Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creepy McScenekill

When I blogged about my scene with Beth ("You're my bitch!") about two weeks ago one of the things I didn't mention in it was the creeper who interrupted our scenes a few times. This "gentleman" appeared to be a newbie to the Lair and was there by himself. Now, I've experienced the likes of voyeurs while playing with my wife and Erica there. I've come to see a sort of M.O. for these guys (never women, FYI): stare intently (usually at the girl's naughty bits), stand too close, oblivious to personal space.

Once, when scening with my wife at the Lair, one of these creepers stepped into the open frame of the piece of dungeon furniture we were using and pushed past the both of us to go around to the far wall, inches from her, to get a better view. Completely nonplussed, I didn't know what to do at first, but eventually told the dude to back off. Later, I chewed him a new one after we were through.

So that Saturday a few weeks ago when Beth and I were playing was one of those times when someone entered the scene. Ish. Tall, older and distinguished looking with a beard he sat on the padded table adjacent to the one we were using. He leaned in to watch intently, particularly when I removed Beth's panties. Ugh! I glared at him a few times, hoping he'd get the point. Eventually, he shifted to a seat in front of Beth (most likely because I'd removed her dress and she was up on all fours on the padded bench).

Later I learned from Beth that she felt the guy's presence and it really took her out of the moment. Dammit! If I'd known that I wouldn't have been so gracious to let the guy "hang out" on the table next to us. (In the chair there's really nothing I could do other than perhaps give out an old fashioned, "Take a picture, asswipe."

A bit later, Creepy McScenekill came back to position himself on the padded table next to ours. I was using a flogger at the time and needed space. But rather than tell him to get the fuck away I repositioned myself to deal with the potential safety issue that could result from an errant flogger fall smacking Mr. McScenekill in his face, knocking off his professorial glasses. I'm too nice of a guy. Me = shithead.

He was really leaning in at one point as I was working with a wartenberg wheel and some rather pointy knives, when I'm at my most intent and focused. But I'd finally had it when I looked over to see just how close he was and then realized he'd kicked off his shoes and was in his stocking feet (who the hell says, "stocking feet" anymore??? have I turned into my grandmother???). He'd must have kicked off his shoes. Why? To get more comfortable in his leering? Jesus Murphy!

But what really knocked me for a loop was his stinky sox (I have no way of telling if they were actually stinky, but I imagine they were in my ultra-irritated imagination) resting on my carefully laid out implements! Now, I put my implements on a white towel, partially for the contrast to see them better in the dark but mainly because I want to protect them from whatever diseases and protein spills might be deeply embedded in the dark carpet of the Lair, so the last thing I want is this jagoff's feet touching them!

"Um, excuse ME!" I said, stopping what I was doing to Beth's tortured backside. "Get your feet off my implements!"

"Oh, excuse me," he said, pulling his feet up but not moving or shifting away an inch. I stared at him incredulously. One. Two. Three. He was mesmerized by Beth's physique.

"Why. Don't. You. Go. Over. THERE!" I said, pointing to the chairs that line the wall of the small room off the kitchen. He got up and moved. I went back and attended to Beth and we had a great scene, regardless.

But who does that? Let's say you've never been to a dungeon before. You don't know the protocol. Even still, common sense and a sense of decency would suggest you not do the things he pulled!

Later, in comparing notes of our night, my switch wife Gia Belle and I discussed Creepy McScenekill and she reported he'd interrupted a few other scenes in much the same way. And then had the audacity to act like he and she were old buddies later in the kitchen! Fed up, she reported the incidents to the DM, who told the dude he had a 6-foot diameter "stay-away" zone rule put on him, yet before the night was through he was back up close and personal to someone else's scene.

I don't get it. Are these voyeurs just utterly mesmerized/hypnotized by the stuff in front of them? Do the have some form of Asperger's? Do they just not get out much?? I don't know, but back off, McScenekill! I'm not going to be so nice next time!


  1. OMG, this was too funny. That dude was just too much. I still can't believe he took off his shoes and put his icky feet on your toys. Gross!

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I am of the opinion that creepy voyeurs know exactly that they are doing. it takes some mental acuity to find a dungeon and go there, especially one like the Lair that has specific entrance rules. I think they take advantage of the fact that scene participants probably don't want to pause and interrupt the moment to tell creepy dudes off. I'm glad Gia told on him because he deserved it.

    BUT, I still had a super great scene regardless. :)

    ♥ FB

  2. Beth:

    Thanks for the note. You're right. Gia thinks he knows exactly what he's doing! And he totally gives her (like us!) the creeps.


  3. That's impressively ridiculous. Please tell me his further intrusions earned him the right to never return.

  4. I hope! But you never know... That admission fee to the dungeon is pretty compelling.

  5. Lord... I just got the slimy-shivers. The more I've gone to play parties.. the less modest I've become.. and I've learned how to settle in and focus on my partner in a semi-public suite. But there comes a time.. when someone does what the creep-monster does.. and I lose it. It's a total buzz kill/scene kill for me.. and if I notice it before my Top does.. I'll tell him.. "that dude is creeping me out and I'm not in the headspace I need to be to assimilate what you are doing.. so could you please politely remove the slimeball from the suite, or I'm done -- unless you want to go to my private suite"> (which I usually have at parties in case I need that privacy). But as I've grown, as a play partner, I realize that some of the Tops I play with, are many times exhibitionists themselves, and they love, and "feed off of" (energy wise) when people do stop to watch the scene .. as it gives them a rush they like. I try to accommodate that as much as I can.. until it's just more than my brain can handle.

  6. LOL... ah yes, the creeps at the Lair. I so miss them... NOT!

    You can't be nice to these guys -- they are oblivious to subtlety. All the blood has rushed from their tiny little brains to their even tinier nether regions. Had I been there, I would have raised my head and snapped, "Will you get the fuck away from me??" But I realize Beth has better manners than I. :-)

    Live and learn -- next time you'll be more emphatic. And don't beat yourself up, because it sounds like the scene was great nonetheless.

    By the way, your "Beth's Bruised Bottom" entry got Chrossed. :-)

  7. Zelle:

    As I've learned slowly, there's a HUGE difference between an appreciative (and occasionally interactive!) audience and a creepy voyeur!

    But I'm glad you're able to express yourself and communicate in-scene.


  8. I just learned from Beth it got Chrossed!

    Not for any of my brilliant musings or essays but for her BOTTOM! UGH!

    Nonetheless, a Chross is a first! (Because of the butt)

    Thanks for the good words, Erica!

  9. Perhaps “Creepy McScenekill” needs to find a venue that openly encourages such clinical voyeurism? His unabashed callousness and over preoccupation with Beth gives me the creeps, as if he were a serial killer taking mental pictures with his eyes!

  10. That's about the best comparison I've heard, Annapurna. Thanks. You're spot on.

  11. We have been having exactly the same issue. It seemed to have stopped for a while, but two weeks ago we had some older guy (grey hair and beard, dressed in street clothes) watching us in a way which was uncomfortable. Maybe I was just irritated but after our scene, it seemed like wherever I went the guy was in my way.

    There are a few of them who hang out from time to time. I don't mind sharing our energy with friends and onlookers, hell, that is why we play in public instead of at home, but these people can suck the life right out of a scene.

    Nothing worse than your girl looking up and seeing some unfamiliar face peering over my shoulder to get a peek between her legs.

  12. Exactly, Zetsu! WTF? If you want a "show" rent porn or go to a strip club!