Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tropical Beach Party Report: Day 3 - Saturday

Saturday began with an early wake-up call for Gia. Bleary eyed, she headed off to the Governess Gathering. I dozed as she got ready, then got myself ready, grabbed some coffee then texted Jada to see if she wanted lunch. We found ourselves on the patio at the little restaurant by the pool, Erica and John joining us as chatted and dealt with the humidity.

After lunch, as I was gathering up my implements bag, I ran into my wife Gia in the room, slipping out of her scholarly outfit to head off to being one of the bad girls. Oh, to be married to a switch! One outfit on the floor, one quickly being donned as she gulped down a Yoplait, her only sustenance all day, then back out the door with a wisp of perfume in her wake. What an adorable ass! God, I love that woman!

Soon, it was time for Jada and I to have our "big scene." We play a lot--well, usually 3-5 times per party, mostly in suites, and generally have one or two substantial scenes in the two-hour range. We'd been working on, planning, working out and organizing this scene for months, likely since FMS's Back-to-School party last November. We had planned on doing it in April at SSNY's Atlantic City party but it didn't work out. So, as you might imagine, there was a lot of build-up to this. It's something we both had been looking forward to. Without hyperbole I can safely say this was one amazing scene. It was intense, intimate, with highs and lows, pushing some things Jada needed pushing, exploring some new territory and really coming together almost perfectly. Jada: you are a dear, dear friend and I'll gladly reconvene to make that kind of experience happen again!

After Jada and I wrapped up our aftercare it was off to the Ice Cream Social where I grabbed a slightly gooey scoop from IrishRed (I was late so it was a bit melted) and then found Erica and John on sitting on the floor in the crowded suite. Erica got sassy and playfully untied one of my shoes. Sarah brattily joined in, untying the other. "Tie my shoe, Erica," I ordered. Of course, she refused, and before long we were off to the races, Erica across my lap as I continued to demand she tie my shoe! Yes, a battle of the wills. But guess who always wins? You can read her side of the story on her blog. Sarah snuck in and attempted to tie my shoes together at one point, I'm not really sure when, and after a bit of hard spankings Erica acquiesced. She tied both shoes.

After dinner, I was itching to play and it wasn't quite time for the dinner event to begin, so I texted Lizzie and told her I needed to get my hands on her. She invited me down to her room, where I found one of her roommates, Katie-Lynn, hanging out. "Mind if I watch?" she asked. Soon, I had Lizzie bent over a chair as Katie-Lynn sat on the sofa, an audience of one. I gave Lizzie some good hard smacks with the hand and a London Tanner leather paddle plus a borrowed implement or two, satisfying my itch and I'm certain pleasing her as well. "Now it's your turn!" I said to Katie-Lynn. She eagerly got up and Lizzie took her seat, "Ouch!" Lizzie said as she sat on that amazing tush. As I was giving Katie-Lynn a good spanking, their third roommate Katie arrived. She sat down in the "audience" to watch as well and before long I had Katie up "on stage" while the other two looked on. Quite the peanut gallery, with their comments. I finished Katie by telling her to count my swats. If she got it right, she was done, but if she got it wrong she'd be sorry. I made sure she got it wrong. "What do you hate the most," I asked, "Stingy or thuddy?" "Stingy," she replied, sheepishly. I looked to the two observers to confirm the answer wasn't a lie. They nodded. I grabbed my worst, stingiest cane--made of carbon fibre and as thin as a switch--and got it ready. She moaned in fear and anticipation. I pulled back, ready to strike hard. She tensed up and as I swung, dropped the cane and spanked her bottom hard, surprising the shit out of her and sending the other two girls into fits of laughter. It was a perfect ending. One of my favorite scenes of the weekend!

After a fantastic dinner (sure, I'm always starved at these events, but the food there was good!) and a hilarious spanking trivia game it was up to the suites again. Soon I was playing with Erica again in a light and boisterous scene (that girl loves an audience!), Nikki, and then Indy introduced me to Catherine from the UK. "She's got an iron bottom," I think Indy said. I decided to top them both at the same time, took them into the bedroom and grabbed some implements. I didn't realize how hard Cat could play! "I regret this!" Indy exclaimed at one point. "Why?" Cat asked from her position on her stomach next to Indy. "Because Craig is having trouble switching gears from your butt to mine!" Ha! About three quarters of the way through our brief scene Cat looked up at me and muttered, "You really are a sick fucking sadist!" Aww, Cat! You're so sweet! Thanks! Jada and I had a quick play session at the suite, a bookend to our earlier intense scene.

Making the rounds, going from one suite party to the next, I was walking through the elevator lobby when Lizzie and a few others were coming out of the lift. Before either of us really knew what was happening, I was doing a spanking scene in front of FMS "security" in the hallway, Lizzie bracing her hands against the elevator doors. (We had discovered in Atlantic City that spanking her standing straight up was fucking hot!) We gathered a decent crowd as I really gave her a jarring spanking. Nice impromptu scene, Lizzie. I'm sure those gathered around in the hall appreciated it, too!

Running out of steam, I found myself at an impromptu party in Jada and Indy's room, sitting back drinking Dark & Stormy's. Mmmm, that Gosling ginger beer is fucking amazing! Gia texts me, wondering where we are. Before I know it, there's a dozen or so more people in Jada's room, Gia's got a half sheet cake and we've got a real party on our hands! I began bar-tending, introducing anyone who wanted one to those devious Dark & Stormys. Erica & John arrived, Lizzie showed up, Diane & Michael and Brian and others--it's a blur. But what a fun end to a crazy, busy day.

As the clock neared 3 am we all said our goodnights and headed off for much-needed sleep, for we all knew we'd be getting up early for Strict Dave's Court later that morning.

(Day 4 Trip Report coming tomorrow!)


  1. I am loving your reports so far, Craig. It's always nice to hear about someone else's experiences at the same event.

    Our scene was pretty awesome, wasn't it? A highlight of my weekend, for sure. By all means, we should reconvene:)

  2. HEY! I was at that Jada's suite party before you even arrived...and I ran for ice! LOL...and your memory is terrible, I tried to give you a shoe wedgie, then you were spanking Erica and John told me to go tie your shoes together...I was just following orders and the closest I got was untying the other shoe...I did not however follow orders to find 4 others to hold you down and tie you to the bed...That John is all trouble!



  3. Thanks, Jada. I'm certain we shall.

  4. Oh, Sarah! So many excuses, so little time.

    And as for my memory, please read my disclaimer from yesterday's entry. My humble apologies.

  5. You know I can't help but give you a hard time...maybe you just need some aricept...

    I really love reading all your accounts of the party, so well written, and it really is fun to relive all of the party excitement! Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to see you again at shadow lane!

  6. For some reason, I have this insatiable need to break into song...

    Tie me tennis shoe down sport,
    tie me tennis shoe down.

  7. I can't wait to take very good care of you at SL, Sarah!

  8. Zelle!!! (snort) Oh gawd, I feel old, recognizing that reference.

    Now I can't get that @#$%ing song out of my head...

  9. Last verse.. ((taps podium))
    All together now....

    Tan me hide until I'm red, Craig,
    tan me hide until I'm red.
    So he tanned her hide as she cried Clyde,
    And that's her bent over in the shed.

  10. Dear God, Zelle! Do you ever quit? ;-)

  11. Now if I said "Nope! I'm not a quitter" Craig..
    You'd say.. "We'll see about that". hahahhaha!