Sunday, September 12, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 4 - Sunday

We went to breakfast at the Cafe Sienna in the casino lobby, sitting next to Danny and Sophie, Mir and Erica and J at the next table. Somehow, they all got situated after we did, yet got served first. We waited 90 minutes for breakfast and the servers were incredibly rude. I asked at one point where our food was and the server actually put her hand up to me and dismissed me. Poor Jada didn't get her food for about 15 minutes after the 90 minutes and was the last one served! So when we finally left, some two hours and 15 minutes later, I tore a dollar bill in half and left it on the table. (I didn't want her to think I was just cheap!)

Soon, it was time for CP Court. If you haven't seen or been, Strict Dave comes in judges robes and takes accusations all party for trial cases, hears both sides of the story (to much humor and entertainment, typically) and then gives his sentencing (typically swats for the bottom there on the spot and "personal service" if the top is found guilty). I was a little late and missed that Gia had brought me up on charges (sheesh! ;-) ) but Strict Dave was "polite" enough to move it on the docket. When I arrived, I got called as a witness as Kate had brought Carolyn up on charges for missing our fire scene. It was a fun one and Carolyn was found guilty and got swatted.

Next, D brought me up on charges for not living up to my promises. She says I had told her that since she was curious in my arsenal of BDSM implements I would try them all on her, but when we had played briefly, had only used one. She misrepresented the situation, however. That scene was just a quick, playful one. I was planning on using the implements on her later. I played it all up for yuks, but in the end I was "punished" with 15 minutes of personal service and a requirement to use at least six implements on her. (In the end, we played for over 45 minutes and I used almost three dozen implements, I believe.)

Gia's charges came up and she informed the packed "court" that I had caused trauma when I texted my business partner accidentally that I would be spanking him in 24 hours. You can read about my embarrassment here. She also mentioned I had been texting while driving and had been texting Lizzie during my 26th anniversary dinner (she failed to mention she had also been texting Russ!). When the judge turned to me and asked me my side of story I pleaded the fifth. There was nothing I could do or say. I was caught dead to rights. Plus, I'd already blogged about the thing. I was found guilty and ordered personal service (again!). (I look forward to doing my personal service, BTW!)

Afterward, it was time for my scene with Jada. There was some serious mind-fuckery prior. After the figging with Lizzie I had left an uncarved hunk of ginger on the hotel room table in the room she and Jada shared, so Jada could see it and ponder for a day or two. She had. By the time our scene began she was in a very nervous place. I moved her to the bed, swatting her bottom some more. Finally, we finished off with the ginger--her first time--and I was rather ruthless, but she did great. The scene finished fantastically. It was quite rewarding actually, her stoic nature turning into a really cathartic scene. During aftercare we chatted and just enjoyed one another's company for a bit.

Before too long, it was about time for M & D to leave for the airport, and a group of us went to the Mexican restaurant to see them off. Russ, Missy, Erica, J, Danny, Sophie, Gia, M & D, Jada and Lizzie were all there, along with Ann and a few others if I recall. We had a fun meal, with Gia and D bonding before bidding one another a tough farewell. They are truly soul sisters and parting at the end of a party is always hard for the two. I always feel so poorly for them. It was fun getting some time to know Danny just a little bit better, too.

At the SSNY Atlantic City party Lizzie and I discovered a cool new spanking position: standing. I know, I know--you all probably know this, but it was a new revelation to us. So we ended up in her room doing our "tradition" of a standing spanking, which was fun.

We ended up at one of the suite parties again and I saw Erica there, so I took her to the master bedroom to play, but the bed was completely full, when someone said we could go off to the bathroom. Shrugging, we went in to discover a huge marble bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows. There was something hot about spanking Erica with the bathroom lights on and the twinkling lights of Vegas in the background, thinking that maybe people could see us from below. After a great OTK on the corner of the sunken bathtub we did aftercare and chatted for a bit. It was a really pleasant scene in an odd place.

Wandering around as the party was sort of petering out early, I went "scouting" for a new party to play at and was surprised to see that things were winding down early all over. It had been sort of a sedate Shadowlane, and Sunday was more so. Ended up in Russ and Missy's suite with Gia (I think--it's all fuzzy) and Missy and I decided to go play. We had a wonderful, fun, hilarious, enriching scene in M & D's bedroom. I got in her head and she, in a funny way, got into mine. She really was pissing me off. She would move and wiggle in such a way that it lessened my swats on her bottom. If she thought I was aiming for her sweet spot, she'd turn to that side so her bottom went down, reducing the impact. I was impressed and irritated that she had figured out the physics of the scene and was working--almost like from an engineering perspective--on reducing the blows. I threatened her. I moved around to try to reduce her ability to move. In the end, it was a combination of the two, plus some serious swats to the legs in punishment, that got her to hold still. I finished with five bitter swats on her sweet spot, hitting so hard (after she had requested a "medium" scene) that it brought up two small but vicious red welts there.

What a fantastic girl. Great first scene. I loved she got in my head and I got into hers. I'd play with her again any day, any time, any way.

But I've got a somewhat embarrassing story here. Gia and I planned to have a little impromptu party in the suite for around midnight. I thought Missy and I had plenty of time when we started around 11:15, but we talked for some time, getting to know each other, and during aftercare it was getting very close to midnight. I carried a wooden paddle from Kitty in one pants pocket and my iPhone in the other, and I took them both out to not dig into Missy's side during OTK. But as it got closer to midnight I kept feeling the phone right at my side on the bed. I knew it was friends wanting to know when the party was starting, and I didn't want to interrupt the conversation with Missy over my lap during aftercare, so I surreptitiously picked up the phone to quickly text everyone to be at the room after 12:15.

Unbeknownst to me, sharp-eyed Missy had seen me texting in the reflection of the painting over the bed and called me on it the next day. UGH! I was so embarrassed! I didn't want her to think our scene didn't matter to me, but I felt I needed to let everyone know what was going on and the party start time was running late. I felt like a schmuck.

The party began and Erica, J, Phineous, Dave & Stacy, Kate & Michael, Gia, John (of Bon Jovi-style fame), Brad, Lizzie, Jada, Aurora and a few others ended up in our suite. We chatted, swatted, while Phineous and Gia did florentine flogging in the next room, turning Kate into Jell-O. (Phineous had already flogged Erica and turned her to mush in J's arms, ending her weekend on a relaxing note.) Brad had had a terrible day and he and Gia went off to play at one point and I'm certain Gia lifted his spirits, as did Lizzie (and I think Jada, too, but I'm not certain about that).

It was fun hanging with friends, chatting, playing a bit. By around 3 am everyone was spent and went off to bed. The weekend was rapidly coming to an end.


  1. What a GREAT summary of our play time, Craig! I was relieved to know you weren't quite as pissed off as you seemed. :)

    And, for the record, I thought the slick iPhone attempt was hysterical. If I had known it would make you feel bad I wouldn't have said anything. Honest. :)


  2. Missy:

    Many bottoms take great pleasure in pointing out the faults and foibles of their tops. I know it provides hours of entertainment for my readers and friends--so why not join in on the fun, eh?


  3. "Faults n' Foibles"... sounds like a nice little spanking Fable to read before bed.


  4. Perhaps you should write one, Zelle, hmmm?