Monday, August 2, 2010

Age Play: Diapers are for Babies. Real ones.

I was chatting online with a friend last night and we were talking about what squicked us out in terms of kink. First, she looked up the entomology of the word "squick" and found it was the result of a gross-out conversation in which the goal was to freak the other readers out. "Squick" is the sound a skull makes when you fuck it. Thus... Second, another brief diversion: I don't begrudge anyone for doing anything. Certainly I'm not one to throw stones. I'm as fucked up a kinko as the next person, but there are many things that squick me out. I'm not judging! So that out of the way...

So we were talking about what squicked us out. She told me a story about a bunch of guys she knew who would meet to intentionally try to freak the others out. They succeeded with Japanese Vomit Porn. Listen to me people: I never want to see those three words strung together in that manner ever again. EVER! We went back and forth on a few things and then hit on something that squicked us both out: age play.

Again, I'm not judging, I just don't get it. I've written before about being a little weirded out about my spanko friends who like the teacher/student dynamic. Doesn't work for me. Unless it's the Reform School at Stonehenge. Anyway... It got us talking about extreme age play, the grown diapers, giant cribs, poopy cleanings and, well... yuck!

I spent the first twenty years of my life running as fast as I could away from childhood. It was full of bullies, bad memories, injuries (my own), deaths (others) and occasional really wonderful family times. But I wanted to get to the girl part, the career part. The having fun part. The idea of regressing, of going backwards, of ending up back in diapers and then--of all things!--getting off on that. Well, good for you.

I kindly ask you keep it in your own playpen. I'll sit here and squick others out on the incredibly fucked up shit I like to do!


  1. Here I thought there would be more fiction, pffft! :D

    I love the title. I agree wholeheartedly with no desire to return to childhood. Some might find it cathartic, but I would find it rather traumatic.

  2. LOL! Well, perhaps they just had better childhoods than we did, eh, A'marie?

  3. Amen, amen, amen. Yeah, yeah, to each their own. It's not PC to say other kinks squick us. Too bad. Some kinks are squickier than others. Case in point: anything to do with poop or vomit. Or, for me, blood.

    I was a child once, and once was enough. I had one father, and I'm not searching for his replacement. I'm too freaking old to wear a schoolgirl uniform with white cotton granny panties underneath. And diapers may damn well be a reality in the distant future, who knows... but I sure as hell don't want to wear them now. I am a grown woman, and I never want to be anything else, even in fantasy.

    Side note: For whatever reason, I don't mind certain youthful phrases, like "young lady" or "baby." But don't expect me to call you "Daddy." I'll choke on it.

    I always thought "squick" was a hybrid of "squirm" and "ick."

  4. Thanks, Erica. I had no doubt you'd weigh in with an hoest assessment of my topic!

    And I THINK my friend got the definition from Urban Dictionary, but I'm not certain of that.


  5. Ugh.. 'age play'... ewwwwwwwww.. I can hardly write it without feeling 'squickly'. LOL

    Ditto everything Erica said.. and I won't clog up the space saying the same things another way. ;-)

    You just keep on keeping on with what you do here and we'll all be happy campers and not squicked out!


  6. I have an irrational fear of PVC/latex, does this count? Truth be told, a lot of things squick me.

    Four words: 2 Girls, 1 Cup. I've never seen it and I'm too scared to google it to find out what it really is, but it circulated around the internet as one of the most disgusting videos ever.

    I grew up relatively sheltered, and it never occurred to me until I'd been doing TTWD for a year or two that people do the things they do.

  7. Dear Beth Eisley:

    Thanks for your comments!

    I haven't Googled it either, believe it or not. I've told guys at the office I've checked it out, but I haven't.

    I hate to ask: what's TTWD?


  8. TTWD = This thing we do :) I'm all about the euphemisms.

  9. Oh, I see how a normal person would think acronym, but I actually intended to use "euphemisms." :) I was thinking about how I could never say or write the S-Word until I suddenly became a big kid. My girl friends and I used to come up with all sorts of different words/phrases to avoid saying "it."

  10. Okay, Beth Eisley. You win this time!