Friday, February 4, 2011

Strange Results

I was looking through my stats today and I looked at something I rarely check: search words. The single biggest search term used to connect to my blog is "spanking in China." WTF??? I have some theories on this:

  1. There are a lot of government officials over there deeply concerned about my blog entry from a year or so ago about the subject.
  2. There are a lot of kinky Chinese*.
  3. There are a lot of kinky people interested in spanking or seeing the spanking of a Chinese person.
* - NOTE: In reviewing stats on country of origin, there are ZERO HITS coming from China. Mind you, that's officially. Perhaps some of those hits that show up coming from Malta (Malta???) are redirects from a server in China. I dunno.

Maybe I should post some more on China and kink. That could raise the popularity of my blog...


  1. Technically, I think you just have posted more on China and kink. Good job! Get those people here one way or the other. :)

  2. You've seen Bonnie's "Keyword Chaos," right? Where she features the bizarre phrases that people used in their searches? They make absolutely no sense!

    And just how would "spanking in China" lead to you, anyway??

  3. Isn't the USofA pretty much 'owned' by China?? So maybe all those chinese transplants into the USofA running businesses.. are searching for something from 'back home'?? LOL - ridiculous theory for sure.. but hey.. ya got a better one?? LOL

    Love ya!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Melanie! Great to have you contributing!

  5. Oh, yeah, Erica! I remember that utterly and completely! I dunno. "Spanking in China" = Dark Musing? Doesn't even make sense!

  6. Zelle: Your theories are as good as any!!!