Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Amazing Night

(NOTE: I logged on to write this blog and was astonished to see I hadn't posted a blog entry in 11 days. Of course, I was in the UK on business for two week, utterly buried, and just got back last Thursday. But still...)

I was lucky enough to play with Beth again last night at the Lair. It was raining, so I knew everyone who normally would be out by the fire would be inside and it would be tough to find a place to play, so when we ended up in the garage I wasn't surprised. It wasn't great. The room leaks with the rain, it's cold and the selection of furniture to play on isn't all that good.

In fact, the scene would have been perfect would it not have been for the "creature comforts." Beth was cold the entire time. I had her on a padded saw horse, but it was a bigger one, and she couldn't get her knees and hands on the lower benches so all her weight was on her torso and she was uncomfortable pretty much the entire time. This was really tough for me because I'm keen on making the person I play with comfortable. I don't want her to think about worldly things--I want them to be thinking about the scene, getting into it and not being distracted. So I was a little frustrated throughout.

After the saw horse didn't work, I put Beth over a chair and it was lower than normal, so I was bent over to play and my back was really hurting from it.

But to start at the top, Beth was beautiful. She was dressed amazingly in a sequined cocktail dress, amazing heels and a coat that looked like Chanel. I felt bad to take her to the garage. It just didn't seem appropriate. But it was what it was.

We'd talked a lot in advance of the scene. Beth wanted to be pushed, to go beyond her comfort zone. Certainly our first scene had done that--going beyond the comfort zone--but this time it was about pushing...and hard. The scene was fun at times with the two of us laughing. Beth would throw out a bratty comment every now and then which was a hoot. At times we'd take a break to warm her skin up or to just get a moment of respite.

In the end, we played about three hours. I used paddles, straps, vampire gloves, knives, crops, canes (including my affectionately named "canemore"--a one-inch diameter bamboo cane), Wartenberg wheels, razor straps, and so much more. Beth was very brave. She wanted to be pushed, as I said, and she told me at one point she had tears in her eyes. She doesn't cry. Won't cry. So this was a big deal for her. (Perhaps next time?) She weathered the cold, the shitty room conditions, the inadequate furniture, a couple of misfires from yours truly (ugh!) and an odd lookie-loo or two. But she took it all in stride.

Afterward, I warmed her in a furry blanket until she no longer had goosebumps and as we sat there, both of us were falling asleep! I am still jet lagged from two weeks in London on business and still not caught up on a restful night's sleep, Beth had been up all night a few nights previously and had been working crazy busy hours. Rather than fall asleep in the garage, we decided to pack it in and head out.

I had asked Beth to call me in the car after she got to her hotel so I knew she made it in safely as I drove through the pouring rain (and past a few horrendous accidents in the middle of the night!) to get home about 3 am. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Beth: I am humbled by you making a trip all the way to L.A. just so we could play. I greatly appreciate your trust and I'm pleased our scenes have such a great energy and dynamic. I look forward to playing with you again soon.


  1. Craig,

    Thank you for such a wonderful time! Even without the "creature comforts" I still enjoyed our time together immensely. You were so thoughtful and considerate from the beginning, and I appreciated your efforts throughout our play to make me as comfortable as possible.

    I would, however, like to add that the "canemore" is not a cane - it's a freaking bamboo stalk that I'm sure a panda would find delicious.

    - Beth

  2. Ha! Thanks, Beth. You are a classy lady...

  3. I appreciate that you aren't afraid to admit that things don't always go perfectly. It still sounds like you had an amazing time. And cuddling in a furry blanket at the end is perfect. :)

  4. Thanks for the comment, Melanie.

    Given how cold that damn garage was, I'm sure Beth was very happy.