Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tropical Torment: Part 2

“Stop gawking the place and get that ass over here!” Marcus said, playfully grabbing Jennifer by the arm and pulling her across his lap. “If there were people here, they’d be thrilled to see me OTK you, cutie!” She was across his lap in a flash and Marcus began with a flurry of swats across her lovely bottom. She sighed, more out of relaxation and finally getting what she so desperately wanted for so long.

Marcus finished warming her up and pulled out a tawse and started swatting her rear with it. He wasn’t fooling around. Jennifer realized this was going to be the start of an amazing weekend. Truly a weekend she’d been dreaming of for months and months. It was wonderful to get out of the cold of her East Coast environment and into this tranquil, amazing warmth—just as Marcus warmed her rear. She snapped back into focus. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as the tawse landed with a rather curt snap.

“Oh, don’t pretend it’s awful. You love it.” He really heated up her rear with the strappy tanned leather, then he set it aside and, without losing a beat, proceeded to smack her sweet spot on either cheek, really laying into it, making that line of flesh ultra-sensitive. He followed it up with a scratch of nails across the thin red line at the base of Jennifer’s cheek.

Marcus set the tawse aside and looked over his implements, wondering where to go next. He pulled out a small, short bamboo cane; perfect for OTK as it was only 14-inches long. He sat his left hand on the top of her behind, lining his fingers up with her tailbone and touched the cane to her bottom.

“Oooh!” she said, stamping her foot down on the carpet. She didn’t like the idea of this cane at all. She knew it all too well.

“Quiet, you,” Marcus said, his voice getting husky. He lined up his first stroke, tapping the cane against her panties, raised it up and…paused. “You know what?” he said, smiling, loving the mindfuck of the moment. “Why don’t you take off those panties. That would make this much better.”

“Dammit,” Jennifer said, getting up off his lap and noting casually he was aroused beneath his board shorts. She shimmied off her panties and went back across his lap. Though she dreaded that little spiteful cane, she really wanted to feel it’s sting across her cheeks.

Back across his lap, Marcus swung and hit hard, leaving the cane there where it landed and pressing it into her flesh. He pulled back and smacked it down in multiple strikes, raising red, angry welts horizontally across her rear. Jennifer grimaced and sucked up the pain, noting her own arousal as she did.


  1. Hummppph! Had I been Jennifer, I would have said, "Why don't you take them down yourself?" :-D Straps and a coconut? OK, I'm down with the former, but what on earth would he do with the latter?

  2. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he wants a mixed drink? :D That's the only good thing I can think of to do with a coconut.

  3. Girls, girls, girls! He's gonna make her hold that coconut between her knees so she stays still and doesn't kick while he's stuffing her talkative little self with sushi, and alternating between strapping and caning her.. and that was as plain as the nose on my face.

    roflmao... hahaha!


  4. Oh, Erica!

    Don't you know things are thrown into polls as herrings?


  5. A'marie:

    You vote for it, you'll see what he's going to DO with it!


  6. Dear Zelle:

    Thank you for your great idea Zelle! Strange I don't see a vote from you for strapping & coconuts!


  7. w00t! My vote is in... I just forgot to do that... ;-)

  8. What can I say but...
    "She put her knees roun' the coconut,
    He spanked 'em both up..."

  9. Nice, Zelle. Now I'm at work and I have that song stuck in my head!

  10. Oh, my pleasure Craig!

    You and Erica are so eas ..oops, I mean, impressionable .. (rofl)..

    > ducks flying objects!

  11. Oh, brother.

    Craig -- coconuts, figs and now herrings? What kind of hot mess are you cooking up over there?

    Doctah, is there something I can take,
    I say, DocTAHHHHH, to relieve this heinie-ache...

  12. Erica! C'mon! You know my food references!!!

  13. What's this I'm herring? I can't believe my ears.. LOLOL

    Craig, he bought a coconut,
    he bought it for a dame
    His blister near another one,
    says he's spanking pretty lame

    ((aaaaccckkk! I'm so crackin' up!))

  14. Good lord, Zelle.

    And by the way, it's Marcus' coconut, not mine.

  15. But Craig... it's just so much more fun to imagine it as your coconut.. (heehee)

  16. Geez, would you two quit milking this coconut thing?

  17. Ya know...... until the early part of the 20th century, coconuts were used as currency in many parts of the world. Ya think we could have Craig's character Jennifer, trade that coconut to old Marcus for something she wants?? ;-)

  18. Jeesus, Zelle. Just drop it already! ;-)

  19. I would like to take this moment to point out that the poll is over and figging won.

    I'm waiting! ;)