Watch bondage. Gotta try that...

The lower image was seen at a booth at San Francisco's Walk for Life this weekend. Nice there's something for both sadists and masochists there.


  1. LOL Time to be tied up. Those are some giant warchbands.


  2. Time on her hands... or around her hands, as the case may be. Very cool image!

  3. Here's a funny story for ya.. Once I got a call.. and the voice on the other end said...

    "I know you're getting ready for work.. but I wanted to remind you to wear that watch I got you, the one with the black leather band.. and today, when you look at that watch, just remember that at 7pm.. you'll be staring down some black leather.. but it'll be much longer and wider than that watch band."

    So all friggin day long.. every time I checked the time.. which I normally did often, as I am so schedule oriented.. I looked at that damn watch and got the heebie-jeebies/serious squirm in my seat tingles.

    ...damn sadistic bastards.. lol

  4. Now that's a top who plans ahead! My kind of man!