Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 1 - Thursday

Note: This is not a general report on the Labor Day Weekend party. Rather, this is my report of my experiences. Inevitably I will leave someone out, get things out of order, think I spanked one person when in fact I had spanked another. These weekends blur together into one dreamlike memory. My intent is not to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. Feel free to correct my recollection in your comments should I screw up.

Let me start by saying this year’s SL was very low-key. I’d heard in advance that it might be the largest. There seemed to be quite the head of steam building up for the event, particularly with the news that the FMS Beach Party was waning, at best, and that there hadn’t been a SL party earlier in the year it seemed this would be a blow-out. But all in all, no real blow out. That’s not to say it wasn’t fantastic. In fact, it was. Very much so. It seemed the theme was “quality over quantity” with many. It certainly was with me. The party felt mostly drama-free, which is nice yet seems sort of like a bullet was magically dodged.

Thursday began as vanilla as it could, taking my son to his first week of high school. Gia Belle, my wife, and I flew to Las Vegas, arriving at the hotel and unpacking in our two room suite we were sharing with our friends M & D (M being the husband, D being the wife), who were not showing up until late that night. Gia had a packed schedule and after a warm-up by yours truly in our room, was almost late to play with Brad and others and was quickly changed and out the door like a shot.

I met up Lizzie in her room. We’d talked via email off and on since FMS (if not before) about our next scene and we arranged a very intense, dark and brooding scene—something rather abnormal for anyone that knows me. I had purchased some new implements for a scene we’d planned for Friday and I wanted to test some of them, including a long, heavy, multi-holed aluminum paddle that was to play a prominent role in that Friday scene. I brought a cane I’d not traveled with before—a thick-ish rod more flat than round, which Lizzie felt could sting but could also be quite thuddy. Because of these multiple properties I dubbed it “canemore.” Lizzie came out of it long enough to say, “Wha…?” “I shall call it ‘canemore,’” I said. “Because it’s like a cane, and more.” We both laughed.

What was intense and what we had discussed a great deal down to the last motion of muscle was a scene with a lot of slapping, both bodily and in the face. This kind of harsh intensity is not something I do on any kind of regular basis. I have to know the bottom very well and understand where she is coming from before I even think of attempting such a scene. It was frightening and wonderful. I had a long, evil riding crop that I also used over the entire body and face. Lizzie responded with amazing writing, screams and cries. Delicious.

Afterward, it was suite party time and dinner. To be honest, I have to take notes to remember everything that happens over the weekend and my notes are fuzzy here. I know we ate with a small group. I know there was a suite party. But I was in some blurry top space and without any more notes than this, the evening is more or less a loss for me, memory-wise. Sorry foks. Hopefully others can fill in the blanks or I will addendum this first entry later.

M & D finally arrived very late, their flight delayed, missing the hotel shuttle. They ate at the hotel’s TGI Fridays probably around midnight. After the suite party I was shot, having got up early to take my son to school. I plopped down on the bed to read a magazine. I left the bedroom door open so I could hear M & D come in so I could say hi to our friends. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep and D was in my room, falling on the bed in an embrace as we said a proper D-fashion hello.

And then, with Gia out still playing, I fell asleep.

Tomorrow, the official start of the party, the vendor fair, my first take-down scene, tons of spanking, what that aluminum paddle was for and much more…


  1. Holy wow! You and Lizzy really intrigue me! Can't wait to hear more on that lil adventure!

    I love to read your write-ups Craig.. since it's rare I get the male perspective on parties, as not many men write about them, especially not as articulately. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Wow!! have you even left the hotel yet? LOL...just jealous of all the people who got to stay for sunday! LOL...I really felt like this one was huge and I kept just missing you! I mean it, I barely caught more than brief glimpses of you, Jada, Lizzy and Erica! the next time a creepy latin porcupine tries to ruin my scene, I'm just going to punch him in the face and we'll continue!



  3. It's true, Sarah!

    Not only did I hardly see you, but when I did spank you at Tom's suite party that foreign creepy guy with the soul patch came down and got in your face and practically scene killed.


  4. So how do you .. as a Top.. handle that scary dude with the soul patch?