Thursday, January 20, 2011

FMS Tropical Beach Party is on!

It was great to hear the word last week that the Tropical Beach Party is back on for 2011. Same place. Same time. I have fond memories of my first FMS beach party in '09 and last year's was even better. (You can read my trip report from '10 beginning here.)

So, make sure you get a chance to read up on all the activities, food, fun, festive-ness and, of course, zany spanking antics (oh FUCK! I can't believe I just wrote "zany spanking antics"! Shame on me!)

The early bird special ends March 31, so sign up now.

And, just to prove I'm "party agnostic", make sure you ALSO make it to SSNY's amazing Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City this April! Tickets/rooms are going quickly!


  1. Zany? Really? I could say more, but I don't like to kick a dude while he's down.


  2. (hanging my head in writer's shame)