Monday, October 18, 2010

Flash Fucktion - Tropical Torment: Part 5

(Okay, honestly? I didn't realize it had been since August 26 since I'd put in a chapter to this Flash Fucktion. I'm a little cheesed at myself it's been this long, but I gotta you friends that I have just been crazy busy with stuff at work, stuff at home, business travel... It's been a little nuts and leaves me very little time to think about other stuff, let alone write some wanko spanko fiction. If you want to catch up, we left off on Part 4, Marcus was starting to paddle Jennifer's bottom with an iced metal paddle.

Also, if you haven't been following along, I've made the story interactive, polling you friends to vote on what happens next, a bit like those old "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" stories--only with spanking and figging and things. I don't seem to remember that happening in those Dungeons & Dragons choose-your-own-adventure paperbacks I used to have as a kid. The winning vote for this chapter? "Strap her firm bottom" edged out "Get out the Ben Gay.")

Marcus paddled her bottom with the long aluminum paddle, lined with holes. He'd kept the paddle in an ice bucket all afternoon as he (and it) waited for Jennifer to arrive to the beachside bungalow. Pulling the paddle from the ice bucket the metal had grown so cold that shards of ice clung to it. Marcus imagined the metal would react this way to the cold and he had envisioned not cleaning off the ice, so when he grabbed the paddle and saw it this way it made him smile sadistically. Without wiping it off, he went to the bed, swung the paddle through the air and struck Jennifer soundly on the bottom. It connected hard. Chips of ice flew off the paddle and skittered off Jennifer's naked body. Between the connection of the paddle and the icy hot nature of the metal, her bottom felt like it was burning, the pieces of ice feeling like pinpricks on her warm skin. Ice tick-tick-ticked on the walls, some dropping onto the bed to melt unnoticed in the tropical air. Marcus held he paddle there for a moment, allowing the cold to sear into her skin.

"Oh my GOD!" Jennifer screamed.

"Shhhh," Marcus said, pulling the paddle away and looking at the long red mark across both her cheeks. He did not rub it out. He didn't want to warm her skin. "Only nine more."

"NINE?!" Jennifer spun to look at him, her eyes full of alarm.

"Yes. Relax. It's only frozen water."

Before she could react or respond, he smacked her again, full-on. The paddle made an odd hum sound with each blow, a sort of kinky tuning fork. Bits of ice clung to her bottom, melting slowly, dripping down each leg. One bit clung between in her crack, the icy water dripping down to her anus where it mingled with the remnants of the ginger, creating even more sensation.

He swung again. And again. Slowly, the paddle warmed up as Jennifer's buttocks became more acclimated to the cold. Marcus varied the intensity a bit, but it was harsh. Very harsh. Droplets of water splattered onto Jennifer's body as the paddle warmed. "Ten!" Marcus announced.

"That was nine," Jennifer corrected, her voice barely a whisper.


"That was only nine, Marcus."

"Fuck! I was done!"

"I was counting--in case you asked."

"You don't get a tenth one, girl. This was going to be the last bit before I took care of you, but now you've really pissed me off." She looked up at him, eyes searching his face. She caught the curl of a sly grin on the edge of his mouth.

He untied her arms, helping up into a doggie-style position. "Present!" Marcus ordered, and Jennifer arched her back and raised her bottom into the air. Marcus ripped his belt off and Jennifer got a shiver when she heard the leather flack, flack, flack, flack of his belt as it pulled through the belt loops. He looped the belt in his hand and without pause or warning proceeded to strap her bottom with great, wide arcs of his arm, landing almost in the exact same spot every time, right across the red marks from the icy metal paddle.

Jennifer began to squirm as the pain increased, but Marcus didn't let up. She got to the breaking point and he stopped mid-stroke, dropping the belt suddenly to the floor and finishing his swing with his hand, his palm smacking her flesh in a quick switch-up that surprised Jennifer. He then leaned in and gently rubbed, warming her skin.


  1. "tick-tick-ticked"

    "flack, flack, flack, flack"

    OMG! Those are EXACTLY the same sounds my washing machine is making RIGHT NOW.

    "It's only frozen water"

    It's only frozen water if you are talking to a penguin.

    Enough said. ;)

  2. Washing machine??? Hmm. Could you rig a paddle to the motor on a washing machine....

  3. It's about time. :D

    I'm of the opinion there is no sexier sound then a belt being pulled out of its loops.

  4. Did I represent that sound alright for your fantasy, A'marie?

  5. Pretty close. You might need to elaborate more in your next story...