Friday, June 11, 2010

A Quick Anecdote

I went to the gym on Wednesday night, as I always do when I'm in town, to work out with my trainer, Alan. He said, "Today we're working on arms" and I moaned. How was I to tell him I was sore and tender from the fingertip to my shoulder on my right arm? Gardening? A little too much self-pleasure? Instead, I just decided to grit my teeth and work through it, though at one point he looked at me and said, "Man, you are a wimp tonight!" Is this Top Drop?


  1. Top drop? Could be.. on a side note.. this had me dropping to the floor and rolling in fits of laughter when I read it..

  2. Reminds me of mutual friends, a husband & wife pair with the same trainer. He was a bit surprised when she told their trainer no butt exercises early in the week b/c he liked to spank her on the weekend. I wonder if the trainer was considerate enough to alter his workout schedule, too?

  3. Indy:

    Most trainers are pretty good about stuff like that. Mine? He's just sadistic! ;-)