Sunday, September 12, 2010

SL Party Report: Day 5 - Monday

We got up Monday morning, Gia quickly changing to head out to play as I got ready to go down to say goodbye to Jada who was heading out to the airport before noon. It was hard to say goodbye to my good friend. She's off on a 14 month tour, traveling for her business and missing many potential parties that may come along. I realized it was the last time I'd see her for some time, so saying goodbye was tough.

Once she left Lizzie and I had a quick final scene of OTK and once again I realized I was saying goodbye to a dear friend I wouldn't see for some time. The next weekend party isn't for more than seven months (SSNY's AC party in April) and I had a hard time imagining not seeing and playing with two ladies that I have such a special bond with. Ugh.

I went back to our suite and Gia and I finished packing, Russ & Missy stopping by to pick up a few implements left behind for them. We talked for a bit (that's when I learned Missy knew of my iPhone texting transgression the night before!), enjoying an opportunity to bond and chat.

Gia and I were in the taxi on the way to the airport, our phones buzzing and ringing with texts coming from friends we were already missing, sending messages to play partners, friends and new friends we'd just met over the weekend.

Arriving home from a party is always bittersweet. It's always wonderful to get home and back to our own bed and our own lives, but at the same time, it signifies the end of all that build-up, anticipation, planning, energy and activity.

To all my new friends: great to meet you and get to know you all (Danny, Iggy, Ann, B, Missy, Russ, others) and to all my favorite friends, comrades and play partners (Michael & Kate, Erica, J, Dave & Stacy, Brad, M & D, Jada, Lizzie, Katy-Lynn, Carolyn, John, Phineous and so many others) -- great to see you and I miss you all already.

Until next time...


  1. Really enjoyed these write-ups, thanks for sharing. It was wonderful meeting you, Scary Top!

  2. Awesome writeup of the party, Craig. I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with you and it was just as hard for me to say goodbye. Hard to believe that was only a week ago.

  3. 7 months??? Yikes Stripes!(no stripes!) I can't even fathom waiting that long now that I've sampled the spanko debauchery of FMS and CCM! The withdrawal would surely kill me. LOL

  4. Jada:

    Yup, the feeling is mutual, m'dear.


  5. Zelle:

    Yes! Why do you think I'm so depressed!