Friday, November 5, 2010

Flash Fucktion: The End of the Tropics

I should have seen it coming. After a good spanking, all Jennifer and Marcus wanted was a good fucking. Thanks to all of you who voted. Burying the Baby Leg was the clear winner. But...this isn't a porn blog or just a fuck fiction story site. The for Flash Fucktion was twofold: 1.) Create an interactive storytelling device easily consumed in bite-sized chunks, and b.) Create some filler (to be honest) when I couldn't think of anything else to say.

So we did that.

And it's done.

I'm happy to do another Flash Fucktion. I liked writing it, but the scene just sort of petered out (no pun intended) and again, to be honest, I took too damn long. The energy was lost. The continuity from chapter to chapter dissipated. Not you. Me.

On another note, I'm playing tomorrow night. At the Lair. It's been a while since I've had a play date there. Normally Gia goes in on Saturday nights. Her schedule, as a switch, is utterly booked with suitors and suitees (is that right??) so she's golden. I've blogged in the past about wanting to be supportive of Gia, but also hating just sitting around at the dungeon knowing full well I wasn't going to play and really disliking it. So I haven't gone much. And I don't spend an ounce of energy trying to cultivate new play partners from scratch via or FL. I don't have time and without seeing the person to understand them or their intent or interest, it's hard to imagine showing up at the dungeon, shaking hands and running off to beat the woman. I guess that's just not my thing.

Fortunately, two ladies I like--one I've known for literally as long as my wife and I have been publicly playing and one I met via this very blog and later at ShadowLane in September--are interested in playing occasionally outside of the parties. Both are relatively geographically convenient and thus--back to to the Lair!

I'm thrilled. It's great to get to play again. I've got that itchy feeling. I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow night and, with the permission of the young lady I'm playing with, I'll be certain to blog about it soon.


  1. Thank goodness for "itchy feelings".

    I couldn't be any more pleased to hear that you are returning to the Lair. We've missed you.

    When you've blogged about adventures at the club or at large parties, its always been an interesting view, you know, more from a males perspective and all, which is cool. I'll look forward to that.

    I hope you and Gia have a great time tonight. Rock the House! :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Connie!