Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jim Never Has A Second Cup At Home...

For my regular readers, you know how much I like to post silly pictures and things I find on my travels that work great for double-entendres and the like--particularly when they are nasty or fetish related. You may recall the billboard I saw in Beirut featuring a man about to get whipped by two lovely women. Or this one from London. And another, this one also in the UK.

So it should come as no surprise that on this trip I once again discovered something rather amusing. I'm in South America at the moment, waaaay down near the Equator and a group of us were enjoying cappuccinos at a cafe that featured "cappuccino art"--you know, those designs they make in the crema at the top of the cup? Well, the young man at the espresso machine made a lovely flower. I asked my female colleague to turn the cup so I could have the logo in the photo. But when I snapped the pic, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a foamy dick and balls! You don't think the barista did it on purpose, do you???


  1. LOL!! I don't know what makes me laugh more -- that picture, or the vintage commercial reference! (From "Airplane" -- "Jim never vomits at home!")

  2. Ha! Thanks, Erica! I knew you'd appreciate the "vintage" (just from my childhood thankyouverymuch!) ad reference!

  3. Sooooo, um,... which side did she sip from?