Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Short Anecdote

I have been wanting to change my nickname on FetLife for some time. Originally someone had told me you couldn't. I did a very superficial dig on FL to see and it appeared that person was right. Either I didn't dig well or FL changed their rules, because I discovered at random the other day you can simply email FL and they will change your nickname anytime! So I did!

I started out as "Showman451" many moons ago when we first entered public play. "Showman" partially for what I do for a living and for the fact I like fire & wax, which are very "showy" and 451 because, well, Hotmail already had Showman1-23 taken and I didn't want to be Showman24, just seemed sooo CompuServe, so I chose 451 because it was from one of my favorite books growing up and because 451 degrees is the temperature paper spontaneously combusts, which also went back to Showman. A bit.

Over time I "migrated" to Craig Aych and felt over time the name name and the nickname got confusing, thus my desire to change.


I contacted FL to request the name change. I asked to please change my name to craigaych, thinking about logins and how they aren't case sensitive. I never once thought about capitalization in a D/s sort of way. So when I got a message from a fellow kinkster on FL saying, "So, I see you've gone from Showman451 to craigaych. Anything you want to tell me?" I had to reread the message a few times and said to myself, "Oh shit. I look like a sub now."

So I wrote to FL again and said, "Look, it's all my fault, but could you change my nickname again to CraigAych from craigaych?" They rapidly and politely made the change.

I got the usual autobot response that informed me the change had taken place, but I had also received an email from Matt in Tech Support over there at FL who notified me of the change and signed the email, "Happy Spanking!"

Which got me thinking: is this what Matt in Technical Support always replies? If so, isn't that a bit odd to send that to a bottom? Or someone into bondage? Then it started to eat at me. It was so contextually accurate. Did I know Matt? Did Matt know me? Know my profile? Even if you looked at my subscribed groups or my kinks you wouldn't necessarily know what I was mostly into.

So I leave you with this parting thought: FL staffers know all, see all.


  1. I just wrote Fetlife also about another matter, and I too got a "Happy Spanking" at the end of their response back to me.. AND I'm listed as a "bottom".. LOL

    I guess they might peruse our pages to see where we're commenting to see what we're into just so they can send a pleasant little 'blah blah' at the end of a note... who knows! LOL


  2. Sounds like just a generic reply then.


  3. I think it's a stock signature. It's playful and naughty, and sounds better than "Happy nipple torture" or "Happy inserting sounds into your urethra."

  4. ... geeze Erica.. my cranapple juice just went into orbit.. rofl.. at least offer up a spew alert ahead of funny posts like that! LOL

  5. Erica: Leave it to you to squick me out. Thanks for that!


  6. Hi. You have no idea who I am, but I stumbled across here and saw the fetlife name change thing. I got "Keep on spanking" (from Anthony) and I'm listed as a Kinkster; however, a read of my profile would most likely indicate that I'm a bottom... Don't know if this provides any clarity/support to your hypothesis. :)

  7. Beth:

    Welcome to the blog! Tell me, if you don't mind, how you "stumbled across" my little blog?

    As for your report, I've been getting the same from others, so I think it's just a standard farewell. So much for my conspiracy theory, eh?


  8. Thanks for the welcome. :) Honestly, I was just clicking on random links, so I can't really say for sure how I got here. I wish I could be more specific. I've been on a somewhat aimless adventure lately and apparently never learned not to talk to strangers.

    In regards to your conspiracy theory, as they say, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

  9. Well, hope you stay and continue reading, Beth!