Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Off Topic Thanksgiving Rant

Last year for Thanksgiving I posted this pic of a truly trussed-up turkey.

This year, I've got a rant I've just gotta get off my chest. As most of you know, I travel a lot for my business (and some for pleasure once in a while). I've been in and out of airports no less than eight times in the last four weeks. Each time I go through security, whether here or abroad, and deal with all manner of bag checks, searches, security equipment and personnel. I've been patted down, gone through scanners, have done full body scans, been sniffed by electronic sniffing equipment that blows high pressure air at you then burns dried skin cells to see if you have traces of explosives on you (for real). All of it. I've even been strip-searched once.

And I don't complain.

Why? Because I don't want to fucking die in a terrorist-related plane crash!

I do not understand people complaining about an "invasion of privacy" with full body scanners or pat downs. Who the fuck cares??? If all this is paranoid, have at it! If a terrorist puts liquid explosives in 3 oz. bottles and we have to check all our toiletries or buy them upon landing in the future, so be it! Listen to me: I do not want to die in a terrorist-related plane crash!

I fully expect I'm going to die in some kind of plane malfunction. I fly a lot. I'm planning on it. That way, when it doesn't happen, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

So when people get all up in arms about full body scanners and pat downs I wish they would just shut their fucking mouths. You don't hear anyone outside of the U.S. complaining? In countries where the U.S. airport security machine is prevalent (any country that flies into the U.S. from abroad) people are kissing the feet of those making their flights safer. Only here in America where we are so coddled, protected and treated like veal do we go out of our way to whine about being kept safe!

A commentator on MSNBC the other day said something to the effect of this: There should be two lines at the airport--those that are willing to go through security measures and those that are not. That includes pilots and crew (some of them are complaining about their "civil liberties" too!). The rest go onto an unsecured plane. Let's see what happens then.

Everyone wants it easy: "No invasion of privacy! But fucking keep me safe!" And if a plane blew up in the air, guess who would be first in line to sue the government for malfeasance? The same families that are at the airport today not agreeing to full body scans as an "act of protest."

People: shut the fuck up, submit whatever security measures the wags at TSA want and pray you make it to your destination. Isn't it bad enough we have to be subjected to all of this in the first place? Terrorism is about disrupting our lives, our peace and our psychological wellbeing. They've already won. Why the fuck do we have to make it worse???


  1. I agree. Totally. You make a good point.

  2. This is the first time I've heard this viewpoint -- makes sense to me! Although I admit I did snicker when Leno said TSA stands for "Touch Some Ass."

  3. Everyone in the media is jumping on the "bad TSA" bandwagon. I don't like them either, but it's not their fault. At worst, they need some decent customer service training.

  4. As much as it pains me to agree with you on anything, I do. I'd rather be strip searched by some burly sour puss than be blown to bits by a terrorist. Unlike you, I fully expect to meet my end being run over by a speeding taxi because I don't pay attention to where I'm going, and I'm going to be disappointed if I don't.

    In all seriousness, while I think the TSA needs a serious customer service overhaul, people need to quit their bitchin'.

  5. Thanks, Beth, for your comments. (And for occasionally agreeing with me!)


  6. I guess it's better for the purity of our souls to inconvenience 370,000,000 Americans than be politically incorrect to a minority of 936,656 people from countries we are having terrorist issues with.

    When it was deemed that people from ages 18-21 were potentially hazardous to themselves and others when drinking and driving, nobody said boo about limiting their civil liberties.

  7. Thanks for your perspective, Anonymous.

    I think, after hearing from many a traveller that this "boycott" was a non-issue, once again the media may have been the creators of this tale for the sake of sensationalism (is it possible???).


  8. TSA needs a massive overhaul in the customer service department. Period.