Thursday, September 16, 2010

SL Report Clarifications

I got into it a bit on FL with some random guy who called me out for posting my report and using names and describing events that he felt should be private. I asked him who the hell he thought he was and reported I seek clearance from all involved, if hadn't received a prior or tacit approval from someone. I was pleasantly surprised when a bunch of the wonderful women I play with (and wrote about) jumped in to my defense. That was very thoughtful and I very much appreciated the support. To be randomly attacked (and "attacked" is a bit overdramatic if I do say so myself) seemed so strange.

So just to clarify, I don't just write shit about people without their prior approval. Period. If I've ever fucked that up, someone has told me and I fixed it.

On another note, on my Sunday SL Report I said the following:

"Ended up in Russ and Missy's suite with Gia (I think--it's all fuzzy) and Missy and I decided to go play. We had a wonderful, fun, hilarious, enriching scene in M & D's bedroom. I got in her head and she, in a funny way, got into mine. She really was pissing me off. She would move and wiggle in such a way that it lessened my swats on her bottom. If she thought I was aiming for her sweet spot, she'd turn to that side so her bottom went down, reducing the impact. I was impressed and irritated that she had figured out the physics of the scene and was working--almost like from an engineering perspective--on reducing the blows. I threatened her. I moved around to try to reduce her ability to move. In the end, it was a combination of the two, plus some serious swats to the legs in punishment, that got her to hold still. I finished with five bitter swats on her sweet spot, hitting so hard (after she had requested a "medium" scene) that it brought up two small but vicious red welts there."

I think what I wrote could have been misread, and I want to clarify. I did come off a bit like I had done whatever I felt like, regardless of the communication of what Missy had told me she was looking for at the start of our scene (a "medium" scene). It may have read like I was coming off as boastful that I had ignored her request and had done whatever I wanted. That is not the case. I pushed her, yes, but I also checked in continuously throughout the scene to make sure what was happening was meeting with her approval and satisfaction. I would never arbitrarily go beyond what both players in the scene want, and when I have my mistake, accident or overzealousness, I've always gone out of my way to rectify the situation either at the time or after the fact. I certainly feel I've earned the trust of those I play with, and I'm under the impression that does not come from me just idly playing at my whim, ignoring those I scene with.

I respect everyone I play with and want to ensure that each experience is giving her what she needs. Always.