Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tropical Beach Party Report: Day 4 - Sunday

We each bring our own life experiences to bear on what we do and what we get out of our scenes. Each of us need something different, yet our needs are fulfilled in different ways, based on the perspective we bring to our scenes.

* * *

Sunday began with Strict Dave's court. I took Sarah to task for untying my shoes and creating an unsafe environment (I could have tripped and ran into a pretty lady!) and for interrupting my scene with my dear, sweet friend Erica! WTF!? Sarah tried to brat so I called her husband on stage. Since Sarah goes by Sarah Rocks I had the judge call up "Mr. Rocks." I was going to ask him a simple question: Has she bratted to the point of creating an unsafe environment? But before I got the question out Nick blurted out, "GUILTY!" That was it. She was cooked. She was given the sentence of 15 minutes of personal service to me. Personal service. The mind reels. So many things come to mind, many of them not very nice. (Sorry Nick!) I don't even know where to begin. Of course, she got away (as in left town!) before she could pay, so Shadow Lane is going to be a shitload of fun! Look out, Sarah. Your ass is mine!

As the weekend becomes more and more of a blur as the week progresses, I have a "memory note" on my iPhone that says, "Jada belt." That mean I must have spanked Jada with my belt, but, I hate to admit, for the life of me, I don't remember what that was all about now! FUCK! Jada: please fill in my blanks! Nothing personal, cutie!

A group of us went to a nearby BBQ place for lunch. Must've been about 20 of us. We had a chance to sit and chat with Larry and Amy Lynn. A class act, those two. And fun, fun, fun! I'd spend time with them hanging out anytime!

Soon, it was time for a planned scene with Lizzie. It wasn't quite what we had had planned, but we had a most excellent scene. God, she can be so intense sometimes. She really brings out the sadist in me and I really enjoy the time we have together. Some scenes are best left to the imagination. This was one of them. All I can say is this: Lizzie, I appreciate and do not take for granted the time we share. Thank you for your trust and care, beautiful girl! Gia came in to our room, quickly grabbed some things and was out again, a blur of motion as she played a record 30 times over the course of the long weekend!

We were running behind, so it was time to go. I went to Erica's room for our private scene. She was waiting for me, ready for our play. I set up my implements bag and we were off to the races! I've spoken so many times about my scenes with Erica, the intensity, the closeness and the fun. This was a really nice scene. It had all the elements that make one our scenes just work. Erica is one of the classiest, sweetest, caring women I know. Thank you, you beautiful lady!

We were off to dinner to refuel then, then back to the suite party, up in Dave & Stacy's room. I realized then: I was played out. I had a blood blister on my palm, a split fingertip and two strange bruises on the palm of my hand. I couldn't play again if I wanted to!

I'd promised Stacy that we would play, had set an appointment. Somehow, I managed to screw it up and completely miss the appointment. I felt like such a schmuck. I really like playing with Stacy, even though I've only done it once in November. She brushed up against me, reminding me of what I'd missed. So I turned to her and said, "You want to play now?" She nodded in agreement, but one bedroom was locked and the other was completely occupied. Tony was sitting on a chair in the middle of the living room, holding court. I politely asked him if he didn't mind moving. He obliged. Stacy was across my lap, grabbing the chair leg and the two of us went at it, me wailing on her lovely, lovely bottom as she squealed and moaned in such an appreciative way as to be hard to describe. It's very, very rewarding. She laughs, I laugh. It's so sweet. Reminded me of why we had such a good time in November. God, was a screw up that I'd missed that scene! But I think we made up for it (a bit!) with that fun scene in which we were the center of attention!

Dave then had an amazing, intense and brutal scene with Cat that had everyone in the room silent and rapt with attention. Damn. It was awesome. At the end, Dave--ever the gentleman--gave Cat a bottle of water. She tossed water onto him and he calmly, oh, so calmy, took her back to the spanking bench and wailed on her some more. Damn, Cat. Control!

Erica and John showed up. It was time to finish the party (for me!), and this after I had said I was done--before I played with Stacy! Now I was going at it one last time with the wonderful Erica. Back in the middle of the room, over my knee, and away we went, spanking, cursing, laughing. So fun and amazing and, well, painful--for me! I was p-l-a-y-e-d out!

A group of us split, heading back to Jada's room for a relaxing evening, just hanging out, rehashing our weekend. Before long, it was damn late! We all said goodbyes, a lump forming in my throat for some. I went back to my room and packed, feeling rather melancholy. The weekend was over. Gia popped in, grabbing some things again, before heading out for her last scene of the weekend. We talked about bookending our weekend with a spanking on her return, but she got back around 6 am, taking full advantage of the weekend festivities. I wasn't upset, I was thrilled! She had her busiest weekend ever at a play party and had an incredible weekend! I had a monumental weekend, full of self-discovery, amazing scenes, great friends, new friendships formed, some incredible lessons, some magnificent connections, wonderful intimacy, intense emotion and more. Thank you all for the great weekend. Jada: how many days to Shadow Lane???

* * *

Here we were, a group of like-minded individuals. Tired. Sore. Sore arms and hands as well as sore bottoms. Tears. Laughter. Pain. Reward. Joy. Connection.

I had some regrets this weekend. I never got a chance to play with Sass. Except for a light and fun scene with Kate, we never played privately. I want to play with Alona and unfortunately that never happened, either. I hope to get those done the next time we're all together...


  1. (big deep sigh from your 'Von strapped family')...

    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu
    Adieu, adieu, to hand, paddle and you-oooo...
    We're sad to go, we cannot tell a lie
    We flit, we float, a spanking makes us fly
    The party is put to bed and so we cry
    So long, farewell, til' Shadow Lane, goodbye
    Goodbye, ... goodbye, ... goodbye.

    Great report Craig! But drop sucks...

  2. I love the "Jada belt" comment:) I can't believe you don't remember that scene. It was short. It was just after court when I had locked myself out of my room, again, and was waiting to walk over to lunch to meet Indy who had my room key. I think it might have been 6 swats over shorts...just because you felt like it, and it sounded like a good idea to me , too.

    And it's only 83 days, 16 hours, and some change until Shadow Lane. Okay, so only doesn't really apply there because that seems like forever.

  3. you forgot to include me in for a "real scene"-you know, one where you are actually awake!

  4. Hard to know who that is, Anonymous, but I'm guessing Gen Sass?

  5. You've successfully reminded me, Jada. In my room, I'm changing clothes, getting ready to put on my belt. I kept looking at the belt then looking back at you and finally said, "Okay. Get up." I like those impromptu moments...

  6. There are always more parties, Zelle!

  7. Ohhh.. I know Craig! (grins).. Truth be known, .. I was just giving Erica a new song for her head.. I know she was so over that 'tie me kangaroo down' ditty.. hahahahaha!

  8. Thanks a LOT, Zelle! You're not helping! I'm still humming "Let me panties go loose, Lou." :-D

    Craig, your report was heartfelt and I could tell you had a spectacular weekend. Thank you for your part in mine. As I said on FetLife, you were my first and last scene at FMS and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

  9. Not getting a chance to "play with sass" was my fault. Thanks for understanding and please know that I do want that play date to happen! I'm sure it will at some date in the future.


  10. I'm sure it will! No worries, Sass!