Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's with the LA Spanking Scene?

Every major metropolitan city (well, I know that's an overstatement but who cares?) has an active spanking scene. Except LA. You'd think being on the "left coast" with our granola-crunching, filling-the-jacuzzi-with-Perrier-and-bobbing-for-Ecstacy selves so open to new things and all kinds of seemingly rational weirdness that there would be an active spanking scene here. But there really isn't.

There's been pockets of a spanking scene: a small bedroom group in the O.C., another home-based group in Hollywood--now defunct. What gives? I have a hunch if some organized person (like those who run SSNY, SL, others) rose up in Los Angeles and said, "I'm a spanko and I'm looking to see who else wants to join me!" there'd be a loud shout on FL and elsewhere saying, "I'm interested in a group like that. I want to participate!"

In the meantime, I remain perplexed...

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