Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Science of Spanking

While Erica Scott and others wax on about the extended spanking sequence on last week's "The Office" on NBC, I was trolling the pages of Esquire magazine and discovered in the monthly sex column a piece on spanking.

The piece is rather well written and speaks for itself. (Click on the image to go straight to the article.)


  1. I have a comment. (Gee, what a surprise!) First, I will say that I suppose any mention of spanking in a vanilla magazine is a good thing, so yay. I wish the article were longer and a little less tongue-in-cheek (if you'll pardon the expression), but at least it isn't telling us that we're freaks.

    HOWEVER... to me, the article could be 20 pages and written by one of the most respected experts in our scene (an Eve Howard, say, or a Lady Green), and it wouldn't matter. That illustration kills it for me. No, not because it's F/M, although I don't like that either. Why the baby stuff???? My first reaction to that drawing, before I read a word, was to be majorly pissed off. I daresay most of us do NOT get spanked with pacifiers in our mouths and surrounded by infant paraphernalia.

  2. Erica: Titillation and fulfilling reader expectations, m'dear. That's all that matters. Not fact. Not the "boring" reality.

  3. I agree with Erica. Interesting article, TERRIBLE picture.


  4. Thanks for your opinion, Beth. I appreciate your comments.

  5. I didn't even notice the picture (because I'm not visual, Craig, really!).

    And then I got lost in the Esquire website for over an hour, reading about, of all things, men's fashion. Why is this interesting to me when women's fashion isn't?

  6. I couldn't tell you, but I read it for the men's fashion too. Is that weird?

  7. (late to the party again.. but unless something notifies me you blogged.. as usual.. I'm in the 'dark'.. not aMUSEd) LOL

    Instantly my eye caught the pic as I read the title and instantly I judged the book/article by it's cover/pic.. before I read it.

    Like Erica.. pics like that squick me out. What's so wrong with a mainstream OTK spanking pic to go with the 'off the cuff', borderline sarcastic article? The article TITLE alone .. is gonna be titillation for a reader in my opinion.


  8. Thanks for sharing, Zelle. I hear you...!