Friday, September 10, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 3 - Saturday Part 2

Continuing my Saturday description from yesterday...

Gia and I headed down to the dinner dance, her in a beautiful chiffon lace number that was part kink and part retro, the perfect dress for SL's Mad Men theme. I wore a black thin lapel suit with thin black leather tie I borrowed at Gia's urging, a white linen pocket square and black slacks. We dined with friends including Michael & Kate, and soon the music was blaring. I chatted briefly with Lizzie and Jada. Lizzie wasn't having the best of nights and I was worried about her. She looked absolutely enticing in a light yellow dress that worked so perfectly with her alabaster skin. Jada was also quite stunning in a retro dress and headband. Somehow she magically reworked her hair to somehow end up looking like Michael J. Fox's young hot version of his mom in Back to the Future. Erica came in with J wearing this thin horizontal stripe dress that looked like it was painted on.

Gia and I danced to her favorite song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. A slow number came on and I took Lizzie onto the dance floor. It was a wonderful dance, with a lot of long eye gazes and me making dastardly threats in her ear. Jada and I danced, too, a sweet number. Erica and I also danced a slow dance, catching up, talking about our party experiences like two old warriors reliving great battles. Gia and I danced again, laughing and spinning and having a great time.

Before we knew it, it was well after 10 pm and we quickly got ready to go, but before we did Russ took Gia over his knee and spanked her, while Soul Patch showed up again (ugh!) asking Russ if he could join in and spank her too. I couldn't hear what he said, but I saw him shake his head vehemently. After, Gia and I went back to our suite to change and head out to play.

On the way to play we ran into Carolyn who proudly presented to me my own giant rice paddle. If any of you remember last year's SL Party Report, in which I spanked Carolyn, Gia and others for Carolyn's birthday with a 36" long rice paddle she'd picked up at a Chinese kitchen supply store for $4.99. It was hilarious, so I was flabbergasted when she showed up--one year later--with another of the rice paddles, just for me!

At Tom's suite party I grabbed Erica and took her into a bedroom to play, with Miss Chris doing a cane scene on the bed next to us. Erica was kicking and thrashing and practically tripped Miss Chris! I hollered at erica, smacking her for nearly tripping Miss Chris (or so I said) and Miss jumped in with a few appropriate words of her own. Fun! Of course, she didn't let me get that rice paddle anywhere near her!

Soon thereafter Danny brought D into to play with her and she wanted for some reason for Erica and I to follow. We went in, and when Danny flipped up D's skirt he cracked up when he saw her panties read, "I'm not Erica!!!" Erica and I laughed and laughed, too!

Lizzie didn't show up at the suite party and I went down the hall to check up on her. We chatted a bit and finally I instructed her to go to bed--she seemed very tired. She got ready for bed and climbed in, me quickly tucking her in turning out the lights. Going back down the hall to the suite party I discovered Jada fading fast (they both had gotten up early to catch up with one another) and so I was back in Lizzie's room in no time, tucking Jada in and kissing her on the forehead. Lizzie wasn't asleep, so I went around to her side of the bed and scolded her severely--a brief but fun verbal scene, if I do say so myself.

Having finished with those two I went back to the party. Iggy was there, calling me "scary top" again, and I teased her a bit. I found Carolyn there and grabbed her to spank her, but when we went into the other bedroom we found a man lying on the bed, relaxing. We asked him to move, but stated he didn't care to. Frustrated, Carolyn chose then to lie sideways across him so I could spank her. Odd, to be certain. How annoying is that? There's no room to play and this guy doesn't even bother to get up! Every time I spanked her, she sort of dug her elbows into the dude's back, hoping he'd get the hint. Eventually he gave, getting up and relinquishing the bed to us, where I finished her off with her own rice paddle gift!

Though it was late at this point I was restless, wanting to play, but the parties were winding down. Just then I got a text from B. Was I interested in playing again? I knew she didn't play publicly, so I was off to her room and once again she was an utterly nervous nelly, fidgeting and yakking up a storm. Again, I wasn't sure why I was there, but I plopped down on the bed and ordered her across my lap. Eventually she obliged. She was soooo nervous and kept saying, "I don't know why I'm like this! I'm normally nothing like this! You must think I'm a complete nutcase!" I didn't, but wasn't sure why she was at SL if she wasn't intending on playing. I was patient, but thought it was interesting that she brought out this odd new side to me, something akin to a Spock sort of seriousness combined with my usual utter frankness and honestly. She found this completely toppy in a way that worked perfectly for her. How did I know this? I have no clue. I just sort of sussed it on the spot, a chemical reaction?

Over my lap I spanked her bare bottom and was really getting into it, even though she said, "medium" in terms of how hard I would spank her. She started kicking and I told her I wasn't going to put up with that and would slap the back of her legs if she did it again. Well, she did. Again and again and again. And each time, I'd smack both legs, hard, then go back to spanking her bottom. A short time later, we were done and I hugged her goodnight and headed on my way. (It wasn't until a few days later that I learned the back of her legs were bruised. Well, can't say I didn't warn her!)

Ran into Erica in the hallway heading off to bed, a loopy, headspacy kind of drunk (no alcohol involved). Before much longer I was pouring myself into bed, the official end of Shadow Lane behind us all. Fortunately for us, we weren't to head out of town until Monday, a full extra day of fun and play ahead of us.


  1. People went to bed at Shadowlane? *looks shocked*

    I swear, this Izzy girl sounds so smart. I wish I had met her! *wink*

  2. bwahahaha Iggy I was just going to comment that he had your nick wrong!! AND Craig...I have no idea what night it was, but I did rather enjoy that rice paddle in the hall! I think it was Saturday night! oh yea! and we danced together too!

    I think this is the first party where the nights and days events have completely run together for me, I hardly remember what was when, I don't know how you do it!!


  3. Iggy:

    Fuck me! Did I do it again??? (rapidly searching text...)


  4. Sarah:

    I put a disclaimer at the top of the first entry! I suck at memory after these things--and I take copious notes!

    Yes, we did dance--and it was lovely. Yes, I did smack you with the rice paddle in the hallway. It's all rather a blur, and not because of you and not because you're not memorable, you know that, right?

    Pardon me. Honestly.


  5. Iggy:

    Better now??? (I'm so embarrassed)


  6. Hmm... Interesting to read. In my defense, 5 years. I think that kind of speaks for itself.


  7. You don't need to be defensive, Beth. It's all good...

  8. Poor choice of words on my part. I wasn't being defensive in that way. I was kind of joking.