Thursday, September 9, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 3 - Saturday Part 1

Like the last Harry Potter book being turned into a two-part movie, Saturday had so much happen I'm turning this blog entry into a two-parter as well...

After going to bed at 4 am I got up at 10, only to find Gia and D still up and talking in the living room of our suite! They'd watched the sun rise and decided to stay up. Went to breakfast and then headed up to the SSNY suite for their afternoon party. There I took Iggy(as opposed to Lizzie) aside and gave her a fun spanking there. She'd been grumbling about how scary I was, based on Erica's blog. Scary? Me? So to prove I was on okay guy I decided to give her some OTK to prove I wasn't so bad. DId it work? I don't think so. She called me "that scary top" all weekend and is now my moniker with her.

Before my scheduled fire scene with Carolyn I managed to squeeze in a caning with Lizzie in my suite. I pushed her against the window, pressing her breasts into the glass. I had her hands on a dining room chair, OTK and back on the chair. It was cane only and was fast but intense.

Soon, it was time for my fire play sessions. I had asked Erica and J to bring my fire and wax kit, since Gia and I were flying we couldn't bring the flammable materials (and potential "weapons" with us). Since last year's party I'd been talking to Carolyn about a fire scene at this year's SL party, so there was a lot of build-up. It got to be time for our "appointment" and I had decided to use the dining room table in our suite as the appropriate height platform to perform my scene, bringing a yoga mat to make it comfortable. I'd put down a huge disposable plastic tarp to collect the wax drippings and splatters and had tested the open flame to ensure I wasn't going to set off the fire alarm in the room. Imagine explaining that when security shows up with a nude woman on the dining room table! Ha!

Carolyn was running late, and Kate (of Michael & Kate) really wanted to try fireplay, so we did. With a small audience in the suite, Kate took off her clothes and laid face down on the tarp. I warned her not to move. Your fight-or-flight instinct kicks in when you're lit on fire and it takes everything in your being not to let your caveman instincts kick in the first time, but moving is, well, bad. So I laid down the alcohol on her spine and lit it. And she jumped and squirmed. Michael shouted in his best bear voice, "Hold STILL!" and I was trying to pat out the flame but she jerked around and I couldn't.

The process is quite simple. Swab on the alcohol, light a baton, touch the baton to the wet alcohol on the skin with one hand and swipe across the flame with the other hand, putting it out quickly. Repeat. You develop a rhythm. But that jerking burned Kate, just the tiniest of bits. But I'm a perfectionist to begin with and knowing I'd potentially hurt Kate was terrible. I get into a shitty headspace when I wrap, so you might imagine what I'd do with a burn. And I respect Michael and his skill so much, having him sit there watching is nerve-wracking enough, then burning his lovely bride...ugh!

I applied some antiseptic and shook it off, continuing to apply fire to her entire back, one small section at a time. When I was done with that, I continued with the wax, holding it high and dripping it on her lower back. A good wax scene alone can take over an hour to do a whole back and bottom and there just wasn't enough time. And since Kate was trying it out, I kept the area to a minimum and peeled it all way.

I looked at the minor burn and felt terrible, but sent her to relax with Michael on the sofa. Carolyn arrived, but I soon found she had skin lotion on (no perfume or lotion of any kind as it might be alcohol-based, which could be flammable). I told her she needed to shower first and she left. I guess I didn't hear her say never mind, because I waited and she didn't come back, so I texted Jada because I knew she wanted fire play. We'd talked about it almost as long as Carolyn and I had been talking about it and she showered and showed up with wet hair, which is smart, because it makes it less dangerous around flame. She remembered all my coaching about the scene! From nearly a year ago! I was very, very impressed.

Having found my rhythm and shook my nerves my fire & wax scene with Jada went a lot better. Jada undressed and climbed onto the dining room table and I lit her up and covered her lower back and upper bottom with wax. As I dripped the wax I heard her suck in her breath, really trying to handle the pain from the heat. I just kept saying to her, "Take it, you take it all in" as I dripped candle after candle of wax on her. She sucked it up. I was very proud of her.

Afterward, everyone was hanging out in the suite--Michael, Kate, John, Erica, Lizzie and Jada and M & D (Gia had gone to bed to get some much-needed rest after staying up all night with D). I had had the cane out from earlier and I was just standing around with nervous energy fidgeting with the cane. Lizzie was slouched on the sofa and I playfully smacked the top of her legs. Fully clothed in shoes, jeans and t-shirt, that one impromptu smack turned into one of the hottest scenes I've ever had. With everyone talking and sitting around I caned her upper legs as she sat there, caned her belly and breasts. I used the tip to hold her chin up to look at me. "Tell me you're a little exhibitionist," I ordered. She demurred. "No." I smacked her with the thick cane on her legs. "Tell me!" I ordered and she refused. This kept up for some time, with smacks on her arms, chest, abdomen and legs. I would repeatedly pull her chin up to look at me with the cane. Finally, exasperated, I launched into a very hard set of cane hits on the upper legs and ordered her, "Tell me you're a fucking exhibitionist!" She looked at me. Paused. "I'm a fucking exhibitionist." Damn.

Everyone left not long after and Gia was up. We all got ready for dinner


  1. The fully clothed cane scene, Craig...DAMN! That was the hottest scene of my weekend, for reasons I cannot even explain. The energy, the spectators, the cane...yummy. And the resulting welts and bruises were great too!

  2. Hey mean toppy guy,

    This Izzie girl sounds totally rocking! :)

    Gotta say the fire stuff sounds intriguing (but only as a spectator).

  3. I'm relieved to hear you didn't set off any alarms in your hotel suite, Craig. :)

    You know, I'm finding that Tops and/or Dominants (especially males) speaking of accomplishments, disappointments, frustrations, and WTF's upfront and so vividly is rare.

    To me, that IS the real world and to have the ~bolas~ to do so is really an accomplishment. So kudos to you.

    Even as a reader I'm reaching back into my memory and remembering scenes; good, bad, just plain awkward and finding commonalities, which is oddly calming.

    Thanks for letting those that didn't get to attend Shadowlane (like ME) feel a little of your adventure through your words.

  4. You rock 'scary top'!! (smiles).

    It's rare moment when a Top opens up and discusses when things just don't go as planned. That you did, and that you cared for the bottom, and cared to show that you are not perfect .. speaks volumes for you as a man, not just a Top in the scene. Bravo..

    Great write.. scene filled, and a happy ending. Love it! Now bring on part two! ;-)

    (..who's ultimate fantasy is to engage in fireplay.. *sighs*.. one day I'll be in the vicinity of an experienced Top for that.)

  5. Craig, darling, you're confused. Iggy is the girl you spanked. Izzie is the girl you soaked. ;-)

    Y'all will have to ask C what I mean by that...

  6. What? Iggy got 'all wet'?? Hmmm.. now the mind races... LOL

  7. Lizzie:

    I understand. I don't know why it was so hot either, but it was intense!


  8. Did I write Izzie? Jeez. Buffoon. I'll fix it now...

    (sheepishly heading off to edit...)


  9. Connie:

    Thank you so very much. Your words are extremely rewarding. That's sorta the mission of my blog: allow people (particularly women and/or bottoms) to get a top's-eye-view of my viewpoint.

    Wish you were there. It would have been a hoot!


  10. Zelle:

    Experience it if you're lucky! ;-)

    Thanks--as always, always, always-- for the kindest of words.


  11. Erica!

    i decided I wasn't going to tell that story!!



  12. oooops... I'm sorry. (sheepish myself, now) Shoulda asked. You can delete all the comments that pertain, if you want.

  13. I'm just kidding, I hope you know.

    What are you doing up so late anyway? Doesn't your coach turn into a pumpkin or something???