Sunday, February 27, 2011

"You're my Bitch"

Those were the words spoken mid-scene by Beth when we played last night at the Lair to gasps from the six or seven people sitting around us and watching. But before I go into that, let me back up and describe how we ended up at that rather abrupt and stunning comment.

Beth and I were supposed to play a few weeks ago. She lives in the Bay Area up near San Francisco and she was flying down for the weekend. Unfortunately, I was so sick I just couldn't bring myself to going through with the scene. I didn't want Beth to fly down and not be able to give her a great scene. So I cancelled. And I felt like shit for doing it, but when Saturday rolled around I realized I'd made the right decision. I was not well. Beth was disappointed but understood.

We planned on rescheduling for a few weeks later, and even up to a few days ago her schedule was such that we weren't sure we'd play. It wasn't until Friday (that's right, two days ago) that Beth was able to confirm. She flew down Saturday and we got together for dinner Saturday to catch up, talk about our pending scene and reconnect so we could get the best dynamic for our scene possible. It was a nice meal and it was great getting a chance to hang out with Beth. We both wondered what people thought about an attractive Asian girl in her 20s going to dinner with a dude in his late 40s. The couple sitting next to us at the restaurant certainly were intrigued.

We arrived at the Lair just as they opened, the ground still wet from a big winter storm, frost forming on car windows it was so damn cold. There weren't too many people there yet, and we wanted to get there early just so we could secure a spot in a warm, heated room rather than our last scene in the rain that took place in the drafty, concrete-floored garage. Happy we had our spot, it wasn't long before we got started.

Standing by the padded bench, I gave Beth a big hug to calm her down (she can get rather jittery before our scenes!) and before long, in our embrace, I had the back of her beautiful, amazing, tight, short black dress pulled up, spanking her bottom as I wrapped my arms around her. It was hot and rather unique (for me, anyway!). A few minutes later Beth was OTK on the bench, kicking and getting mouthy. Knowing she hadn't played since we were together in December I took time to warm her up. As I did, four or five spectators came in, having heard the sounds of smacking coming from the room we were in off the kitchen (and that was certainly the place to be--a refuge from the cold).

Beth has quite the mouth on her (I think she took tips from Erica!) and she's keen to throw out a few zingers while we play. One of the onlookers had to comment back, goading me into taking her bad mouth out on her.

The OTK consisted of a lot of hand, my leather paddle from London Tanner and my two favorite gloves--a super-thuddy work glove and my black leather biker glove with decorative tassels that work great for a bit of sensation play between whacks.

I started ramping up the spanking and Beth was kicking, squirming and gyrating, which I discovered I really love, getting into the physicality of the scene and having to tussle with her and restrain her while she fought. But eventually she rolled off my lap and we switched it up. Beth stood with her hands on the bench, bent over, and I continued spanking with my hand, using a variety of other implements, including my devilish dragon's tongue. Beth got rather quiet through this sequence. Either I wasn't hitting her hard enough or she had achieved a bit of subspace, I'm not sure. ;-) I did some sensation play, using vampire gloves, knives, wartenberg wheel and a new medieval spiked torture ball on her arm, back, legs and bottom. I also laid into her with a thick plastic cane that reminds me of a four foot long glue stick.

After about 30 minutes of this, I thought perhaps she was getting tired of the position, so I moved her to lay down on the bench. There, she goaded me again and I launched into a rather vicious barrage on her backside, using my carbon fiber cane and a long, snappy crop, amongst other things.

But the titular comment occurred after I had really gone rather berserk on her bottom, wailing away while she struggled, lashed out, kicked her feet (to the point her stiletto "stabbed" me in the arm) and generally tried to get away from my hand. She brattily commented, "You know, you could rub that out!" I paused and said, "I know!" and continued to smack her rear. She cried and wailed, so I felt like being a bit compassionate and started rubbing it out. "See? I rub it out!" I said as onlookers watched.

Beth stopped her kicking and struggling and said, "That's 'cause you're my bitch!" A few people watching made "Ooooh!" comments and they were right to, because I launched into an even more berserk attack on her, then after another 45 minutes or so, move into the "finale" phase of the scene: using a rather nasty crop with an arrowhead-shaped end, about a quarter of an inch thick of foam and rubber, truly a potentially scene-kill implement. I warned her and struck each cheek with the terrible thing. She cried, rubbed, moaned, begged for me to stop, but I whacked her a few more times for good measure, just to teach her a lesson about that damn mouth! ;-)

After a few more viscous whacks from that dastardly implement I rubbed and rubbed it out. Beth was rather beside herself at that point. Throughout the scene we took "Beth breaks", little timeouts where Beth could catch her breath and absorb the pain. She'd get up on her knees and wrap her arms around my neck and look me in the eye so we could just talk and connect. We did this again before going into the "final round."

My typical scene-ender is with a thick leather paddle, a paddle that Lizzie showed me the first time we met at our mutual first ShadowLane party. It's a good half-inch thick, made of layers of sandwiched leather so it both looks like plywood and is about as hard as plywood. Based on Lizzie's fantastic piece I had one custom made with one side smooth and one side stippled (textured). This is about the harshest thing I own and it was a traditional end to my scenes with Erica. She hated that damn thing, so I figured it's probably a good scene-ender in general. It has sort of become tradition for me, thanks to my many wonderful scenes with Ms. Scott.

So I pulled out the paddle, letting Beth know the scene was nearing conclusion. She begged me not to use it, but it was time. She'd been a bit mouthy with me over the least 2 1/2 months and I'd managed to total about 18 times she had been uppity with me. So the count was 18. She went back down onto the bench and we began. I really hit hard with the first two and I thought for a bit that Beth was truly done at that point, that we'd never get through the remaining 16. I rubbed them out and did four rather short and polite strikes. Beth even commented how nice I was, no the next few were hard, very hard. Beth rubbed her rear and I restrained her hands to keep her from hurting herself and smacked again and again.

Before long, we were done. Beth laid face down on the bench, panting, regaining herself, coming back and absorbing the pain. I held her, talked quietly to her and helped her come back to the surface.

Thank you Beth for a wonderful evening and an amazing scene. I love our energy, your mouth and our fun dynamic. We're both so not serious during the scene, enjoying every minute. You're a great play partner and I enjoy the opportunity every chance we get! Thank you, Beth!


  1. whewh... wore me out just reading! ;-)

  2. Ha! Thanks for checking in, Zelle!

  3. Damn! I failed to mention in my blog that in the process of wailing on Beth's bottom I split my finger open. Certainly I already know that I'll get no sympathy from the female readers here, but I just wanted to mention...

  4. Right. As expected, Zelle. Right on time.

  5. You expected something less outta me?? LOL (here, lemme kiss it and make it all better) ;-)

  6. ahhhh.. I love you too Craig... (giggles)

  7. Craig,

    As always, a wonderful write-up. I really had a fantastic time on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of it, especially confusing the heck out of that couple at dinner.

    You are such a conscientious player and you always make me feel so safe. As I told a friend who asked how our scene went, it was "really great but tough."

    You can be my bitch any day. ;)

    ♥ Beth

  8. Thanks, Beth!

    I, too, had a wonderful time.

    As for being your bitch, well, you keep that up and I'll be sure to take it out on you (again!).


  9. Craig Aych,

    Thank you so very much for sharing your high-energy, implement-laden encounter with your dear friend Beth.

    I especially enjoyed Beth's "You're my bitch!" exhortation.

    Beth, that took considerable moxy on your part, and it goes to show that you can really take it all and come back for more.

  10. Craig, I'll go ahead and break ranks to give you a bit of sympathy for your split finger. My perspective is usually dramatically opposed by other bottoms, but I appreciate tops who are willing to experience a bit of pain in a scene. I actually feel a little bit guilty when a top is in pain, and it fascinates me if he doesn't mind. After all, you guys aren't the masochists here. Thank you for being willing to suffer a little bit in order to give us what we need.

    This does raise an interesting question. Do tops get anything out of doing things to us that also cause them some measure of pain?

  11. Thanks for your comments, Annapurna!

  12. Melanie: I'm going to make your comment my next post so everyone can have a chance to comment.

  13. Have you given any thought to my question? I would love to hear your perspective.

  14. Melanie: To be honest, the question got lost in the shuffle. It's a very good one too.

    Clarify for me: give the top some measure of pain?

  15. I'm basically referring to anything a top does that hurts him to some degree. I brought it up here because you mentioned that you split your finger while you were playing. I've also heard of tops that pretty well lose the use of their hand for about a day after playing particularly hard. You could probably come up with more examples than I can given that you actually top.

  16. I can only speak for me personally, Melanie. No, I don't get anything out of hurting myself in the process of hurting my bottom. That would make me a switch. ;-)

    No, I get the question. I've played at spanking parties to the point my arm muscles were so sore I could barely lift my luggage to fly home and my hand had blood blisters on it.

    In fire scenes, I've burnt my hand in the process of trying to avoid burning the person I was playing with accidentally.

    I guess, if anything, there's a feeling that I "gave it my all" for a scene, to please the person I was playing with. But other than that satisfaction (and a bit of martyrdom) I don't think I could say I got anything out of hurting myself for my cause.

  17. Thanks, Craig. That does make some sense. I can relate to finding great intrinsic value in giving everything to whatever I am doing. I'm not sure how able I am to completely get what you're saying since my frame of reference sees the scene entirely from the other side, but your answer does help to clear things up a bit.

    This brings up another question that I've been wondering for a while. I know you can only speak for yourself, so I'll go ahead and phrase it that way. Do you like topping in itself, or do you pretty much derive all of your enjoyment in a scene from pleasing the bottom?

  18. Melanie:

    If I only enjoyed it from the perspective of pleasing the bottom that wouldn't make me much of a sadist, would it?

    There's an intrinsic element here that may or may not go unspoken: I get off on inflicting the pain within the scene.