Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flash Fucktion: Tropical Torment

Hi, friends! Today's Flash Fucktion is dedicated to a dear friend who came up with the setting for this latest story.

Unlike EO: Moon of Jupiter this story has a twist. It's INTERACTIVE! See the poll to the right on the home page. Vote on where you want the story to go. The most votes after two days will take the story in that direction. Have fun!

The waves lapped up onto the white sand beach, a breeze cooling the humid, tropical heat. Jennifer walked down the path barefoot, watching the waves casually flop onto the sand. She came over a short hill and saw the bungalow on stilts, part of it in the water and part of it rooted in the sand. Nearly three walls of the bungalow were folded away, allowing the sea breeze to flow through the structure. Sheer white curtains fluttered around the natural wood walls. Jennifer got a tingle just seeing it.

She quickened her pace as she reached a gravel walk that a set of teak stairs that led to a platform that wrapped around the bungalow. She walked around to the ocean side and stepped into the bungalow, feeling the heat of the sun on the wood beneath her feet. She stepped onto the cream colored carpet and saw Marcus sitting on the bed, enjoying a piƱa colada.

Jennifer got a big grin on her face. “Marcus!” she said, smiling and running over to him. He jumped up and gave her a big hug, grabbing her bottom and lifting her into the air to kiss her. He set her down and held her away from him.

“You made it!” he said. “What do you think?” He motioned to the bungalow.

“It’s amazing!” she said, looking around the room, eying the platter of fresh tropical fruit on the coffee table and the beautiful Tahitian art in the room. She hugged him again. “How did you find such an isolated place?” she asked. “There’s nothing around for about a quarter mile!”

Marcus smiled. “The internet. You know.” She jumped onto the bed.

“I like it.”

“Good,” he said, setting the drink aside and revealing beneath a beach towel a set of implements lined up.

“What’s that?” she asked, looking over at the carefully lined up row of paddles, crops, canes and more.


  1. Oooh, beach blogging! Love the bungalow. can't wait to read more:)

  2. Thanks, Jada!

    And what do you think of the interactive component?


  3. I was always a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books:)

  4. Oh, and they had those Dungeons & Dragons books you could choose which direction to take, too!


  5. A'marie:

    You're a real pain the ass.