Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tropical Beach Party Report: Day 2 - Friday

Disclaimer: I was reminded by a friend at the party that I got the dinner venue on my report yesterday all wrong. She was right, I did. So, here's the disclaimer: this is not 100% accurate. Facts and time blur a bit after the party and 18 hours of sleep in four days. So if I forget something or screw up the facts, I plead insanity, your honor. And if I leave someone out, it's either an accident or because I didn't ask that person for specific permission to include them.

After going to bed at 5:30 am, we didn't rise and shine until 10-ish. I grabbed coffee from the nearby 7-11 and came back, Gia slowly gearing up for the day. Soon we were lunching at the Mexican place down the road with Brad, Lizzie and Jada. After lunch I was fueled, awake and itching to play. Before long I had Lizzie across my lap and we had a wonderful, intense and incredibly fun scene. Things were off to a great start!

Sarah Rocks (and her husband, Mr. Rocks! ;-) ) arrived and as promised (based on something that happened in Atlantic City I won't get into) Sarah had to bring me brownies. And she did! And they were amazing! To thank her for being such a good girl I gave her a welcome to FMS spanking, just enough to warm her up and get her in the right mindset for a wonderful weekend.

Soon, Gia and I were off to Brad's room for a little dinner. Rad was standing on one side of the room and Brad made a joke it looked like Rad was standing in the corner, which cracked us all up. It was a perfect gathering before the official start of the Tropical Beach Party.

Everyone headed over to the Vendor Fair. Diane and Michael arrived, finally, and Diane proudly showed me her panties. Now a brief story is required. Last year, at Gia's and my first FMS beach party it seemed every time I brought a lady across my lap they would look up at me with a little fear in their eyes and say, "Now, I'm not Erica!" referring to Erica Scott and her "bionic bottom" (that's not what I call it, but I'll leave that for another blog entry). So when Diane pulled up her skirt I laughed out loud! Her bottom said, or at least her panties read, "NOT Erica!"

It was great catching up with friends, meeting new people, sniffing around for new people to play with. Reunions were sprouting up everywhere and the vendor tables looked like they were humming. I know Gia purchased a dastardly thick wood pole. Damn, good thing I'm not a bottom. I'd hate to get whacked with that thing. (Of course the VERY penile end was interesting...again, not for ME mind you!)

Just then, John and Erica arrived. We gave each other big hugs. I hadn't seen them in some time, perhaps two months. It was great having them in Florida at the Beach Party. I pulled out a surprise for Erica. I must admit, I knew about Diane's panties in advance of the party, so I had made a special pair for Erica. They read, "I am Erica!" Of course, I liked the ones I had made for Gia just as much: "A hard hand is good to find." Ha!

Before I knew it, the party was moved upstairs to the suites. They were filling up fast. I'd never played with IrishRed before and I took her by the hand and spanked her in her near-empty suite. What a great night! She's magnificent. I enjoyed that a lot and regret not getting a second chance to take her over my knee.

Soon I was giving Jada a dose of what was good for her as well. That was a fun scene. Zelle arrived. She's so active on FL and Erica's blog and is such a prodigious writer I felt like we were old friends before she arrived. I knew she was a bit nervous about public play, so I calmly took her into one of the bedrooms and faced her away from the door to try to shut out the folks hanging out in the living room/kitchen. She was on such a high she just laughed with joy, which made me smile and laugh. What a great lady. And a sweetheart. Ladies, you are great. Indy was next. Another class act. I love smart women. I caught Erica's eye and we played, she bratted, and all was right with the world, planets aligning and what not.

I'd never met Alicia Panettierre before, but she had messaged me on FL after a serious bout of bratting from some of my favorite women on the site just prior to the party. She'd told me she really got into my sternness in my messages and hoped I could give her a stern spanking of her own at the party. I'd seen her a few times over the evening and finally walked up to her and took her by the hand. She led me to her room and I proceeded to give her a good verbal lashing while my hand did the rest. Alicia, you are a classy girl. I will get stern and toppy with you any day, you miscreant!

Diane and Gia summoned me to our suite. Diane had brought a few wonderful trinkets for us, including a cake and a bottle of wine! God, Diane! You are such a dear! You and your "sis" are a perfect pair! By this point, it was getting into the true wee hours of the morning, and I was rapidly losing steam. Diane talks like a train announcer at Grand Central and Gia's like Wolfman Jack on speed, so you can imagine the vortex of communication that opens when the two are together. I had threatened to smack Diane around a bit, but then the girls got talking in the bedroom and I fell asleep sitting upright in a chair in the living room, an implement poised in my hand.

Diane woke me, disappointed I had fallen asleep, but I wasn't going to let the moment go by. With a yawn and a stretch I bent her over the sofa and proceed to whack her a bit, my antique, century-old razor strap (one of my pride and joys!) really getting a few good yelps out of her. Big goodnights and hugs all around and I was spent, plopping into bed around 3 am.

(Tomorrow will bring my Day 3 report...)


  1. Yayyyyy! Fun fun fun! Just so y'all know, Craig was my first scene AND my last scene at FMS. Wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

    Oh, and instead of Bionic Bottom, he refers to it as my "Atomic Ass." (rolling eyes) Class with a capital K, no?

  2. Hey, I didn't say it, did I???

    And I forgot our first spanking took place in the ballroom, at the buffet table, while the hotel staff picked up linens and trays around us, attempting to look the other way! That was memorable! Don't know HOW on Earth I missed that little moment...

  3. You and Erica are incorrigible together (LOL).. and I love every minute of it.. You probably converted half the staff!

    Wonderful write up Craig.. my god, how do you do it? So many bottoms you played with and you went to the wee hours of the morning. I think you have an "Atomic Arm"! Maybe it's best I DON'T know the answer to how you do that!

    I know you totally made the party a success for me, as you were my 2nd goal I wanted to accomplish, ***and it was not 70 swats on the same damn spot you sadist!*** It was getting past the jitters of playing in one of the rooms off the main convo areas! Brad had gotten me through the first non-relationship/private spanking 12 hrs earlier - and your spanking was my next goal!

    Oh what a great time I had thanks to you! I hope to one day be able to pick up where we left off.. (and NOT at 70 swats on one damn spot!) LOL


  4. Oh, stop complaining. He did 100 in the same damn spot with me. :-Þ

  5. Hey! Who's the newbie here anyway? You were conditioned for 300... so I think he went all soft on you cause you were tired or something... :-p

  6. Can't wait for your Day 3 report.


  7. Awww Craig. I *loved* our time together. Nothing I enjoy more than having to be peeled off of a ceiling!

    Classy guy. Not surprising, considering the company you keep ...


  8. Zelle: Thanks for the nice comments! And as for my strong arm, I don't appreciate what you're implying, young lady!!! I work out! Incessantly! I have a trainer!

    And next time? 150 swats, you!

  9. IrishRed: You rock my fine new ladyfriend!

  10. 150!! OH MY!
    I think I need your trainers name and number please, .. we need to talk. This incessant need to turn you into a bigger sadist than you already are is just NOT going to do! LOL - I wonder if he's open to bribes?