Friday, September 3, 2010

Steampunk Sex Toys & Teledildonics

For all my fellow scifi and fantasy friends out there check out this from Wired Magazine's online Gadget Lab: a steampunk sex toy. I'd like to try that out with my new post-apocalyptic Bioshock-style gas mask!

(click the image to read the article and see more photos)

Of course, that's nothing compared to teledildonics. What's teledildonics? Basically, it's a remotely operated sex toy, generally attached to a computer for virtual sex with another person somewhere else. Sorta like Apple's FaceTime but with a lot more bodily fluids. Sort of the "next-gen" online sex idea, the notion of teledildonics has been around since its first reference in the mid-70s. Well, it seems teledildonics is no longer just science fiction or a nascent technology notion, it's coming to the Wii. Click here to read more.

Imagine the possibilities...


  1. Nice!!! I concur, A'marie! I should've guessed you would've liked this one.

  2. These are cool! I think these are the new stuff that has been in the market today.

  3. oh my god! I may be a dork but I think these look fun as hell and wanna give them a whirl...