Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 2 - Friday

Friday began with brunch at the Café down in the casino, a gamble unto itself. Would the food be cold? Arrive on time? Would the service be spotty? Nonexistent? Roll the dice. In this case, we must’ve rolled well; our meal was good and fairly fast. Met some new friends (Iggy and a gentleman who mysteriously informed us when asked where he was from we were told, “Europe.” Later, when reciting this story to a friend she said he had told her the same thing and when he asked her where she was from she said, “North America.” Ha!) and dined with regulars Jada, M & D and Lizzie, refueling for what would be a very busy day and night.

During breakfast we got to talking about scenes. I get rambly and a little scattered with little sleep and in a general state of quasi-top space all weekend. I sort of barfed out an idea that it would be cool if you got a bottom to top another bottom. The top would tell the bottom what to do. It would be a mindfuck for the bottom doing the topping—possibly even a little bit of erotic humiliation—and the bottom getting bottomed would be, well, topped by the bottom. You following me? I decided to coin the term “puppet topping.” We all got a laugh about this, but I got thinking about it more and more and now I’m interested in trying this out. What do you think? Someone must’ve done this, but I’m pretty sure I coined the term Puppet Topping.

With brunch done I was off to play with ChloeMichelle, my Australian friend I got to play with once in Atlantic City at the SSNY party. She’s an interesting one and was curious about some of my more BDSM-y implements, particularly the sensation play stuff, and so I tried it out with her. Results were good and though she was squirmy and a bit flustered We both appreciated the scene in the end, which was nice. I’d gladly play with her again anytime.

If you recall, I had blogged prior to the party that I was going to work my schedule at this party different from previous ones. I’d set very few things up, instead opting to take things as they happened and play it by ear, so I found myself with an open gap in my schedule . Of my friends I knew pretty much who were playing, so I thought I’d look Lizzie up to see what she was up to (yes…again!) and tried texting her. I thought she might have been hanging out in her room so after finishing with Chloe I walked down the hall to Lizzie’s room and knocked but there was no answer. Okay. She’s off playing, too. Awesome. I had no idea she had been napping and slept right through my knocking, but we got in touch with each other not long after and I came back to her room and gave her a proper OTK scene which, like many other things, begins to blur with so much of the party weekend. Suffice it to say, in checking my recollection with Lizzie, we’re both pretty sure it was a good scene.

Arriving back in our suite, D was there and I felt it was time to give my roommate a good spanking, too, pulling out an implement to give her a semi-quick but nice spanking in my bedroom. For how good our friendship is you’d think D and I would have played a lot, but aside from some quick, impromptu party scenes we really hadn’t played much at all, and this was certainly not going to be the scene that made up lost ground.

Soon it was time to get ready for the Vendor Fair. Gia and I got dressed and headed down to the ballroom. She had fun planned on her own with Russ and I had something special planned that was going to take up part of the Vendor Fair and my evening. Gia and I looked around at all the goodies (I’m not a spanking video nut, sorry folks) but I had regretted not getting a beautiful wood hairbrush-style paddle from Kitty last year, so when I got the chance at the Fair to pick one up, I did.

Soon, the object on my special scene arrived. Lizzie and I had been negotiating our evening for weeks, all the way down to our outfits. I was wearing a sort of BDSM-y collarless shiny black shirt (I think Brad called it a Goth BDSM shirt) and black slacks, while Lizzie wore a form-fitting white brocade corset that pushed her breasts up suggestively and a tiny pair of black leather shorts that zipped all the way around up the middle that looked like they were painted on. I knew what was to happen, as did she, but the timing had to be right. I saw her looking around the Vendor Fair with her friends and I paced around the ballroom like a caged animal, waiting to begin. When the time came, I snuck around a group of people standing around talking. We’d planned a takedown and it was time to do the job. Jumping around from behind a group I grabbed her harshly by the waist and lifted her off the ground (a decent trick given her 5’ 8” frame) and raising one leg lotus-style to support her waist whilst I spanked her leathered bottom about as hard and as fast as I could muster. Lizzie put her palms flat on the carpet of the ballroom while I wailed on her butt. A small group formed around us as I spanked her. A minute or two later I lifted her back into a standing position and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. It had been exactly what we had talked about. (Later I learned that KatyLynn’s boyfriend, who had never met me, thought I had been some random stranger assailant who had decided to just spank the holy hell out of Lizzie. He had to be nearly restrained to keep from pulling me off her!)

Soon I saw Erica and her boyfriend J wandering the ballroom and it wasn’t long before I had pulled out a chair at one of the tables and had Erica over my knee doing classic OTK for a group of appreciative admirers. It’s always lovely to get a chance to spank Erica’s beautiful bottom and a public spanking only makes the experience more enjoyable. I learned then that this was Erica’s first spanking of the party, a tradition I was more than pleased to continue.

It was time to continue my scene with Lizzie that began with the takedown, so off we went to her room. I pulled out a veritable arsenal of implements, toys and gear, laying them out on the hotel room table and a bathroom towel on the floor. I told Lizzie to go the ice machine and get buckets of ice and bring them to the bathroom sink. It took her three trips to fill the bathroom. Then, with a flourish, I pulled out the aluminum paddle I had tested on her the day before and had her push it into the sink of ice, immersing it totally.

Before long we began. I would never just have a scene like the one we had. It involved a lot of intense play, some serious psychological dominance and humiliation and a lot—a lot—of hand slapping. Body slapping, face and breast slapping, hair grabbing. It was intense and hot. I used my long black riding crop all over Lizzie, causing her to cry out in pain. We did a harsh strapping with both a wide and thin leather strap I got at Bizarre Bazaar last year and my 100-year old razor strap.

But it was the figging that put the scene over the top. Gia had asked if I was going to do a figging with Lizzie, which when asked was kind of random, but it had got me thinking… I had Lizzie prepare herself in a way that would intensify the sensation and I carved the fresh ginger in the room’s trashcan. She came back from the restroom and I applied the ginger, letting the sensation sink in. Then I went to the sink, pulling out the ice-covered metal paddle, so cold chips of ice clung to it. Without wiping it down or drying it off I came back and began spanking her mercilessly with the icy paddle, shrapnel of ice flying off the aluminum and ricocheting off the walls and Lizzie. It was really quite intense. And when I smacked the paddle across both cheeks, intentionally landing squarely on the ginger, Lizzie screamed.

We wrapped the scene up soon thereafter, but not before I had re-iced the paddle two more times. Lizzie was a trouper and took it all in stride. It was quite a scene. By then, the suite parties were in full swing and we got ready to head out when suddenly a knock at Lizzie’s door made us jump and we discovered Jada had arrived! What a treat! Jada wasn’t supposed to make it, having just started a new job. But in the end she made it, arriving to the hotel around 11 pm Friday night. We gave her huge hugs and she plopped face down onto the bed, exhausted from her long flight. I took the opportunity to jump on her, straddling her still clad in jeans from her trip, to smack her bottom with a rhythmic beat in time to the music playing in the room.

Soon we were off to Tom’s suite party. There we ran into Sarah and I had her across my lap on the sofa in no time. We would have had a not of fun had it not been for the creepy foreign dude with the soul patch (known hereafter as Soul Patch) leaning down into Sarah’s face and saying, “You are esqueeeezit!” only a few inches from her face. “Ew!” Sarah said. “Personal space!” And that scene killed the fun we’d been having. (It ends up I personally witnessed this cretin do this sort of thing no less than five times, including to Andy and Keith in a suite scene that ended with Andy lecturing the guy severely.)

Erica and I played in the back bedroom as others were playing around us. I finally got to meet Danny at the suite and his pretty girlfriend. I had spoken to B online, on my blog, and we talked about meeting at the Vendor Fair, but I missed her. We texted and I saw her and we met and talked. She was super nervous. Very on edge. She talked a lot, so nervous and fidgety. She almost didn't play. In the end, we did a quick OTK and I left, but I found her fascinating, interesting and intriguing. Not at all typical of the kind of women I meet or play with at these parties.

Things are fuzzy with my notes here, so I’ll wrap up Friday night. We ended up with a little impromptu party in our suite, hanging out, drinking wine and chatting, a small group of us. Thre were a few random spankings. We talked and talked. I spanked Lizzie on my bed and later, took sweet Ann in for a fun and lighthearted OTK.

Before I knew it it was 4 am. People went on their way to bed and I headed off to bed as well as Gia and D watched the sun rise chatting in the living room of our suite. The two best friends had much catching up to do…

An amazing first “official” party day to be sure…


  1. GEEZUS Craig! You do know how to make use of your time at a party, I'll give ya that! ROFLMAO!

    Criminy! That scene with Lizzie was something else! w00t! Way to hang in their Lizzie!

    Poor Sarah_Rocks having the Soul Patch jerk make for scene-us-interupt-us!! ewwwww is right! I hate when people do that.. and I've seen a lot of people that have no clue about scene etiquette! I'd have looked over my shoulder and told you .. "you can either deck him now for me, or I'll do it, and you can clean up the greasy spot later!" (chuckles)

    GREAT REPORT... but I expected no less! :-D

  2. Thanks for the note, Zelle!

    You're so sweet to write and promote my blog!

  3. Well of course I'd promote your blog Craig.. you own and travel with aluminum paddles you like to bury in ice! (heehee).. I'd promote you regardless of what evil concoctions you carry around with ya though.. just cause your so damned cute and interesting! ;-)

  4. As I said on my own blog, having you be my first scene of any party weekend feels so right. Thank you. :-)

  5. Oh... and ONLY because you asked what we think: Regarding making a bottom top another bottom. I am not comfortable with the idea of messing with someone's orientation, sexual or play-wise. Speaking just for myself (others may vary), telling me to top another bottom would be like telling you to kiss another man. Just... eww. However, I'll be interested in others' take on it.

  6. Erica:

    Thank you dear. It is my pleasure and my honor!


  7. Thanks, Erica!

    I can always trust you to give me your opinion! ;-)

  8. I didn't even think you would remember me. I'm glad you did. I had fun that night at your "...little impromptu party in our suite, hanging out." You all were a blast!

  9. Ann...

    Shame on you! Forget you? You're a doll! (Not literally)

    Thank you for letting me spank you. It was a treat.


  10. Aw, what a sweet thing to, say. Thanks. :)