Friday, August 20, 2010

Tropical Torment: Part 3

Marcus gave Jennifer a few more sound strikes with the cane, leaving a trail of red lines across her bottom. This went on for a few minutes before Marcus could sense she was tensing up as the pain built up inside of her. He lined to strike again, swung harder than he had with the others and let fly, loosening his grip on the cane so it reverberated with a surprising vibration on Jennifer’s shapely butt. She grunted with the hit, taking it in.

Marcus set the cane aside and firmly massaged the spots where he had brought the cane down. He pressed hard into the tissue, open-palmed. Then he followed up with a gentle touch, moving his fingertips across the surface of her flesh, covering every millimeter of her bottom and continuing down her legs to her heels and back again, focusing his touch between her legs when he returned to her beautiful ass. She moaned in response to his touch, subtly pushing back toward his hand.

“Get up,” Marcus ordered and Jennifer did as she was told. “Put your hands on the edge of the bed, girl.” She silently placed her hands on the fine white linen and noted the shift of the sun to a more golden hue as the day turned to late afternoon. “Look forward. Do not look back,” Marcus said. She heard him moving things around and then smelled a strong, acidic odor that reached her nose by the light, breezy tradewinds. She heard a rhythmic shicking sound and Jennifer realized Marcus was cutting a bit of ginger root into a plug while she held position.

She wanted to look back to see what size he was forming the plug, but she didn’t dare. A couple minutes later he began to gently insert the generously lubed ginger plug into her. Gingering, she said to herself as she took it into her. It should be called ‘gingering’ not figging. This has nothing to do with a fig. Marcus rotated and worked the root until it was in position.

“There you go, girl,” Macus said, sounding satisfied with the results. He spanked her bottom open-handed on both cheeks, rapidly, and very, very hard to get Jennifer to clench. A hiss escaped her lips as the ginger did exactly what it was supposed to do. “Stay put.”

Marcus went over to his stash of implements, choosing a nasty little leather paddle, studded with tiny, knot-like ridges across its surface. He gently pressed it against her bottom so she could feel what was about to come. Jennifer tensed for a moment when she realized what implement Marcus had brought out. She hated this particular paddle but knew he wouldn’t go too far with it. She relaxed as the first of many well-modulated blows came down onto her cheeks. The ginger stayed firmly in place and Marcus was careful to avoid the root with the leather paddle. At the end of the smacks with this particular implement he dropped it to the luxurious carpet and then spanked her squarely on the root plug, thrusting it into her momentarily. “Ow!” Jennifer muttered.

“What was that, girl?” Marcus asked sounding annoyed.

“Nothing, honey,” she said, trying to sugarcoat the moment.

“Did you say, ‘ow’?” he inquired, his palm still pressed against the ginger root plug.

“Uh…I guess,” Jennifer replied.

“Did I give you permission to speak,” he asked toppily.

“You didn’t tell me not to speak!” Jennifer said with exaspiration.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to be talking to back, girl,” Marcus said, roughly pulling the ginger plug out and then shoving it back into her again. Jennifer squirmed in pleasure rather than pain and Marcus reached between her legs to stroke her sex.

“Perhaps you’re not taking this as seriously as I am,” he said, picking up the paddle off the carpet and returning to his implements to determine what would be her punishment for her noise. Before he did he turned back and bit her hard on her left cheek, leaving angry red teeth marks on her pale ass cheek.


  1. "Hush little baby, don't say a word"

    Hush. Hush. STFU, will ya! (heehee)

    Seems Marcus is channeling Hannibal Lecter. Nom nom nom. Whether facial or ass-ial biting does have it's perks. CHOMP! ;)

  2. Hrm. Well, I'm a biter, so there's a bit of me in Marcus, perhaps...

  3. Wait...Craig? You're a biter?

  4. Surprised! Astonished! Shocked!

    And...totally baiting you, Craig.

  5. Marcus is such a sadistic bastard.. ;-) - I think I like him. :-)

    bring on the strap and some soothing Coco Lopez for my 'tail' afterward..

  6. Lizzie:

    Bating me? In front of all these people???


  7. Zelle:

    Yeah, he seems a shady bastard, eh?

  8. Ol' Marcus just likes marking his territory.. mm mm mm .. he's dripping testosterone .. someone should really lick that mess up... just saying.

  9. "Lick that mess up"? Is that a euphemism and if not, is it a good thing?

  10. It's a "read between the lines" thing... and those are generally good.. and when they're bad.. they're better than good.. they're great!

  11. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. And I did parade about with some interesting marks in front of many of these people in Florida, so...

    Right, now that you mention it, Shadow Lane is quickly approaching. Perhaps I should reconsider this baiting.

  12. Marks??? Are you suggesting I might have left some marks on you, young lady?

    Yes, with SL so close, perhaps you SHOULD be a little more careful...

  13. I'm not suggesting, love. I'm saying!

    But now I'm being good, remember?