Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pimping Erica

In case you didn't know, Erica Scott has decided to finally port her blog over from that desolate wasteland known as MySpace to the all-gobbling Blogger domain. Click her name to take you to her new page, which she's updating with tasty tidbits to make it cooler and spiffier than her old, digitally-threadbare MySpace page.

Now, she'll glower at me and stamp her foot and do her trademark, "Oooooh!" at me over this, but I gotta tell you, I've been trying to get her to leave that early-2000s dung heap for over a year. I've suggested all sorts of things, from FetLife to Facbook, Blogger to...I didn't care, just get out of that bubblegum land of lame garage bands and feckless American Idolesque wannabes and move on to something, well, more relevant and grown-up. (No, Erica, I can't just be nice and pimp your blog, I gotta gloat, too!)

So, update your bookmarks, folks. Erica's moved from a scary strip mall in the low rent district of the interwebs to a cool, hip new part of town. Make sure you get a chance to visit!


  1. (snickering) Craig, darling, you wouldn't be YOU if you didn't give me some noise along with the pimping. Thank you! It's still quite the work in progress, but I'm pleased at how it's shaping up so far.

  2. I'm just happy you grabbed the digital U-Haul and headed out of town!

  3. You're such a good man to your friends Craig.. and don't worry darlin'.. I don't believe half the crap people whisper to me about you... Pimping Erica keeps you at the head of the queue no matter what they say...

    (((waves wildly to Erica like Horshack at the back of the room!)))

  4. Zelle:

    A year ago I would've asked, "Who's saying these things???!!!" Now, I just want to ignore you--that's an apt punishment, I'd say!


  5. OH Craig.. where's your sense of humor?

  6. damn! that's something only a sadist-- would do.. NOW STOP THAT! You're gonna give me a heart attack!

  7. Bravo, Craig! You succeeded where hundreds have failed.

    I love Erica's new blog.