Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Various Funny Bits

A month or so ago I told you all about a book on Amazon called "The Art of Spanking." In that blog I mentioned an artist in my company told me about it. As I was passing through the design studio the other day the artist calls from across the room, "Hey, Craig! I brought in 'The Art of Spanking' if you want to see it!" A few heads popped up from their drawing boards and computers to look at me with an odd expression. Between the errant text to my business partner I reported in my blog before Shadow Lane and this, I feel somehow the erosion of my vanilla cover bit by bit. Argh.

On a similar note, I was at the gym tonight on the incline trainer and a woman comes in across from me wearing the shirt in the photo (obviously the man in the photo isn't her, but that's what Google image search is for, isn't it?). The saying isn't new, it just caught me off guard.

Oh, by the way, the Flash Fucktion hasn't been forgotten. It's coming back soon!


  1. I'm tellin' you, I bet some of the people you work with are into it. :-D But yeah, probably not the best idea to ask.

    Thing is, since the spanko stuff is always on our minds, we have a reaction to these comments that are tossed out, and think everyone else may fixate on them too and wonder. But they don't. They don't have our wiring.

    I can't say for sure, but I have a theory -- anyone who wears a spanking/S&M-themed t-shirt in public is as vanilla as they come. It's pure titillation for them.

  2. I was thinking mostly the same thing, Erica.

    With the t-shirt lady at the gym I figure for her it's more Monty Python-eque banter than anything.

  3. I wear some fun T-shirts like that... mostly just to see the reaction of the guys at my gym. LOL - It's kinda fun when they pass ya from one machine to the other and say.. "Did you buy that T-shirt, or did someone give it to you?" .. I usually like to give em' some fun wisecrack back and I'll say.. "Ohhhh.. someone gave it to me alright... lol .. does that answer your question?" (heehee).. god I love messin' with vanillas (lol) .. and every now and again.. you meet someone that says.. "I saw that shirt on a pic on Fetlife!"