Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beth's Bruised Bottom

No boasting. No glorifying. Here's Beth's bottom a day or so after our play last weekend. As I mentioned in my post on our scene last week ("You're My Bitch") Beth swears she never used to bruise. Now, every time we play--regardless of how hard it seems--she bruises.

So I was not shocked when I got this photo. But I was amazed. I told her, "Your bottom looks like it had a stencil put around it and then you dipped it in Easter egg dye" (as I'd posted earlier).

No not boasting or bragging, I will admit to one thing I'm rather proud of: look at the evenness and accuracy of the markings. I kinda impressed and surprised myself, which as anyone of you who know me can attest is a genuine reaction.

Enjoy, appreciate, look away, whatever. Beth sent it to me, Beth was happy to have me post it and share our scene with all of you.


  1. Yep...that's a sweet bruise! Your Easter egg comparison is quite accurate. Thanks for sharing this. Did I mention that's a really nice bruise?

  2. Ha! You're a weirdo, Melanie! ;-)

  3. You know, after some of the butchery I've seen on FetLife lately, I admit I was almost afraid to look. But this doesn't strike me (no pun intended) as being over the top. And I'm quite bowled over the precision and symmetry -- it really does look like a painting! :-)

  4. Quite lovely actually! How perfectly even everything is.

  5. Really, it's quite amazing, and very tasteful. I love the addition of the proverbial figleaf. Not at all over the top, and since Beth wanted you to share it, I'm glad you did.


  6. Erica:

    No, no, no! You know me about being careful. No butchery here!

    I'm pleased with your comments. Thank you for the feedback. You know it's important to me.


  7. deferandsubmit:

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it and I know Beth will as well...

  8. Hermione:

    The "figleaf" came from Beth herself. Thanks for the note. I appreciate the feedback, as I've said.

  9. This is lovely Craig.. totally pays homage to your need for symmetry.. :-) -- such a cute bottom too!

  10. Thanks for the former, Zelle and I'm sure Beth will take the comment for the latter.