Monday, February 21, 2011

More Coming Soon

I'm working on a new chapter of "The Emperor's Concubine." I had great intentions of getting done over the weekend but I was distracted.

I was talking to Lizzie the other day and we got into a conversation about spanking and hand versus implements. She was talking about how much she loves the physical contact of the hand with someone she trusts and respects. She says it's more "old school". I'm not a spanko by birth so for me I just jumped into "traditional" spanking by doing rather by example. Coming from the BDSM world I also like my plethora of implements and try to use them in a way that facilitates an amazing experience for the person I'm playing with. Often, I fear, I lose sight of the importance of the OTK, hand and rather traditional elements so appealing to people hardwired for spanking. I'll start a scene by having the bottom standing and grabbing the edge of a bed rather than splayed across my lap. I'll move from warm-up to straps, paddles and other goodies quickly.

I've taught myself how to use my hands rather effectively (I hope!)--different techniques to deliver thud, sting, impact and more. I've "invented" my own devious counting methodologies, crazy spanking mind games and other methods for delivering pain with my hands. I'm not patting myself on the back, just mentioning what I've tried to accomplish.

I guess what I'm getting at is, as Lizzie pointed out, I need to focus on the basics and remind myself that in order to be a good top I need to get back to the best implement of all--my hands.


  1. I enjoy your implements, but I am a bit infatuated with your hands. Even the insane counting methodologies that I love to hate...

    There's something about hands, though, that makes them extra special. Hands say so much about a person - what they do for a living, how they take care of themselves. And you take them everywhere with you - no need to worry about airport security there! I think it's well worth knowing how to use them effectively...and you do!